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Brands need a micro influencer agency?

Socially Powerful, as a leading micro-influencer marketing agency, specializes in harnessing the mighty impact of micro-influencers for your brand’s success. We recognize the unique ability of micro-influencers to build genuine connections and trust within their niche communities. Our agency excels at creating strategic collaborations between brands and micro-influencers, who have smaller but highly engaged and loyal followings.

These micro-influencers provide brands with the authenticity and personal touch needed to resonate with specific target audiences. With data-driven insights and creative storytelling, we maximize your brand’s presence through the influence of micro-influencers, ensuring your products or services align seamlessly with the passions and interests of your niche audience.

Choose Socially Powerful to dive deep into micro-influencer marketing and establish meaningful connections that drive brand growth and loyalty.



Micro influencers are internet personalities who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media. Micro influencer marketing provides hyper-targeted and engaged audiences and can have a more impactful influence than nanomacro and hero influencers. This makes them great tools for affiliate marketing programmes, by turning your biggest fans into your biggest assets.


Socially Powerful is a global micro influencer marketing agency that believes results are more important than followers. Our end-to-end influencer marketing agency applies a strategic approach to identify, brief, liaise and track the right micro-content creators for your brand. Micro influencers are available in all sectors, from fashionbeautylifestyle and fitness to gamingsportsmusictech and automotive.


Micro influencers live on every social media platform and are significantly more accessible and relatable than celebrity and luxury influencers. As a micro influencer agency, our approach to finding the perfect micro influencers for your brand are based purely on channel and platform data. We don’t favour or represent select platforms, social accounts or influencers. We analyse audiences, behaviour, interaction and influencer content closely to ensure your brand achieves enhanced performance and results.


We use an up-to-date stack of industry-leading tools to inform our approach from Market Intelligence, Social Listening, Influencer Identification, Fraud & Suspicious Follower Detection and Tracking & Measuring. Together, this culminates in driving the most cost-effective KPIs available.


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Award-Winning Agency

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Micro Influencer Marketing

Having established a prominent global influencer marketing agency, micro-influencer marketing has been the cornerstone of our success from the very beginning. We've engaged in micro-influencer partnerships with renowned influencers across diverse platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, to promote some of the world's most iconic brands.


Paid Social

Our digital marketing experts are dedicated to leveraging paid media strategies to elevate your music marketing campaigns, ensuring optimal results for your brand across all social platforms. We enhance your investment by curating compelling organic influencer content and expanding its reach to a wider audience on social media. On average, advertisements originating from music influencers' channels outperform brand-owned media by a staggering factor of 7X. We're here to demonstrate how we can harness this exceptional potential to amplify your influencer marketing efforts and drive substantial growth for your brand.


Video Production

Our in-house Video Production company, Socially Powerful Studios, is committed to crafting dedicated videos and engaging social content tailored to micro-influencers. Creativity and performance are at the core of our productions. We specialise in creating captivating social content spanning TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and various other social platforms. Our mission is to captivate audiences, foster positive sentiments, expand your follower base, and drive tangible results, including increased sales and brand growth, within the dynamic world of influencer marketing.


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Micro influencer marketing is the process of using social media influencer with 1,000 to 10,000 followers to promote your brand or products. It can involve brand collaborations, affiliate marketing or sponsorships. Micro influencer marketing uses hyper-targeted and engaged audiences that have a more impactful influence on consumers than nano, macro and hero influencers.

Micro influencers are social media profiles that have a hyper-engaged audience, and typically between 1,000 and 10,000 followers.

Micro influencers are internet personalities who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers on social media. Micro influencer marketing provides hyper-targeted and engaged audiences and can have a more impactful influence than nano, macro and hero influencers. This makes them great tools for affiliate marketing programmes, by turning your biggest fans into your biggest assets.

An example of micro marketing is using creators and influencers who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. Micro marketing can be implemented on any platform, and offers incredible results. As a micro influencer agency, we use our own influencer platform to identify and vet micro influencers, ensuring each is considered with your brand’s ethos and messaging at the forefront.

Acting as your micro influencer marketing agency, we will find relevant influencers within your chosen niches and passion points. Micro influencer marketing generally offers exceptional engagement rates that are much higher than macro influencer marketing or hero influencer marketing.

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