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Influencer Engagement Rates: All You Need to Know

Times have changed. Becoming an influencer in today’s climate no longer requires hundreds of thousands of followers. However, the interactions followers have with an influencer’s content is essential to becoming a successful influencer and maintaining this status.  As a brand, understanding how to choose an influencer is understanding influencer engagement rates and how they can […]

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Basics of Influencer Marketing

If you are present at least somewhere within the social media-sphere, we’re sure you have seen countless promotional posts created by popular accounts for an array of different brands. This is influencer marketing and, within the last decade, it has taken the marketing industry by storm. Revolutionising the way brands communicate with consumers, the basics […]

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Music Influencers

It seems just about anything can be promoted by influencers nowadays, so why not music?  Before social media ruled the world, a new release from an artist would be publicised by their record label in traditional media formats such as on the TV and in newspapers. If the artist didn’t have a record label, news […]

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Influencer Marketing Predictions

The only constant in the influencer marketing landscape is that it’s constantly changing! With companies slashing traditional marketing methods in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, 2021 was a year that solidified digital marketing as a dominant method; bringing with it changes that have altered the landscape permanently.  In this blog we focus on […]

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The Age of Avatars: How Avatars are Taking Over Social Media

If you are a frequent user of social media, you will be aware of the emergence of digital avatars through the likes of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. In fact, even if you are not an avid social media user, but have any Apple products, you will have stumbled upon the 2D and 3D Memoji feature […]

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Influencer Marketing for Businesses

Behind the lavish events and expensive PR packages is a flexible marketing strategy that can be tailored for success by almost any business; regardless of size. Many believe that influencer marketing is reserved for the mega brands, but this is not the case. Influencer marketing can seem daunting, but if you are curious about how […]

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Micro Influencer Collaborations

Who remembers the days when young people aspired to be doctors and astronauts? As influencer culture has entrenched the internet, the dreams of young people today have turned to becoming social media stars. Instant fame is just one viral post away, so it’s no wonder people are constantly sharing pictures of their food and daily […]

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How brands and social media platforms are approaching mental health and wellness

The impact social media has on users’ mental wellbeing has been a heavily discussed topic for the past few years. With the time users are spending on social media increasing, the need for support from social platforms and brands has also increased. But are users receiving the support they need? A wellbeing study from 2021 […]

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Metaverse Influencer Marketing

The term Metaverse is most likely synonymous with fear, unpredictability and ‘robots taking over the world’, for you. Don’t worry, us too. With the term being thrown around on social media left, right and centre, it’s only right that we take the time to dig into what it really entails and how you, as a […]

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Your Guide to Lifestyle Influencers

Cast your mind back to a time before social media existed… if that’s possible. The closest thing we had to a lifestyle influencer was a blogger—someone who would write about their life and daily activities on the internet. Just like influencers today, these bloggers would have thousands of followers, all eagerly awaiting new uploads.  Fast […]

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