Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What’s The Difference?

Nov 23, 2022

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What’s The Difference?

We’ve all seen the videos. Hundreds of shoppers pressed up against glass doors, desperately trying to get a deal on a new flat screen TV at Walmart or a toaster from TK Maxx. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become holidays in their own rights at this point, taking up as much space in the average consumer’s calendar as Thanksgiving. 

However, each year the stark difference between these two dates gets fuzzier. 

In the modern age of ecommerce, most Black Friday deals can be found online and many retailers have taken to releasing their sales at the start of November. 

In fact, sales are even starting to trickle into October. In 2022, 56% of United States consumers started their holiday shopping in October rather than November. In response to this, as well as the cost of living crisis, many retailers have started their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals far earlier this year. 

So what is the difference between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday? We’ve broken it all down for you, so you can get the most out of this November sales season. 


The biggest difference when comparing Black Friday vs Cyber Monday, are the dates that they occur on. Black Friday takes place the Friday after American Thanksgiving, which this year is the 24th of November. Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday after Black Friday, which is the 27th of November. 

Initially, Black Friday was created as a way to encourage consumers to shop on their day off after Thanksgiving. Once Black Friday became almost too popular, Cyber Monday was born to offer an answer to long queues and busy stores. 

Typically, the amount one saves is the same whether you shop on Black Friday vs Cyber Monday. The real difference between the two days lies in the kinds of products on sale. Black Friday usually offers sales on more big ticket items, such as TVs and iPhones. In contrast, Cyber Monday, features sales on smaller items such as electronics, clothes and appliances. 

As mentioned previously, whilst traditionally a key definer of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday was their location, nowadays most Black Friday deals can be found online and in store. The modern consumer has shown time and time again that they prefer to shop online, so the majority of retailers now cater to this. Online shopping also allows consumers to shop outside of retail hours and not get stuck by limited stock. 

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Furthermore, one may see more competition for sales on Cyber Monday due to the last minute scrambling it provokes. When you observe Black Friday vs Cyber Monday in terms of sales, Cyber Monday typically sees more sales than Black Friday. In 2022, Black Friday raised 9.12 billion US dollars in sales, whilst Cyber Monday saw a whopping 11.3 billion. 


The best way to ace Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to arm yourself with a sturdy plan. 

Getting sucked into the tornado of deals and tasty sales on items you don’t really need is all too easy. Taking a good look at what products you actually require is the simplest way to make sure you’re getting a bargain. 

When asked which day is better to shop on, most experts say Black Friday. Cyber Monday typically sees a lot of the same deals, just re-posted. If you see an item you’ve been looking for on Black Friday, snatch it up. Chances are it won’t be cheaper on Monday, but it might be gone! 

Finally, whilst online shopping is incredibly tempting, make sure to double check delivery times and shipping costs before purchasing. Many retailers offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount, but if not, you might get slapped with a fee that makes your purchases not worth it. In which case, you’re better off driving down to the store and doing it the old fashioned way. 


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As mentioned previously, the majority of retailers engage with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. As such, attempting to find the hottest deals can be incredibly difficult. Many stores will boast the same sales, making it seemingly impossible to decide where to shop. 

The easiest way to keep track of all the amazing deals out there is by compiling a list. To truly get the most out of your money, make sure you start researching as early as possible; the earlier you start researching, the more promo codes and information you will gather. As a result, by the time the sales begin you will be prepared to save as much as possible. 

Many brands begin spreading the word about their sales from mid-October. Typically this information is found on email lists and social media accounts, so make sure to follow all your favourite brands in order to stay up to date.  

To get you started, we have compiled a few of the best retailers for sales on specific items. 

Where to find the best Black Friday vs Cyber Monday deals 

If you are keeping an eye out for sales on technology, then companies such as Amazon, Argos and John Lewis and Partners typically have great deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

For deals on TV and streaming services, many of the most popular platforms offer up deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, Disney +, Prime Video, Sky and Apple TV in particular traditionally run campaigns worth taking advantage of. 

The majority of fashion and beauty retailers participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In particular, Boots, ASOS and Nike are known for having spectacular deals. 

For gaming and toys, Nintendo consistently has wonderful sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Beyond this, Lego and Microsoft also have reliably great deals. 

Finally, if you are looking to save on jewellery, then keep tabs on Nordstrom, Kate Spade and BaubleBar.

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