Social Media Influencer? Influencer Marketing? Social Influencer? Social Talent?

The above are phrases that you've probably heard, but you might not know too much about. We often get asked to define what an Influencer, we've decided to compile our thoughts.

It's been proven time and time again, that word of mouth recommendations from people you trust or look up to, is the most powerful form of Influence. For example, your best friend could say "Did you see that video by XX, you have to see it!!" you'll be more often than not, inclined to go and watch that video. Right?

So what is an influencer?

An Influencer is someone who is regarded as someone who is looked to for advice, direction, knowledge or opinions. Influencers come in a variety of forms from individuals, to collectives to platforms and destinations.

People follow different people, everyone has different interests : so for one person, in their early teens, they might follow their favourite YouTube Vloggers for their daily videos, a Fashion Graduate in their early 20's they might follow fashion influencers because they want to know the latest trends, however a someone who's just had a baby, might follow "mummy bloggers" for advice. It's safe to say, the people you follow change with age, as interests change and life happens!

Influencers aren't just people who have millions of fans, influencers are people with all sizes of followings. Power doesn't just come in numbers. It's better to have 1000 really engaged followers, who listen to what you have to say and create conversation, than have millions of fans and no engagement. What's the point in having millions of fans if nobody interacts?!

This is often a huge pitfall for brands and agencies getting into influencer marketing, they work with influencers based on their number of fans...not based on who the fans are and the engagement an influencer achieves.