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The most important element of our influencer marketing agency is the trust that is built between content creators and their audience across the US.

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When it comes to social media influence, we measure our success beyond vanity metrics. Using influencer marketing as a Public Relations or Content Marketing strategy creates many new spaces for brands online, and has changed the way they interact with their consumers.


Our Influencer agencies objective is to culminate the most cost-effective KPIs in the business. When it comes to influencer marketing strategies, we don’t confine ourselves to a finite number of creators. Instead, we provide a bespoke, strategic, and multichannel approach.


Our technical solutions analyze the data found in your social footprint, then identify the greatest advocates for your brand and mobilize their influence to reach your business goals.


Our USA based influencer marketing agency services offer insight through tools that include Marketing Intelligence, Influencer Identification, Social Listening, Fraud & Suspicious Follower Detection, and Tracking & Measuring services.



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Understanding Influencer Marketing


Social Media macro and micro-influencers have reshaped the landscape of Digital Marketing. Influencer endorsement instantly creates new opportunities for any business’ revenue and brand awareness. Social Media Influencers are proven to be successful marketing tools, however, the success if defined by a supported marketing strategy with effective influencer and social community management plans. 


Millennial customers are more likely to trust social media influencers more compared to celebrities. Proven by a study by GenZ, 44% of millennials stated that they trust influencers, while only 36% said that they believe celebrities. The younger generation of consumers is interacting with media differently, moving away from traditional consumption habits and platforms. Niche brands can be effectively marketed through Influencers’ word-of-mouth-style values, that targets audiences who will then identify and relate to your brand. 

What is an Influencer Agency

An Influencer Agency is a marketing agency that works with brands and social media influencers to build, facilitate and forecast influencer marketing campaigns. From startups to established brands, many advertisers are discovering that approaching influencer marketing campaigns can be difficult to create and coordinate. Along with building the campaign comes contracts, content and review. This can be challenging to manage without years of experience. 


Influencer marketing agencies also maintain trusting relationships with both brands and influencers to execute strong campaigns with optimal results. We work alongside each client’s brand to understand your ethics, values, goals and tone of voice to create digital space for your messaging in the oversaturated market in which you operate. As an Influencer Marketing Agency, our primary focus is being effective by creating a bespoke and precise programme to resonate with your target audience. 


Creative agencies, social media agencies or ad agencies all engage with brands to help create campaigns and reach their goals in different ways. This is the same objective when it comes to Influencer Marketing agencies, which see success with both businesses and influencers. Influencer marketing campaign services aim to deliver the same success as any other ad campaign, only with a human touch that fits better into consumers digital lifestyles. 


Influencer campaigns can be executed in endless ways. Whether it’s sponsored posts, social video creation or brand partnerships, there are all sorts of ways in which influencers can leverage your business and communicate to your target audience. In a nutshell, Influencer marketing agencies aim to make it simpler for brands to find the right macro or micro-influencers to work with. For the most part, Influencer agencies work is behind the scenes and unseen and includes correlating data, optimising content, reviewing rates and contracts and maintaining structure. 


Despite the world becoming savvier when it comes to social media and community management, influencer marketing is still deeply misunderstood when it comes to ROI. The small factors such as hashtags, tagging, timing, combined together all have the potential to make or break an entire campaign. Social media success or failure should be broken down over the course of step-by-step planning. Each step and variable of a campaign can be complex to manage all at once, and this is what makes Influencer Marketing Campaigns so valuable. By keeping track of the details, agencies can produce meticulous and high-performing campaigns that leave less work for our clients. Influencer agencies also prove their value through ensuring campaigns are safe. With an expanding list of regulations, PR concerns and budget concerns, we think it’s safe to assume that most of us who use social media to market need security. Using knowledge from an Influencer Agency that is measurable and targeted through years of experience provides infinite insights for brands and their marketers. 

Why choose Socially Powerful as your Influencer Agency

We believe that the most important aspect of any influencer campaign is authenticity. This is why we use data first and foremost to select the right influencers who have real followership and real engagement.


We prioritize trust when it comes to campaign success. We put all our clients’ needs first in order to build campaigns that are transparent and guarantee results. Maintaining positive relationships with influencers means building a strong history of performance. This has allowed us to offer key insights into content creation and brainstorming campaigns. 


While many agencies will use shortcuts like buying followers, we believe success is measuring what matters to our clients. At Socially Powerful, we believe that the solution to fighting fake followers lies simply within results and sales. Our influencer agency services offer insight through tools that include Marketing Intelligence, Influencer Identification, Social Listening, Fraud & Suspicious Follower Detection, and Tracking & Measuring services. 


We prioritize assessing the efficacy of a campaign and tracking all data available to us – beyond likes and comments, so you can make sense of the effectiveness, to help build your future branding strategy. Using our bespoke strategy, we ensure that all of our campaigns are effective, ethical and in-line with your overall company strategy. Our unique programmes reap the benefits of using influencers to drive any kind of business goal. From there, we find the rights influencers to promote your products, design branded content for promotion and use your brand to start social media conversations. 


We will help promote your brand using a selection of Influencers on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YoTube, Twitch and TikTok. We believe that each of our clients and their products is unique, so it is necessary to curate a bespoke strategy to find the right medium and message for your content. We ensure every campaign we create is disruptive in spaces where it matters. 


Our team of social media experts use their knowledge and trusted relationships within the industry to give our Influencer Agency a distinct advantage. We bring years of influencer knowledge to the table that will ensure your brand gets notices, stays relevant and grows its influence online. Our objective opinion on influencers’ role in your business strategy is both creative and tactile and comes with no affiliations, just smart decisions. 


Whether your social media goal is to advocate, educate, generate sales or boost brand awareness — our influencer marketing agency guarantees results, so what have you got to lose? 


We'll show you how to start powerful conversation, drive social engagement, build your brand, hit sales targets or meet other goals you have, wherever you are in the world.

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