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Apr 05 2019

How Pretty Little Thing Have Mastered Social Media Marketing

Pretty Little Thing has been named one of the top three fastest growing fashion companies ever. But how did the young company manage to reach millions of people in such a short period of time?

Pretty Little Thing was founded in 2012, and in the grand scheme of things, to go from small beginnings to one of the biggest online stores in 7 years, is an incredible achievement by anyone’s standards. Was it down to Pretty Little Thing Social Media Strategy ? With the brand having over 10 million followers on Instagram alone, a lot of people seem to think so.

Let’s take it back to basics for a second. How does social media marketing work on Instagram? Instagram, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a photo sharing app used by 1 billion people. Generally, Instagram is used by people to reflect their lives. Your Instagram tells people who you are, what your interests are, what you spend your time doing, and who you do it with (not actually who you do ‘it’ with, unless you want to share that lol). With Instagram reflecting your life, why would you not want it to be showcasing the best parts of it? Or at least, what appears to be the best parts of it.

That is where social media marketing comes into it. Instagram themes are VITAL in the game of LIFE (or, social media marketing), as they create an image of a brand. Brands are on top of this, and all of the biggest brands use social media marketing to create a brand voice. As an example, technology brands tend to choose Instagram themes that portray ‘real life and real people’ to market its products as accessible (yet with gorgeously crisp and beautiful photography). Pretty Little Thing chose to go for ‘real life and real people’ to market its products as accessible (but only using models in sunny locations shot by photographers). Are you seeing the pattern? It’s all part of social media marketing that says to people – ‘Hey, look at our stunning Instagram that tells a story, and looks amazing. Yours could look like this too if you buy our products’ (usually forgetting to mention that they use professional photographers, models and editors to create these images, not just the product advertised).

But this is why it works so well. Pretty Little Thing as a brand has an amazing relationship with social media, understanding how social media marketing works, and the importance of having an online presence. Pretty Little Thing’s Instagram has a theme, uses stories and it has matching cover photos for its highlights. They use influencer marketing to engage consumers and post on average 6 times a day, which increases each post’s chance of getting seen by more people. Pretty Little Thing are experts in social media marketing, as they know who they’re targeting and how to target them.

Building a brand takes time, especially in the current social media market, however, Pretty Little Thing have been able to grow quickly thanks to the professional nature of its photography. They create content that people want to engage with, rather than to just showcase a product. Pretty Little Thing’s followers want to see the content on their feed because it looks appealing, which is accomplished by making every element of the content professional.

Once the content is perfected, to reach people, the idea is to use hashtags! Pretty Little Thing still use hashtags to reach as many people as they can, however, much less than they used to. The use of hashtags now, are generally to promote its content on trending events. On #NationalPuppyDay, Pretty Little Thing posted a photo with the hashtag and got over 75,000 likes, which did well, getting around 15,000 more likes than the previous photo! Surely, this proves that hashtagging your photos really does #wurk.

So really, there’s no secret. Pretty Little Thing really have just grafted from the start like the rest of us, they just use the assets available to them to create the best content possible and post LOADS of it! So, what’s your excuse? I’ve broken it down for you, time to get going!

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