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Oct 05 2020

What is Discord?


Discord is the latest buzzword across current social media channels. A simple way to understand how Discord works is thinking of it as a fun version of Slack. It allows you to message other users, and build communities (each community is called a server). 

It’s free and user friendly, fusing video and voice chat while playing games where you can also meet other players and socialize. Over 14 million people use Discord every day and over 250 million users in total worldwide. 

In a nutshell, Discord is a chatting app similar to apps like Skype, Slack or TeamSpeak. Discord is generated towards video gamers, to help them connect with each other, coordinate their games and discuss it while playing. The app also allows users to video call, voice chat and direct message. If you want to find new servers to join, you can easily type into Google “your topic Discord Server”. It also has its own search engine, but it only really tracks the most popular ones. 

Discord is partly an app for communications and partly an app for social media. The chat room aspect of the app allows users and gaming influencers to join both public or private servers, which is perfect for organising people to play games. Once you create a Discord server, you can set up all different roles for different members, including administrators and moderators. You can also assign special roles for your most active members. This allows you to manage your server and monitor members activity, and grant different access, rewards or permissions.


Why Discord is Useful

It may feel like the last thing the world needs right now are more social media channels, however, Discord has become one of the most popular chatting apps because of its versatility – everyone uses it, from technology influencers to writers to K-pop stans. It’s also available for Mac, PC, iPhone and Android. 

Discord is particularly useful to those who play PC video games because the app has easy-to-use chat rooms and offers special functions that help you add friends or other users who you can add to a friend list. Discord is also highly accessible through all different kinds of devices. It has a downloadable PC program for your computer as well as a website based version and mobile version, so you can use it no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Discord also can be connected to other apps like YouTube or Spotify, which enhances user experience. 


You can also use it as an organizational social networking tool. Group players with common interests can create or join specific servers in ‘private or public’ online spaces, so different people can meet and chat, through text, video or call. 

What makes Discord stand out is that there are so many different options to communicate, which is ideal for those of us who are antisocial… It’s also a great app because it combines all the best features from, say, Slack or Skype and is designed with an easy to use interface. Most importantly, it’s an efficient app that doesn’t slow down or disrupt your games while you use it. 

While many social platforms have started transitioning towards servers related to gaming, Discord is again one step ahead because it allows you to focus on an array of topics, niche or mainstream. This means everything from cryptocurrency, anime or just making new friends to hang out online with, in groups larger than 6. 

If gaming isn’t really your thing, Discord also is a great forum to discuss a topic. You can find a range of public servers on, Disboard.rog and


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