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Mar 16 2021

Trending Tiktok Hashtags to Boost Your Reach and Engagement


TikTok is the video-sharing app that is taking social media by storm. With over 1 billion monthly active users, everyone is addicted to the platform. From TikTok influencers and Hollywood celebrities to small businesses, everyone is active on TikTok in an effort to gain exposure and followers on the site. Whilst TikTok is known for making videos go viral, it is so easy for content to get lost among the millions of existing videos on the platform. This is why hashtags are necessary on TikTok as they can increase user visibility on the app. The most popular TikTok hashtags 2022 have billions of views, which explains why TikTok accounts with little followers and low engagement rates are able to blow up on the app. 

Source: Robert Benjamin Youtube Channel

What are the most popular TikTok hashtags in 2022?

TikTok is filled with hashtags, so it can be hard to find the best hashtags to use on TikTok. It is important that you are aware of the best TikTok hashtags considering that hashtags help other users to understand your niche as well as the contexts of your posts.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok Viral hashtags 2022:

1.  #foryou 

2. #foryoupage

3. #fyp

4. #duet

5. #tiktok

6. #viral

7. #tiktokindia 

8. #trending 

9. #comedy

10. #funny

Whilst this list includes the highest viewed TikTok hashtags, it does not mean that each hashtag is suitable for you. It is important to remember that the best TikTok hashtags are those that are relevant to your niche.

How to use TikTok hashtags in your niche?

Most users on TikTok belong to a niche community. Whether it’s food, beauty or travel, there are hashtags that are widely used within each niche category. For example, a TikTok user whose niche topic is food should use hashtags such as #foodie and #foodtiktok. In order to further increase your visibility on TikTok, you should include more specific hashtags within your niche. For example, a TikTok video about cake making can still use the popular TikTok hashtags 2022 within the food niche, but should also add #caketok, #cakedecorating and #baking in order to attract more viewers.

How to find popular TikTok hashtags in 2022

Navigating TikTok is fairly straightforward, which means that searching for the best hashtags for TikTok is a simple process. Thanks to TikTok’s unique feature of the For You Page, you merely need to open the app to view videos that are tailored to your interests. Scrolling through the For You Page will help you to find commonly used hashtags among the videos that you enjoy. You can also click on the hashtags that are located at the bottom of each video, where TikTok takes you to a new page which provides you with more videos that use these hashtags, as well as the number of views the hashtags have earned. 

Another easy way to find the best TikTok hashtags is to use the app’s Discover Page. This page includes a variety of trending hashtags on TikTok 2022 and sounds that users everywhere are making the most of. This page also shows examples of TikTok videos that have used trending hashtags on TikTok 2022 which can give you inspiration for your own videos.

More ways to find the best TikTok hashtags

Check out your competition

If you are a business owner or influencer, a great way to find the best TikTok hashtags for you is to check the hashtags that your rivals are using. This is an ideal way for you to observe which hashtags generate the most views and interaction.


Using hashtags is the perfect way to make your content stand out on TikTok. The best TikTok hashtags can also help TikTok users to learn more about your content, which can lead to more followers and higher engagement rates with your posts.


What hashtags to use on TikTok ?

Tiktok is a popular social media app that has over 1 billion monthly active users. The app is mainly used by people in the age group of 13-25 years.

The use of hashtags on Tiktok is very important because it can help increase the visibility of your video. The best way to find out what hashtags are trending on Tiktok is to look at the trending hashtags list for 2022.

50 TikTok hashtags trending in 2022:

  1. #fyp
  2. #ForYou
  3. #ForYouPage
  4. #viral
  5. #TikTok
  6. #TikTokChallenge
  7. #duet
  8. #live
  9. #trending
  10. #India
  11. #TikTokIndia
  12. #comedy
  13. #love
  14. #funny
  15. #ViralVideo
  16. #meme
  17. #featureme
  18. #dance
  19. #like
  20. #likes
  21. #TikTokTrend
  22. #ThisIs4You
  23. #bhfyp
  24. #TikTokFamous
  25. #video
  26. #ExplorePage
  27. #fashion
  28. #follow
  29. #explore
  30. #photography
  31. #FollowForFollowBack
  32. #FollowForFollow
  33. #quotes
  34. #LikeForLike
  35. #GoodVibes
  36. #memories
  37. #TikTok4Fun
  38. #happy
  39. #music
  40. #fun
  41. #memes
  42. #FollowMe
  43. #LoveYouTikTok
  44. #cute
  45. #trend
  46. #BestVideo
  47. #quotes
  48. #awesome
  49. #lfl
  50. #TikTokers

What are the most popular hashtags on TikTok?

The most popular hashtags on TikTok are: 

1. #foryou 

2. #foryoupage

3. #fyp

4. #duet

5. #tiktok

6. #viral

7. #tiktokindia 

8. #trending 

9. #comedy

10. #funny

What is the most used Best hashtags for TikTok in 2022?

#fyp is the most used hashtag on TikTok with 9296.9B views. 

Do hashtags work on TikTok?

Hashtags certainly do work on TikTok. A TikTok video has a limit of 100 characters which means that you can include as many hashtags as you like within this limit. 

How do I find a great hashtag on TikTok?

You can use TikTok’s Discover Page to find a variety of trending hashtags. This page also shows examples of TikTok videos that have used trending hashtags on TikTok 2022which can give you inspiration for your own videos.

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