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Dec 15 2020

The Rise of Twinfluencers


When it comes to the rising stars of social media, lately we feel like we’ve been seeing doubles. From youtube stars like the Rybka Twins and Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight to influencers such as Veronica and Vanessa Merrell or Shannade and Shannon Clermont.

Merrell Twins

This makes perfect sense as the birth rates for twins in the US alone has risen sufficiently since the 80s, due to the rise of the utilization of reproductive technology.  Despite the rise in birth rates, the marvel of twins is that they aren’t something we see every day. Twins have always been popular in pop culture, from the Olsens to Sprouse’s, audiences love the idea of having a companion who looks just like you. 

Duos, whether it be couples, siblings or friends are popular in influencer marketing for their ability to tell a more personalised story and show two different variations of one product. Not to mention, when it comes to influencing, it’s important to stand out and collaborate. Influencers tick both of those boxes, through content that organically fills spaces and orchestrates a sense of chemistry. 

Twin fantasy on TV is one thing – but on social media where people are so heavily invested in creating a digital identity, are Twinfluencers perceived as one person? 

Creating consistently interesting content on your own seems difficult enough, which explains the ease of the Twinfluencer. However, anyone with a sibling can probably agree that it is easier to fight with your sibling than your friends. As these Twinfluencers continue to rise in the social media ranks, it’ll be interesting to see if they remain a duo or branch into their own individual. 

For brands, the uniqueness of Twinflueners makes them stand out in the crowded pool that is social media influencing. In India, Twinfluencers are wildly popular for their rarity. The national average of twin births is about nine in every 1,000 in India. Brands from Loreal to Pepsi use Twinfluencer content throughout Instagram and TikTok.

Clermont Twins

When it comes to content, symmetrical visuals are affluent through social media. Singing, dancing or doing anything just looks more unique if you have a twin doing it with you. And if you can hire Twinfluencers to double promote your brand for the price of one, then you’re really winning. 

As twinflueners continue to gain popularity, it’s clear that their content’s value to any brand using influencer marketing is also increasing, but how long does it take for these Twinfluencers themselves (like every boy band that’s ever existed) to have an identity crisis? Regardless, it seems that the twinsception on social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which means any brand with a social media presence should have them on their radar.


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