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Oct 08 2020

What is content distribution: A complete guide to content distribution strategy

In a nutshell, content distribution is a specific strategy designed for taking your company’s existing content and publishing it across different platforms. The more your brand distributes content, the more likely it is that people will know your brand.

Content distribution marketing services are also important because as a business, you want your brand to be available to your audience once they decide to make a purchase. Content distribution also allows you to find new audiences who don’t know your brand. Content, whether it’s social video or Influencers, will answer any questions that any audience might have about your brand. 

The reason that social media content distribution marketing is so effective is that the opportunities are infinite. If your content is produced right and is across different social media platforms, it will just continue to engage viewers and build brand awareness. This also gives your search engine optimization momentum and leads to a higher conversion rate and more sales. If one thing is certain about social media content distribution and paid media services, it’s that there is no downside to it when it comes to marketing and advertising your brand through paid social media services.

Types of Content Distribution Strategy

1. Owned Content Strategy

This is a content distribution strategy that’s designed to market content and drive conversion on your own social media platforms and channels which include; websites, social video content distribution, blogs, newsletters, and social media community management. 

It’s important to think about the content that you are in complete control over. Your website content should be perceived as your primary source of content. This also means your blog posts, videos, case studies and any other kind of report. 

Your social media accounts and email networks are also owned content, and a huge part of your owned content strategy. The objective of any kind of owned media is to add value to them, so they can assist you increase your sales. Tone of voice for owned content shouldn’t be too self-promotional, rather focused on building a bond and relationship with your followers or audience. Owned content is so important because it controls how you present your brand and brand’s message online. New customers are usually found through earned content, however it’s owned content that provides them with an overall impression, and gives them more of a chance to engage with your brand.

Here are our tips on maximizing your results from owned content strategies

  • Promote your content: This means sharing your content on all platforms. This can be done easily, for example, reshare quotes from your Instagram post on Twitter. 
  • Reuse your content: If you published a blog for example, you can break it into different components and create tables or different content series using the infographics. 
  • Optimize email subscribers: Use this data to segment your list of subscribers, and look at their interests, then send them content that is most relevant.

2. Third-Party Content Strategy 

A distribution strategy designed to market content through third-party sites and channels. This includes; third-party video content distribution, guest posts, press releases, reposts, retweets, etc. 

Whether on social media or your owned content, the objective of third-party content strategizing is to leverage your own findings so that your audience will be able to be informed. New third-party content should be scheduled into your content plan consistently, for example, this could mean weekly. It depends on how active your account or brand is on social media. Keep in mind that third-party content is mainly used to compliment your pre-existing content, not overcrowd your feed. 

Social media is mainly used as a tool to engage with your audience. If you already engage with your followers on social media, it is a good idea to use third-party content to emphasize that. This also means linking content to your website, or links to external websites that compliment your brand. This is also a great way to share product knowledge and build your SEO.

3. Paid Social Content Strategy 

A result-driven strategy designed to increase your conversions and generate new leads through paid per click advertising. This includes; Influencer marketing services, paid video content, sponsored posts, PaidSocial campaigns, etc. We’ll make appropriate content recommendations that are aimed at building brand awareness on platforms like content distribution on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and others. 

Getting your company’s message out online isn’t always easy – especially if you are only relying on organic traffic. Social media is very competitive and overcrowded when it comes to marketing, so paid social content strategies are the perfect tool to use to promote your content and drive more exposure. Ensuring your brand is positioned in front of the right people has never been easier thanks to social media services that allow advertisements on their platforms.

Paid Social Content Strategy

Why Content distribution Strategies is important

Content, no matter how good, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t reach or resonate with the right audience. Social media content distribution is when you promote your content strategically throughout different platforms. Finding the right content distribution channels is tricky, however, it can make the world of a difference to your brand. The key objectives with social media content distribution are building brand awareness, increasing traffic, and conversion. 

If your social media content is not distributed in line with your brand it’s at risk of looking irrelevant to your audience. 

This is why we always ensure our content is placed with the right audience at the right time. We believe that social media marketing and content distribution matters to those who see it and engage with it. When it comes to content distribution, our social media experts create an in-depth and honest strategy catered to your business goals. This includes researching platforms to ensure significant impact, organic posting, content distribution channels that use influencers, paid advertising, and generating results reports from all social media channels. Our aim isn’t just to promote your content like an advertisement but to provide value to your audience to build a loyal and consistent network. 

We think it’s important to look at the pre-existing digital marketing presence of your brand and content. Then we analyze your audience and target audience, to find the right approach to guarantee your brand communicates with them more effectively. This also allows us to see which platforms are the best fit for your brand’s budget and spending. The data we record and keep track of as we are distributing your branded content allows us to refine your bespoke social media content strategy. We base each strategy on our data-driven reports, which show where your content is being consumed the most and where this is giving you the results you want. 

The objective with any content distribution strategy is to build as much buzz around your brand as possible. This is why our social media marketing agency nurtures scheduling, content calendars, community management, publishing, and paying attention to every metric and detail.

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