Louis Vuitton on TikTok Shop? How Luxury on Social Commerce is Taking Off 

May 01, 2024

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Louis Vuitton on TikTok Shop? How Luxury on Social Commerce is Taking Off 

For many, social commerce platforms such as TikTok shop don’t exactly scream luxury, high quality commerce. 

Yet, that is precisely what social commerce is hoping to rebrand itself as. New updates to TikTok Shop see it introducing luxury resellers to its wide array of brands, in order to appeal to Gen Z consumers curious about the world of high end goods. 

There seems to be quite the attentive audience on TikTok shop and other social commerce platforms when it comes to higher value products. The home appliance sector of sites such as TikTok Shop is booming, with seemingly every consumer out there rushing to purchase their very own air fryer. 

How can luxury and high end brands join in on the fun? And, what makes current luxury on social commerce so successful? 

Read on to find out. 


For the modern consumer, social commerce platforms such as Temu, TikTok Shop and the like, are fantastic ways to purchase the latest hair accessory or blush that the internet is raving about.

It is certainly not where you go for high quality, expensive items. 

In spite of this, it seems that social commerce is attempting to rebrand itself as a purveyor of high end, luxury goods, rather than the typical fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) it is associated with.


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♬ original sound – Sign of the Times

TikTok Shop, in particular, is swinging hard and fast at this trend of luxury on social commerce. The platform has recently unveiled its new, luxury resale program. 

TikTok Shops’ new luxury-tie in allows consumers to purchase from major retailers Luxe Collective, Sellier Knightsbridge, Sign of the Times, Hardly Ever Worn It and Break Archive. The platform has also raised its purchase cap to £4000, ensuring that consumers can easily enter the luxury product world. 

Launched in the UK and the US, the new feature plays into the growing desire in Gen Z aged consumers for luxury on social commerce; especially pre-loved ones. #prelovedfashion has over 62,000 videos on TikTok alone, showcasing the expansive appetite on the platform for second hand fashion.

On top of this, studies have shown that Gen Z consumers, whilst excited to enter the luxury world, are fearful of doing so due to the exclusivity it permeates. By shopping for luxury on social commerce such as TikTok Shop, therefore, users are able to make the purchase they so desire, with none of the anxiety typically associated with physical stores. 

Ultimately, TikTok Shops new pre-loved luxury endeavour caters to the need of consumers for sustainable and accessible ways to both invest in and enjoy luxury fashion. But, will it be successful? 

So far, yes. 


Two brands that are experiencing particularly high levels of success as luxury on social commerce are Luxe Collective and Sage Appliances. 

Luxe Collective 


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♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Luxe Collective, a well known name amongst Gen Z consumers, has found immediate success as luxury on social commerce. The brand reported that in their first week on TikTok Shop, they doubled their revenue, received immensely positive feedback from the community, saw an uplift of 145% in site sessions, and recorded 1.2 million likes on their lives. 

The brand’s first two lives alone saw the sale of ten items ranging in prices from £400 to £1,500, with consumers everywhere tuning in to catch the amazing deals. 

Clearly, luxury on TikTok shop has quite the potential for success. So far, it has seen overwhelming amounts of positive feedback and pleased customers. 

Yet, luxury goods are not the only non-FMCGs being sought out by consumers on social commerce. Home appliances are a burgeoning market on social commerce platforms such as TikTok Shop, with many consumers electing to purchase home goods online. 

However, not all home appliance brands have been experiencing the same level of success. Some, such as Sage Appliances, have had immense success on TikTok Shop, whilst others have failed to take off. 

Sage Appliances 


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♬ Caramel Latte – Prod. By Rose

Sage Appliances are the success story when it comes to home appliances and luxury on social commerce. 

The reason for Sage Appliances success? Their ability to limit the amount of extra searching a user must complete before clicking purchase. 

Sage Appliances do an excellent job of giving TikTok users all the information they require to make a purchase all on their TikTok page. Using their Sage Studios, the home goods brand creates machine demonstrations, informative videos, product walkthroughs, and even recipe content for their page. On top of this, they frequently host TikTok lives, wherein they show off their products and answer consumer questions. 

In doing so, Sage Appliances greatly decreases the amount of product research consumers have to conduct before they click buy; enormously improving the chance that users will make a purchase. Rather than having to exit TikTok multiple times to find out about the product, users can find all the details they need right in front of them on Sage Appliances’ page. 

As a result, users can far more easily, and confidently, make a purchase. 

A major cause for lack of purchasing on social commerce platforms, is a need for research and level of distrust. Pages such as Sage Appliances remove these issues from the purchasing equation, by providing ample, transparent information on both themselves and their products. Thus, once again, increasing the chances that users will make a purchase. 


Ultimately, social commerce such as TikTok shop can go beyond the typical FMCGs that it is associated with, but it takes a special kind of marketing to pull it off. 

As shown through the cases of Luxe Collective and Sage Appliances, consumers require ample information and demonstration from brands looking to sell higher value goods. This is most easily solved through live videos, and brand accounts dedicated to product demonstrations, answers to consumer questions, and informative content in general. 


This video gets MORE and MORE chaotic as it goes on 😭 @Isobel Lorna saved the day… #birkin #hermesbirkin #luxury #fashion

♬ original sound – Sellier Knightsbridge

Brands looking to get involved in this new era of social commerce should dedicate time to building up a reputable account on the platform they wish to engage with. Build up a following by posting a variety of informative content types, hosting lives, and connecting with your audience. 

Be careful to not jump too quickly into selling. Doing so will disengage your audience and promote distrust. 

When the time is right, launch your shop and tend to it well. Stay on top of consumer concerns and run many lives to build trust in your audience. Dedicate plenty of time to product demonstrations and engaging with users. 

Ultimately, the age of high quality products on social commerce platforms such as TikTok Shop is here. Consumers are seeking out luxury products and home appliances that sit at a higher price point, and responding incredibly well to the brands on TikTok shop that are offering this. 

The days of cheaper, lower quality products on social commerce platforms is far from over. But, it seems luxury social commerce intends on sticking around.

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