The entrepreneurial journey on the road continues! It's our last day in Paris after a long trip with Toni Mahfud, Mariano Di Vaio and Xenia Tchoumitcheva filming three commercials with the influencers. After today, we're packing up our bags and flying to China for the next leg of the journey for a number of client meetings in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. 

In today's Vlog, we had a call from a Production Company, wanting to shoot a documentary on growing a social presence and following on Instagram. It got us thinking. We discuss the importance of being original with the content you create and not getting into social for the wrong reasons. Do it because you enjoy it, you have a passion and you want to share your journey with those who may be interested. All too often people fall into the trap and starting out on social media to be a huge influencer or celebrity, they are in it for the wrong reasons and fail.