Follow These Fashion Bloggers On Instagram To Kickstart Your Sustainable Fashion Journey!

Apr 26, 2021

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Follow These Fashion Bloggers On Instagram To Kickstart Your Sustainable Fashion Journey!

It is no secret that fast fashion is terrible for the planet. It is estimated that the fashion industry generates 10% of global carbon emissions – as much as the entirety of the European Union. But it is incredibly difficult in Western society to avoid buying from fast fashion companies, particularly in the current economic climate  when affordability is key. 

And whilst the vast majority of the responsibility for this enormous carbon footprint lies with the big fashion corporations, there are still ways we can try to reduce our own impact on the environment when it comes to our fashion choices. 

The sustainable fashion bloggers on Instagram are those who can teach us just how to do so.

Keep reading to be inspired by the best fashion bloggers on Instagram who have dedicated their pages to calling out brands for their environmental impact, offer tips and encouragement for second hand shopping as well as tutorials on how to mend clothing, all to kickstart your journey into sustainable fashion!


Andrea Jones – @andrea_djones (18.4k followers)

At first glance, Andrea seems to be one of your typical fashion bloggers on Instagram who showcases her looks – until you realise that she made all her clothes herself. She owns a brand called @fibremood which shares sewing patterns and tricks to help others do the same. 

Andrea Jones

Ashley Smouter – @ashleysmouter (642k followers)

Ashley’s page is dedicated to her vegan and sustainable lifestyle, particularly regarding her fashion choices. 

Ashley Smouter

Aja Barber – @ajabarber (247k followers)

Aja is one of the fashion bloggers on Instagram to use her platform to critique fast fashion and encourage others to buy sustainably, all whilst showcasing her colourful and quirky fits. Aja is proof that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring. 

Aja Barber

Kate Caric @sustainableoutfits (28k followers)

Kate is very vocal when it comes to ‘greenwashing and consumerism’ on her profile. Instead she encourages her followers to be conscious of the environmental impact of fast fashion and to wear that which is more sustainably sourced. Her content is centred around information and awareness, not just clothing recommendations. 

Fashion bloggers on Instagram: Kate Caric

Aditi Mayer – @aditimayer (76.3k followers)

Aditi is a climate activist, and one of the fashion bloggers on Instagram who focuses her page around the impact of fashion – particularly on the environment. She has even been featured on Vogue, which described her as a ‘sustainability activist’ who is ‘decolonising fashion, one Instagram post at a time’. 

Aditi Mayer

Brett and Scott Staniland – @twinbrett (96.3k followers) and @twinscott (61.1k followers) 

Brett and Scott are identical twins with an identical passion for sustainable fashion. They aim to make their messaging around fast fashion ‘disruptive enough to be empowering but digestible enough for people to want to get involved’. 

Brett and Scott Staniland

Marielle Elizabeth TerHart – @marielle.elizabeth (98.4k followers)

Marielle states from her bio that she aims to make ‘Slow Fashion EASIER for Plus Size Babes’. She promotes sustainable brands that cater for plus sized women, as well as body positivity on her page. 

Marielle TerHart

Valeria Hinojosa – @waterthruskin (412k followers)

Valeria is a one of the eco-warrior fashion bloggers on Instagram who shares her conscious living lifestyle with her followers. She discusses sustainable materials, like yarn made from recycled plastic, as well as food waste and veganism. 

Valeria Hinojosa

Jazmine Rogers – @thatcurlytop (101k followers)

Jazmine shares her sustainable fashion fits on her Instagram, and gives her followers a glimpse into her best thrifted finds. She is also the founder of the page @sustainablebaddie_, which is a blog to share more sustainable finds and information. 

Fsahion bloggers on Instagram: Jazmine Rogers

Armelle Ferguson – @armelleferguson (4211 followers)

Armelle isn’t only one of our favourite fashion bloggers on Instagram, but also a sustainable fashion journalist, who shares her outfits on her instagram using pieces that are seen in wider society as ‘out of date’ or out of season and showing them how they can be repurposed. 

Armelle Ferguson

Lily – @imperfectidealist (24.2k followers)

Lily goes for a more gentle approach to raising awareness of the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Her posts encourage her followers to consider what clothing items adhere to their personal fashion, and which fall into the category of a ‘micro trend’ as well as supporting them on their imperfect sustainability journey. 


Venetia La Manna – @venetialamanna (218k followers)

Looking for fierce, advocating fashion bloggers on Instagram? Venetia is an avid campaigner for ‘fair fashion’, and is not afraid to share her protests and rants on her page. She also shares her pre-loved outfits for events where people would generally purchase new clothes to inspire others to shop more consciously.  

Venetia La Manna

Leah Musch – @unmaterialgirl (17.6k followers)

Leah is a self proclaimed ‘former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist’. She primarily shares her thrifted finds from second hand retailers or markets, as well as her protests for climate activism. 

Leah Musch

Dominique Drakeford – @dominiquedrakeford (46.9k followers)

Dominique is one of the fashion bloggers on Instagram who take climate change and sustainability very seriously, as she shares her thrifted sustainable fashion finds. She will be speaking at the Global Fashion Summit in Boston this year which is the leading international forum for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Dominique Drakeford

Heidi Kaluza – @the_rogue_essentials (47.2k followers)

Heidi encourages her followers to re-imagine ‘sustainability as a way to bridge the gap between the art & business of fashion’, and informs them about marketing scams that cause unnecessary spending on fast fashion items. 

Fashion bloggers on Instagram: Heidi Kaluza

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