15 Best Social Media Post Ideas for 2023

Aug 11, 2021

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15 Best Social Media Post Ideas for 2023

The impact of social media on businesses can be huge. With a strategically created social media strategy, a brand can create social media campaigns that wow its audience. Some benefits of social media include increased brand awareness, higher engagement, greater leads and conversions and a loyal community that creates organic conversations. 

There are different types of social media channels that every business should be aware of. Each channel has their own benefits and audiences, meaning not every social channel will be suitable for every brand. While it’s good to have a presence on each account, you should identify the key social platforms your target audience and customers use and focus most of your efforts there. This way you can ensure your content is optimised for relevant platforms by using precise video sizes, resolutions and media. 

We’ve pulled together 15 social media post ideas to encourage the best social media engagement.

Source: Social Media Examiner Youtube Channel

Social media content ideas

1. Make engaging video content 

Social media videos have the potential to drive ocer 80% of website traffic. This means you are missing out on major engagement by not using them. Thanks to recent developments on most social media platforms, there are tonnes of video content features available. Find which are most suitable for your business and run with it. Some examples include: 

  • Stories
  • IGTV
  • YouTube
  • Live 
  • In-feed videos
  • TikTok

Live video content is particularly popular with social media users currently. Four out of five users would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post. 

It’s important to note that most platforms are inclined to algorithmically boost content that is uploaded directly to the platform, rather than promoting a link to another social media site.

2. Run a daily, weekly or monthly content series

Running a content series on your social media profiles gives you a frequent opportunity to engage and communicate with your audience. Providing consistent, relevant content builds a habit among your audience. They know to expect and look forward to new content from your brand. 

For example, here at Socially Powerful we post a weekly round-up of key social news we’ve found interesting throughout the week every Friday.

Posting this insightful content every Friday morning gives our followers a helpful roundup of key social and marketing events that have happened during the week.

3. Host a competition or giveaway

Hosting occasional competitions is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement from your followers; over 90% of posts with more than 1,000 likes of comments are related to a competition or giveaway. In addition, brand accounts that run competitions on a regular basis grow 70% faster than those that don’t. 

When hosting a competition or giveaway, you need to ensure you have something valuable as a prize. This doesn’t mean valuable in monetary forms, but something that adds value to your audience. It can be a free product, free tickets or a free subscription. 

Also make sure you have firm terms and conditions. For example, winners must like and comment on your post and follow your brand. 

You could use this opportunity to create a competition hashtag. This way all entries will be easy to find and users can create their own content (further increasing brand reach…).

4. Share company news and updates

Sharing exciting company news helps your audience connect to your business by sharing in your success. Post a photo of your team celebrating a new client or award or introducing a new product or service as opposed to sharing a link to a press release.

5. Share articles and blog posts

You can repurpose content written for your business’s blog by posting them on social media. If you want to post a blog to Instagram, you can make use of the new Link Sticker feature, or if you have over 10,000 followers, use the Swipe Up feature.

LinkedIn offers brands the chance to write and post articles within the platform. This is a great way to share your expertise and provide updates on your company’s work.

6. Repost user-generated content

While reposting content someone else has created may seem like a cop-out, it can actually contribute to a more loyal audience. Promoting content from your audience, or even other relevant brands, shows you care about your audience and are a leading voice within your industry. 

When your audience sees you reposting content, it encourages them to create their own UGC for your business in hopes of being reposted.

7. Show behind the scenes content

Your audience follows you because they like your brand, so give them further insight into who your brand is. Share videos and photos of your office or workplace events, or show off your creative processes. 

You could even go as far to host an employee-takeover of your social media accounts. By showcasing real people from your company, you can build a personal and emotional connection with your audience quickly. Hosting a takeover gives your audience insight of what it’s really like to work at your business.

8. Share market or industry data

If your company has access to key insights for your industry and market, share them with social media. In doing so, you are positioning yourself as a thought and industry leader. 

You can use an editing software to make your data visual, or even share it in video format. At Socially Powerful, we create graphic articles that provide in-depth insight into how social media can be used within different industries.

9. Use influencer content

Using top social media influencer content gives your brand social proof, increases reach and brand awareness and improves engagement. The influencer content you post should still be relevant to your existing content and audience.

10. Share product shots

Social media is the perfect place to showcase your product offering in a creative way. Try flatlays, cool backgrounds, or even deconstruct them.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by IT Cosmetics ?? (@itcosmetics)

Make sure product photos still blend seamlessly with your brand’s aesthetic. You want the content to look cohesive on your profile, but stand out on followers’ feeds.

11. Use Stories

Most social media platforms offer some form of Story feature. On Instagram, over 500 million Stories are posted daily and social media users love to interact with them. 

You can use external software to make your Stories as engaging and visual as possible and then use the Stickers platforms offer to make them interactive.

12. Create infographics

Infographics are a brilliant way to share a tonne of data quickly and engagingly. If you have new market research to share, consider making an infographic as well as individual posts to share and highlight key stats. 

Infographics are typically vertical, but to fit platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they are best suited horizontally.

13. Share previews and teasers

Sharing sneak peeks and teasers builds excitement and engagement within your audience. The previews could be a new product, software update, sale, or campaign. 

Be careful to not give away too much information—just enough to create intrigue. Giving away too much could create a competitive disadvantage.

14. Make your own memes

Comedic and meme content always goes down a treat, if done correctly. Appropriately using memes allows your brand to engage in wider cultural conversations and make your business seem fun and likeable. A well done meme also encourages sharing.

Before adapting a meme, make sure you fully understand the concept. Obviously, don’t share a meme that is offensive or embarrassing. Misunderstanding a meme will be embarrassing for your business online.

15. Share client and customer feedback

Ask your clients and customers if you can share a quote from their feedback on your social media accounts, or even offer customers a discount for their feedback and then share it. It’s a great way to highlight positive experiences from real-life interactions.

You can use a design software to visually display the feedback. If the client is willing to make a short video sharing their experience, even better.

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