10 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Mar 23, 2021

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10 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With 740 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is a social channel that is dominated by senior working professionals, businesses, and university graduates. As a result, LinkedIn has become an effective marketing tool for many businesses. Every business that is active on LinkedIn needs to adopt a solid B2B marketing strategy. This is because different types of professionals are available on one platform, which makes increasing your visibility and driving traffic to your website much easier. 

We have created a detailed guide to creating the best LinkedIn marketing plan for your business. 

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10 steps to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

  1. Define your goals 

Thinking about the goals for your business will help you to understand your vision for your LinkedIn marketing strategy. You must think about what you want to achieve as a business so that you can make a start on creating the best LinkedIn marketing strategy for you. Some goals that are central to your marketing campaign include increasing your brand awareness, building leads, selling your product and engaging with your target audience. 

  1. Understand your target audience

Knowing your target audience inside and out is an integral step to formulating a LinkedIn brand strategy. It is essential that you know the habits, interests and tastes of your desired demographic so that you are able to appeal to them. It is also important that you think about the types of people who will be interested in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. For example, if you are selling a product, you need to appeal to specific individuals within a company.  Managers and CEOs of a company are most likely to make purchasing decisions, so you must research them in order to understand their user habits on LinkedIn. 

  1. Create an interesting company page 

First impressions are key to any LinkedIn business marketing strategy. This is why your company page must be eye-catching as well as informative. Your LinkedIn Page also needs to reflect your brand identity, so it is crucial that you incorporate your company logo and your trademark colours into your LinkedIn profile. 

Your company page on LinkedIn should also include a number of interesting things about your business. Whether it’s including a list of your company’s employees or posting about your company’s values, all necessary information about your business must be easily accessible to your audience. This allows your desired demographic to learn more about your company as soon as they land on your page. 

  1. Promote your company page 

Having an attractive company page is not enough in terms of building a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Some of the best LinkedIn strategies used by businesses include keywords on company pages in order to appear in more search results on the site. 

  1. Check out competitor pages 

Analysing your competitors’ pages on LinkedIn can magnify your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Observing these pages can help you to better understand your own business. For example, by evaluating your rivals’ LinkedIn profiles, you are able to determine the strategies that do and don’t work for them, which can help you to make better decisions for your business. It is even worth checking out LinkedIn influencers’ profiles for inspiration on how to organise your company page. 

  1. Create relevant content 

Creating engaging content is easily one of the best LinkedIn marketing techniques. It Is necessary to create content that is relevant to your business or the industry that your business belongs to. For example, posting blogs and articles within your industry will help to attract your target audience. Sharing content that encapsulates your company’s vision is also another way to increase engagement with your posts. 

  1. Use images and videos 

Video marketing is a popular strategy that helps businesses to increase engagement with their posts. It is common for businesses on LinkedIn to post blogs and articles accompanied by videos and images that are relevant to their industry. 

  1. Get involved in LinkedIn Groups 

Becoming part of a community is one of the best LinkedIn marketing strategies that you can use. Actively participating in discussions on LinkedIn groups is a great way to network with other businesses within your industry and interact with your audience. Getting involved in groups on LinkedIn also gives you a chance to start conversations with your audience, which shows them that you genuinely care about their opinions and queries. 

  1. Get the entire workplace involved 

One of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies is to ensure that the whole workforce is part of your LinkedIn marketing plan. This means that employees should follow your company page and interact with your posts. This includes liking, sharing and commenting on your posts which is likely to increase your company’s visibility. 

  1. Create a content schedule

Consistency is key to creating an impactful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Ideally, you should upload content to Linkedin between two and five times per week. Posting content on a regular basis means that your audience is always kept up to speed with any new updates within your company. It is crucial that you are aware of the times when your target audience is most active so that your posts can receive more engagement. 


What is LinkedIn marketing strategy?

A LinkedIn marketing strategy is a plan that is executed by a business in order to promote their company and ultimately expand their audience. 

How do you market on LinkedIn in 2021?

There are several ways to market on LinkedIn in 2021. Some of the best ways to market on LinkedIn include producing high-quality content, joining groups and optimising your company page. 

How to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy?

The most practical way to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy is to always keep in mind the goals for your business and your audience’s needs. 

How to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing? 

LinkedIn can be used in a number of ways for B2B marketing. Some of the most effective ways to use LinkedIn include creating a company page that will generate leads and connecting with businesses within your industry. 

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