We are a global sports influencer marketing agency. We enable brands to access the world of sports influencers, from the biggest names in the sporting world, to those pioneering new sectors.

Whether your business caters for mainstream sports or a much more niche pursuit, our global network of sports influencers can form a major part of your marketing strategy.

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Sports Influencer Marketing Agency

Socially Powerful is the global leading agency destination for all sports influencer marketing. Founded by pioneers in football, freestyle and urban sports, we’ve been involved in social and sports marketing since the dawn of social platforms. From experimenting with creating our content when social media emerged to growing our followings to becoming a global powerhouse in sports influencer marketing if your brand wants to access sports influencers, you’ve come to the right place.

We help the world’s biggest brands deliver best-in-class sports social influencer marketing campaigns. Powered by our propriety influencer marketing software, we work with the biggest names in sports across football, golf, tennis, cricket, NFL, NBA, NHL, Motorsports and athletics across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. We do it all and we can’t wait to work together.


Raise your game with our sports influencer marketing services.

In recent years, more and more people worldwide have taken an interest in getting physically active – to the extent that Millennials might be the healthiest generation yet. People who want to get fitter must enjoy what they do – hence a recent rise in sports participation.

Whether your business caters for one of the mainstream sports, like football, tennis, motorsport or cricket, or a much more niche pursuit, like extreme sports, influencers can form a significant part of your marketing strategy. Our team at Socially Powerful can help you to reach the right sports influencers and hone your social media presence.

Whether you need an influencer marketing agency in the UK, Europe or an influencer marketing agency in the USA, our global offices can assist you in creating powerful influencer campaigns that have lasting impact.


You should work with sports influencers?

Socially Powerful Marketing is your game-changer for unlocking the full potential of sports influencer marketing. Our sports influencer agency specializes in crafting bespoke partnerships with sports influencers who are not just content creators but true champions in their respective fields. By collaborating with these sports influencers, brands can access highly targeted and passionate sports fans, ensuring their message resonates authentically and credibly. We understand that the power of sports influencer marketing lies in the personal connections influencers have with their audiences, and we harness this power to forge emotional bonds between brands and fans.

Our data-driven approach ensures measurable results, and our creative storytelling techniques enable brands to score big in the competitive sports influencer marketing arena.


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Sports Influencer Marketing

We are a global sports influencer marketing agency offering end-to-end sports influencer marketing strategies, powered by our own proprietary influencer technology and database, Bruno. We have access to sports influencers across all platforms, demographics and interests, enabling brands to reach business and professional audiences through voices they trust.


Paid Social

Our digital marketing team utilises paid media to supercharge your sports influencer marketing campaigns, ensuring the best possible results for your brand across all social platforms. We supercharge your investment by selecting engaging organic influencer content and driving it to broader audiences across social media. On average, ads that appear from a sports influencers channel perform 7X than brands owned media, we'll show you how!


Video Production

Our in-house Video Production company Socially Powerful Studios creates dedicated sports video and social content for sports influencers, with creativity and performance at it's heart. We create sports social content across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms. We’ll get people engaged, increase positive sentiment, build your following and drive sales.


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On a macro level, the history of sports influencers goes back a long way. Even in the 1930s, stars of baseball, football and the Olympics featured on cereal boxes, while Nike’s popular Air Jordan trainers were originally inspired by Michael Jordan during his days of basketball stardom in the 1980s.

However, the sports influencer scene has since moved on from such big-name celebrity tie-ins to deals with lesser-known, but nonetheless respected, figures in sports. These can include not only athletes but also personal trainers and other get-fit gurus.

These days, when someone wants to buy sports equipment, clothing or supplies, they are likelier to heed recommendations from experts in the sport than simply follow where the celebrities are. Fortunately, these trustworthy experts can become your marketing partners – with our help.

Once you have gotten in touch with us to discuss your objectives, we can keep those in mind as, on the back of analysis and insight, we discern which influencers, creatives and platforms would be best-placed to capture the attention of the people to whom you hope to sell.

The hundreds of thousands of influencers with which we have worked range from well-known sports stars to micro-influencers who attract followers interested in their niche expertise. Therefore, no matter what your aims are, we can find an influencer who fits just nicely into your overall strategy.

Content plays a big part in the sports marketing equation, too. Perhaps you could show social video that demonstrates how useful your product can prove on the pitch, or distribute informative “how-to” guides. Whatever the content you need, we can create and distribute that content.

You can score a home run with your sports influencer marketing campaign when you contact Socially Powerful, whether by phoning our nearest regional office or completing and sending off a contact form online. You can also read findings of our research into sports marketing or, for further updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube or keep a close eye on Influencer Marketing Blog.

Sports marketing is the process of planning, executing, and advertising sporting events, or marketing through sports is making use of sports and sports influencers to promote products or services. There are many ways people consume sports, so sports marketing can take on many forms.

Sports marketing is a combination of all potential marketing techniques aimed at attracting sports fans. The difference between marketing and sports marketing is that the latter targets a specific audience.

The purpose of sports marketing is to help brands and athletes leverage the emotional connections that fans, consumers and audiences have within that category to do various things—ranging from raising money for a charity to partnering with a brand looking to grow their influence within the sports market.

Sports marketing agencies help athletes and brands hone in on the specific sports audience. Sports is globally loved and revered, so the potential audience is huge; sports marketing agencies ensure brands and athletes are targeting the audiences that care and will engage.

Sports marketing agencies can assist in creating impactful partnerships, content creation, communication, events and more. Sports marketing agencies can create measurable, memorable and meaningful campaigns.

Examples of sports marketing include: running a contest or giveaway, sharing pre-game teaser content, behind the scenes footage, athlete and brand partnerships or sponsorship, reactive community engagement, live-streamed events and more. Get in touch to see how we can create impactful solutions for you.

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