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Jun 11 2019

LinkedIn Has Released New Emoji Options To Facilitate Users’ Interaction

LinkedIn has added a new feature to its social media platform. Users will now be able to react to posts using five different linkedin emojis options: like, celebrate, love, insightful and curious. These emojis were decided upon after extensive research conducted by LinkedIn showed that these reactions were user’s favourites. The new linkedin emojis options are similar to that of Facebook, however LinkedIn seems to be a step ahead, adding more thoughtful choices.

How LinkedIn Has Evolved Into A More Integrated Platform?

Best known for its networking abilities amongst industry professionals, LinkedIn has for a long time been a platform where users would simply upload their resumes and boast about their achievements. It is also perceived as an effective platform for connecting with industry leaders. In addition, recruiters are well known for roaming the famous social media to advertise jobs, find talented candidates and reach out to them.

Recently, LinkedIn has evolved into a more integrated platform, enabling users to chat with new connections, posts videos, leave voice messages and comment on posts which are relevant to their fields. The social media has also quickly expanded, developing courses for professional development, webinars and events geared towards those who wish to expand their skills and knowledge.

It is safe to say that LinkedIn is now considered a ‘Facebook for professionals’.

Why Did LinkedIn Release This New Feature?

This new move could be considered to be an attempt to become more interactive to resonate with young people’s social media habits. Being used to actively using emojis in lieu of their emotions, it seems evident that such a feature would speak to a more ‘hip’ generation whose attention-span is said to become increasingly shorter. However, this would primarily enable users to understand the impact of their posts and how other people interact with it.


The New Features’ Characteristics And Their Limitations

The new feature will enable users to react to posts choosing between five different linkedin emojis.  For people scrolling their phones on the go, it is an easy and quick way to interact with an article. It also offers the option to use emojis that have more substance than that of Facebook.  However, this feature does not go beyond ‘reacting’. Commenting on a post by writing a well-structured and insightful response is perhaps wiser, especially for those who want to get noticed and make a good impression on companies and recruiters.

Although the feature seems appealing, reducing one’s emotion to an emoji could end up not reflecting well what users’ actually want to convey. In addition, the feature limits users to only five options; what if someone wants to express something different?

In any case, LinkedIn is constantly trying to evolve its platform and testing out new features. Let’s see how users react to the new addition.

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