Top UK Social Marketing Agencies in 2022

Jun 21, 2022

Social Media Platforms

Top UK Social Marketing Agencies in 2022

Social media marketing is one of the most impactful marketing methods available to brands nowadays. While it offers brands the opportunity to reach new audiences, it has to be done well. Working with a social marketing agency can ensure your social media efforts are relevant, optimized, and resonate with your target audience. 

Finding the right social marketing agency can be a grueling and tricky process. We’ve pulled together this blog to show you why and how you can go about finding the best social agency for you. 

What is a social marketing agency?

A social marketing agency is a creative agency that develops, executes, and optimizes social media strategies on behalf of their clients. Social marketing agencies often manage social accounts on behalf of their clients and run social media and social media marketing campaigns across various social media platforms. 

What does a social marketing agency do?

Social marketing agencies help brands achieve their social media goals by creating a bespoke social media marketing strategy and campaign. Their work begins with a complete analysis of their client’s current social media presence and customer journey to understand how their social media marketing services can seamlessly integrate into their current efforts. 

Why do companies need social media marketing?

Businesses need social media marketing because it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with and engage audiences. As consumers have begun spending more of their free time on social media, this presents brands with the opportunity to engage them natively within social media feeds. 

In addition to this, consumers now demand authenticity from brands. Using social media, brands are able to humanise themselves through different content types, community management, and influencer marketing. 

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

The benefits of social media marketing are exponential. One of the main benefits is the increase in brand trust and recognition. During the consideration phase of a customer’s buying journey, nearly 60% of consumers check a company’s social media profiles. Having a social media presence that is active, organic, and presents a consistent view of your branding can improve levels of customer trust. 

Another benefit of social media marketing is that it opens a direct line of communication to a brand’s target audience. Not only can this help provide excellent customer service, but can help build a rapport with audience members. Developing an emotional bond with customers will encourage brand loyalty. 

Social media has become a great place to build online communities of like-minded people that are interested in your brand and content. Virtual communities for many, are places where they feel seen and heard. If a brand shows to listen to its audience, it will prove it cares about its customers’ opinions and needs, further building brand loyalty. 

What makes a top social marketing agency?

A top social marketing agency will have various tools, platforms, and databases at their disposal. Top social media marketing companies understand the importance of data and insights. Data and insights can accurately inform social media agencies on audience analytics, including key demographics, psychographics and social media usage. These can help agencies create the most relevant strategies and campaigns for each client goal. 

Another trait top social marketing agencies have is proactivity. Due to the pace of social media trends, agencies need to be proactive as well as reactive. Top social agencies can identify key trends before they go viral, meaning their clients can be first on the scene to show their cultural relevance. 

Why hire one of the best social marketing agencies?

The social media marketing process can be complicated and time consuming. A social media marketing agency can handle all social media responsibilities, from ideation and content creation to community management and campaign reporting. 

When hiring a social media agency, you can trust that your social media efforts are safe in the hands of experts, allowing you to continue with other business operations. Social agencies are full of social scientists who live and breathe all things social media. They understand platforms, algorithms and influencers inside out. 

What can I expect from a social marketing agency?

Social marketing agencies can help clients with end-to-end social media services, activating across different platforms. They can help you identify the platforms best suited for your audience, create campaign concepts and activation ideas, find and vet influencers, own community management, assist in content creation, and more. 

How to choose the best social media marketing agency for you

With so many social marketing agencies out there, it can be tricky finding the right one. Here are some things to consider when looking for a social agency. 

Creativity: Consumers choose brands that inspire them with their creativity. Social media is the best place to share it. The best social media agencies should be able to assist and inspire you with their creativity and vision.

Experience: A key element to consider is an agency’s previous experience. Has it created campaigns similar to your brief? Has it activated social media strategies for clients within your industry? 

Tools: An important question is asking about which tools, platforms and databases an agency has access to. 

Multi-Channel Usage: Each social media channel has its own dynamics and algorithm. A social media agency should know the differences of each channel, follow the new ones and share new posts according to it.

KPIs: You should treat social media as a lead generation and retention channel. You should define KPIs from the beginning with your social media marketing agency and be data-oriented.

Strategy: The social media landscape is very dynamic and ever-changing. New trends and updates are introduced to platforms regularly. The best social media agencies stay up to date with them to offer you new strategies.

Top 6 social marketing agencies in 2022 

So, who are the top social marketing agencies in 2022?

1. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful (yes—that’s us!) is a global social marketing agency. With HQ based in London, Socially Powerful offers impactful end-to-end social media services on a global scale.

Our end-to-end services can assist your brand across all social media activities, from social strategy and community management to paid media. We are an agency full of people who live and breathe all-things social and influencer marketing

The social landscape changes at an incredible rate. We continually ensure we are plugged in to the latest social trends to ensure our services are relevant to you and your audience. Not only does this mean we are ahead of the curve for social features such as social commerce, but it helps our campaign ideation, and social video and content production too. We develop hyper-relevant campaigns that resonate with global audiences, generating long-term business impact for our clients. 

Although our HQ is in London, we have offices in key locations across the globe, including the US, Europe, Middle East and China. 

2. Social Chain 

Social Chain is a creative agency that develops social-first campaigns for consumer brands. 

Social Chain - Social Marketing Agency

Social Chain is one of the world’s largest social-first publishers, with over 80m followers across Facebook and Instagram, allowing the agency to distribute its client’s content on its own organic channels.

Previous clients include Superdry, T-Mobile, Sony, Puma, McDonald’s, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Braun, Apple, Adidas, and more!

They have offices in Manchester, London, New York & Berlin.

3. We Are Social 

We Are Social is one of the largest global social media agencies, with over 1,000 employees. We Are Social believes in people before platforms, and uses the power of social media to drive business value through storytelling, creativity, craft and innovation. 

We Are Social - Social Marketing Agency

Describing themselves as a ‘socially-led creative agency,’ We Are Social is now one of the world’s biggest social media agencies, having over 1,000 staff members.

As well as collaborating with influencers, they use paid media to reach the right audiences and achieve measurable results.

We Are Social has many offices across the globe. 

4. Influencer 

Influencer was founded by one of the most popular YouTuber’s back in the day, Caspar Lee. His experience in the influencer space has resulted in a powerful influencer agency. 


Influencer uses a mixture of branded content, paid media and careful advertising audits to ensure all content aligns with ASA regulations. 

5. IMA

Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA) is one of the oldest influencer marketing agencies available, launching in 2010.

IMA - Social Marketing Agency

It has an in-house team that includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts, and social media experts.

They have over 19 million influencers in their network, in 1000s of niches, across 100 markets worldwide, offering growth opportunities for big-budget brands.

6. Spin Brands

Spin Brands is a social agency that strives to connect brands to the modern consumer by engaging with them on platforms they spend their free time. 

Spin Brands

They specialize in brand relationships, creative execution, strategy evolution, and performance. 

Our Influencer marketing agency is located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

If you want to receive our industry insights, visit our Influencer Marketing & Social Media blog.

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