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Feb 17 2021

The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags in 2021


Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms and it is recognised for using hashtags as one of its main features. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it can be difficult to filter through the type of content you are searching for. This is why hashtags are so prevalent on Instagram, seeing as they group content and topics together. Whether you are an Instagram influencer or a business owner looking to expand your audience, you must understand how Instagram works so that you can use hashtags to your advantage. 

What are the most popular Instagram hashtags? 

Although initially being popularised on Twitter, using hashtags is common practice across all social media platforms, including Instagram. The most popular Instagram hashtags are typically included in millions of posts on the site, so it is important that you know when to use them. For example, fashion Instagram influencers may use #fashion in each of their posts that are related to that tag. However, #fashion has 920M posts on Instagram, so influencers also use more specific hashtags to target their audience. Hashtags such as #outfitoftheday are more likely to attract an audience who is specifically interested in this hashtag. Since 2018, Instagram users have been able to follow hashtags. This means that the hashtags that you include in your posts will appear on users’ feeds who follow these hashtags.

Here is a list of the most popular Instagram hashtags in 2021: 

  1. #love 
  2. #instagood 
  3. #photooftheday 
  4. #fashion 
  5. #beautiful
  6. #happy
  7. #cute
  8. #tbt 
  9. #like4like
  10. #followme
  11. #picoftheday
  12. #follow 
  13. #me
  14. #selfie
  15. #summer
  16. #art 
  17. #instadaily
  18. #friends
  19. #repost
  20. #nature
  21. #girl
  22. #fun
  23. #style
  24. #smile
  25. #food
  26. #instalike
  27. #likeforlike
  28. #family
  29. #travel
  30. #fitness 

These are just some examples of popular Instagram hashtags, so you must do your research to find the hashtags that are relevant to your content. 

What hashtags are trending on Instagram?

Social media influencers and businesses typically use the most popular trending hashtags to increase user engagement with their posts. The hashtags that you incorporate into your posts depends on the niche that you want to focus on. 

Here are some top trending hashtags on Instagram that are suitable for your niche. 


  1. #travel 
  2. #travelgram
  3. #travelling 
  4. #travelblogger
  5. #traveller
  6. #traveler
  7. #travelingram 
  8. #traveltheworld 


  1. #makeup
  2. #makeupartist
  3. #makeupaddict
  4. #makeuplover
  5. #makeupjunkie 
  6. #makeuptutorial
  7. #makeupforever
  8. #makeupbyme
  9. #makeupoftheday 
  10. #makeuplook 


  1. #business
  2. #businessman 
  3. #businesswoman 
  4. #businessowner
  5. #businessowners
  6. #businesscoach 
  7. #businesswomen 
  8. #businesslife
  9. #businesstips
  10. #businessminded 

How many hashtags can you use on Instagram? 

It is easy to include the top Instagram hashtags in just one post. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be used in a single post and a maximum of 10 hashtags on Instagram Stories. Using more than the maximum amount means that your post will not be uploaded to the site. Although there is space for so many hashtags to be used in Instagram posts, it is common for users to use around 10 hashtags per post. However, there is no set rule about the ideal number of hashtags to use, so you should do what feels right for your content. 

How to find trending hashtags?

There are several top trending hashtags on Instagram, so it might be difficult to find the trending hashtags relevant to you. Here are some tips on how to find the most popular Instagram hashtags. 

Find the hashtags that your audience uses 

Searching for hashtags that your desired demographic already use is an easy way to grow your audience and reach users who are likely to be interested in your content. Look for the most used hashtags on Instagram that are used among your target audience and make sure to include them in your posts. 

Look at your competitors 

The most popular Instagram hashtags that are used by your competitors is a good way to find hashtags that attract a similar audience. However, make sure that you look at how their followers engage with their hashtags as well as which hashtags seem to attract the most users. This is a good way to determine if you want to use similar hashtags, or if you want to completely diverge from what your rivals are doing. 

What is the most popular content on Instagram? 

Whilst the most popular Instagram hashtags are crucial to any user of the platform who wishes to expand their following, the type of content that you upload to Instagram is equally as important. 

Here are a couple of examples of the most popular content being used by Instagram users around the world: 


Videos have become increasingly popular on Instagram ever since Stories was created. They offer an alternative way to reach out to your audience, as there is the option to include more information in a video. Using videos also enables you to see the number of views your videos receive, which is a great way to determine the success of your content. 

User-generated images 

The best way to show your followers that you care about them is by sharing images from your followers that are related to your product or service. For example, business owners may post a product review made by one of their followers to their Instagram page. 

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