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Influencer Marketing has changed - vanity metrics are not enough, we deliver results.

We are a influencer marketing agency in the USA offering end-to-end influencer marketing strategies, powered by our own proprietary influencer technology and database.

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The leading USA Influencer Marketing Agency for brands.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing in the USA is no easy feat. That’s where Socially Powerful comes in – as your trusted US influencer marketing agency, we’ve mastered the art of capturing attention and delivering tangible results with influencers.

As the leading USA social media agency, our influencer marketing approach is all about cutting through the noise on social platforms and creating genuine connections with your target audience while staying true to your brand’s unique DNA. We understand influencer marketing in the US is not just about surface-level metrics; it’s about conversions, connections, and tapping into culture.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve partnered with some of the most iconic brands and innovative startups, helping them build authentic connections with global audiences.

In 2023, we took our commitment to the next level by introducing Bruno, a groundbreaking influencer platform designed to simplify influencer discovery, outreach, and collaboration. The best part? We’re making Bruno accessible to everyone for free.

When you choose Socially Powerful, you’re choosing a partner where attention converges with guaranteed impact in the world of US influencer marketing. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to make it happen.


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Influencer Agency

Socially Powerful has been involved in the influencer marketing world since 2017 as a pioneering influencer agency. We have worked for the world's biggest brands, delivering influencer campaigns in every corner of the globe. If you're looking for an influencer agency that understands social media and knows how to get influencer marketing to perform and operate as an extension of your team, Socially Powerful is that influencer agency.


Our Technology

We have built our own influencer marketing platform, known as "Bruno." Born out of the frustration of other influencer marketing tools, we developed this to democratize the influencer marketing industry, giving it away for free.

Accessing influencers is a hygiene factor in influencer marketing. You need an agency that understands social, strategy and creativity that sings to the audience you want to reach.

You can access Bruno here. Step into the influencer platform where you aren't bound by paying to access information; you have it all for free.


Our AI

We haven't merely created an influencer platform; we've harnessed the power of AI to provide you with visual previews, featuring images and videos, that vividly illustrate how your influencer campaigns could come to life. This represents a groundbreaking leap in influencer technology, and you have the exclusive opportunity to be among the pioneers who access it.


Influencer Marketing Strategies

At our core, we're innovators in influencer marketing, crafting campaigns designed to achieve long-term business objectives while infusing creativity and guaranteed performance. Influencers are at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you're aiming to collaborate with global celebrities, tap into the vast reach of top-tier social media influencers, or connect with the niche audiences cultivated by macro, micro, or even nano influencers, our expertise covers it all. Your influencer marketing aspirations find their perfect partner with us.


Influencer Matchmaking

We know where to find your perfect influencer match. Through our in-house tools and technology, we offer unrivaled access to influencers via our platform, connecting you with influencers aligned with your brand goals to spark conversations and drive action. Whether you seek A-list celebrities, YouTube stars, TikTok creators, or a global, multi-platform influencer campaign, we've got you covered.


Paid Social

Our digital marketing experts leverage paid media to turbocharge your influencer marketing campaign, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for your brand across all social platforms. We maximize your investment by curating compelling organic influencer content and expanding its reach to wider audiences through social media.

On average, influencer channel ads outperform brand-owned media by a staggering 7X, and we're ready to prove it to you. Your brand's success story awaits in the synergy of influencer power and paid media mastery.


Campaign Measurement

Before the commencement of every influencer marketing campaign, we establish clear, goal-oriented, and data-driven KPIs. This is how we ensure your success. We diligently track progress from start to finish, offering you transparent, concrete insights that deliver measurable results and leave a lasting impact on your brand or business. Your success is not just a promise but a guarantee with us.


Content Strategy

Our content strategies empower influencers to authentically engage on the most influential platforms. It's not advertising; it's storytelling. We facilitate seamless brand integration into hard-to-reach audiences by carefully aligning with influencers, creating a connection with culture as a unified force.


Take a look at some of our most recent influencer marketing case studies.

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Yes, we do. If you're a marketer at a brand, you can access it for FREE! There are no hidden fees, numbers of searches or the amount of influencers you can look at. It's called Bruno and if you click the technology section on our website, you can find out more about it.

We know how to get business results from social. Whether you're looking to build your brand, connect to new audiences, drive traffic, downloads, or sales, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcome to develop long-lasting engagement and business impact. We guarantee results. If we don't hit agreed KPI's you don't pay us. Simple.

We've been in influencer marketing from the start. Born from the influencer marketing space, we've seen the industry grow from nothing to what it is today - a prominent piece of marketing spend, which is only going to get bigger. We've been responsible for developing, innovating and professionalising a young sector, feeding clients with the latest cultural insights and best-in-class industry-leading results.

While the marketing landscape is constantly changing, influencer marketing remains a consistent trend. Despite its impact, many brands struggle to make influencer marketing a smart, long-term investment that really impacts their sales. Socially Powerful is an global influencer marketing agency that guarantees huge results that outperform traditional marketing channels. With a wealth of knowledge and a team of social scientists that are plugged in to social and cultural trends, we can keep your brand in the cultural context of NOW.

Acting as an extension of your team, we design and implement bespoke influencer marketing programmes. Also offering a complete end-to-end agency service—from strategy and creative to execution and operations—we can deploy one-off activations or long-term influencer programmes. Our global influencer marketing agency’s approach is platform and channel agnostic. We activate global influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Weibo, WeChat and more. Using our data and insights team, we have access to years of data collection and previous campaign performance to guarantee results. We are so confident in our abilities that if we don’t hit our agreed KPIs, you don’t pay us.

That depends on what you're looking to achieve and that's why we exist, to provide you with the information that helps you understand what platform is best for you. We have experience of running thousands of influencer marketing campaigns and understand what platforms drive what results.

Influencer marketing agencies help connect brands with audiences that care, in spaces they are most active and engaged. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that brands need to create impactful influencer campaigns. As a result of social media developments, there are countless ways influencer campaigns can be executed. With cross-platform campaigns, video production, brand partnerships, and sponsored posts, there are all sorts of ways influencers can be leveraged to communicate to and engage your target audience—we’re the agency that will find the best way for your brand. Although brands have become savvier when using social media, influencer marketing remains misused and misunderstood. At Socially Powerful, we work behind the scenes to correlate data, review payments and contacts, and ensure all content is optimised. We track the timings, hashtags and tags that have the ability to make or break a campaign. Keeping track of all the details needed to ensure success can be a headache—that’s why we do it for you. This way, we guarantee meticulously planned, high-performing campaigns. Socially Powerful is an influencer marketing agency that believes the most important aspect of any influencer campaign is authenticity. We use our social scientists to find influencers with loyal followers and real audience engagement. We prioritize trust and authenticity to ensure campaign success; by maintaining positive relationships with influencers, we can guarantee authentic content performances, resulting in a disruptive and successful campaign. We know how to target audiences. We can promote your brand using a personalised selection of influencers across platforms where your audience lives including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and more. All our clients are unique, so we believe the influencers and strategies used to promote them should be too. We guarantee unique campaigns that disrupt in spaces where it matters. Our specialised team of social scientists have expert knowledge and experience within the influencer world and can give your brand a distinct advantage over competitors. Our years of industry experience can ensure your brand gets noticed, stays relevant to existing and new audiences and grows its influence online. Our objective opinion on influencers’ role in your business strategy is both creative and tactile and comes with no affiliations, just smart decisions.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of modern day marketing. Influencer marketing provides more impactful and meaningful results than traditional marketing methods. Not only can you increase your reach and brand awareness, but boost sales, traffic and downloads, increase trust and credibility and improve brand perception.

Socially Powerful is a global influencer marketing agency that has scaled, worked with and retained some of the most recognisable brands across the world. We were born from the influencer marketing space and have grown and matured alongside the industry. With our team of social scientists and in-house tools and influencer platforms, we have a comprehensive understanding of the influencer and social media landscapes. Our thorough influencer marketing process ensures our understanding of your brand, creative concepts, influencer selections and campaign analysis are relevant and optimised to guarantee success.

Yes, combining organic influencer content and paid social offers unparalleled results. You have the power of authentic influencer content that speaks to the audiences who want to see it and the power of paid social to amplify the message to the audiences you want to reach.

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