Snapchat....MEMORIES...yet another change!


A day in the life of a social media network is a lifetime and Snapchat is rolling out the changes again. Last time we spoke about Snapchat, they had revamped the discover section, this time they are bringing in Snapchat "Memories."

Interesting, but what does it mean? Snapchat had always been about creating photos, videos or "snaps" and for them to disappear within a timeframe of them being opened. Now with memories, Snapchat is enabling users to save content within the platform, where they can re-watch, revisit or re-upload the content. Rather than having to scroll through your photo albums on your iPhones for hours trying to find that hilarious video, you'll now be able to find it by searching through content saved on the app. Pretty nifty right?!

Interestingly, users will also be able to upload pictures and content from outside the app. So, you can upload a picture from your phone that you've previously taken or save a Facebook picture and upload it... expect more catfishes on Snapchat now! You can also expect filtered editing and photoshopping of pictures, something that was previously reserved for Instagram.

It's been said that this change will see Snapchat begin to rival Facebook, by appealing with wider demographics to use the service. When you've introduced an older friend to the app, one of the questions you'd of been used to hearing is "why don't my pictures save"

It's also seen as a way of getting users to stay on the app for longer, which will enable Snapchat to rival Facebook for the major digital ad spend! It's a pivotal moment for Snapchat and it would be well worth keeping an eye on this one to see what happens next!