We are a global affiliate influencer marketing agency. Powered by technology, we source influencers across all demographics, social platforms and their performance.

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is affiliate influencer marketing?

Socially Powerful, a dynamic marketing agency, leverages the power of affiliate influencer marketing by collaborating with influencers who resonate with their clients’ target audiences. In this strategy, carefully chosen influencers create compelling content that highlights the clients’ products or services, incorporating unique affiliate links. As followers engage with these links and make purchases or desired actions, influencers receive commissions. This mutually beneficial approach allows brands to amplify their reach and drive sales, while influencers, carefully selected for alignment with client values, earn income based on their authentic promotions. At Socially Powerful, authenticity and audience connection remain at the core of every influencer partnership, ensuring trust and engagement.


Our affiliate influencer marketing agency.

Harnessing the power of collective voice, to help brands drive sales, increase engagement and grow communities through social-first technology solutions. We have fused an outdated affiliate marketing system, with a new and fresh approach to it, to drive real business results through influencers.

R3lationship, is our proprietary software solution, revolutionising the affiliate marketing industry. We enable brands to get closer to their top 1% of fans, transforming how they operate on social media, to build the most powerful brand communities across all social platforms.

Our secret sauce brings superior consumer bases to a brands service, product or store, to drive traffic and sales, whenever and wherever in the world you need it.

We don’t just guarantee a performance uplift, you can watch it happen.
Whether you need an influencer marketing agency in the UK or an influencer marketing agency in the USA, our global offices can assist you in creating powerful influencer campaigns that have lasting impact.


Who tells your brand story online, makes all the difference.

Using the best-in-class technology, we enable brands to find and source the influencers who have an affinity to your brand, and who will drive actual returns for your affiliate influencer campaigns.

Our solution can be an always-on approach to affiliate influencer marketing or as a bolt-on to an existing campaign that’s currently being run.

Affiliate influencer marketing is built on transparency and real partnerships. That is very similar to influencer marketing, which is built on trust and authenticity, we’re the best in the business at driving brand results through affiliate marketing and influencers.


Award-Winning Agency

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Award-Winning Agency

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Award-Winning Founders

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IT Cosmetics
Savage Fenty
Republic of Gamers
Lenovo Legion
G Star Raw
Polo Ralph Lauren


Paid Social

Our digital marketing team utilises paid media to supercharge your affiliate influencer marketing campaigns, ensuring the best possible results for your brand across all social platforms. We supercharge your investment by selecting engaging organic influencer content and driving it to broader audiences across social media. On average, ads that appear from an affiliate influencers channel perform 7X than brands owned media, we'll show you how!


Affiliate Influencer Marketing

Having established a leading global influencer marketing agency, affiliate influencer marketing has been at the core of our operations since day one. We've forged partnerships with top-tier affiliate influencers across diverse platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, working closely with them to promote some of the world's most recognised affiliate products and services. Our expansive network encompasses affiliate influencers at all levels, from industry veterans to emerging talents who are redefining the landscape of affiliate marketing.


Affinity Factor

R3lationship uses proprietary algorithms and a 25 data point system, to pinpoint your real brand affiniates. Your top 1%. Those who will deliver the results your brand deserves.


Mobilise your community

R3lationship now mobilises your community, wherever and whenever you want them in the world. Your community is plugged into our internal system for tracking and monitoring of performance.


Engage Daily

Speak to your community. Run focus groups and gain insight from your most loyal fans. Reward them with offers and exclusive access to experiences, to continue to build the brand love.


Delivering results

Utilising your community to drive sales, release offers and break the news of new products directly to their followers, through voices you trust and know speak to your brand beliefs.


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Affiliate marketing is a popular solution to drive sales and generate significant online revenue, utilising channels (in our case influencers) to push brands in front of audiences that would have an interest in it.

It’s an extremely beneficial channel for both brands and affiliate marketers. Brands can drive revenue by reaching new audiences with their latest offers or products. For affiliates, they can bring value to their audience and earn money through marketing brands products to their audience.

The affiliate could simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promote that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

In many ways, affiliate marketing is a variation on a traditional sales model. An affiliate introduces his or her readers/viewers to products from trusted companies. In return, he/she gets a commission from any purchases those people make.

81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing, a statistic that will continue to increase as affiliate marketing spending increases every year globally.

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