Top Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2022

Jun 04, 2021

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Top Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2022

The fashion industry is thriving, so it is no surprise that fashion is one of the most popular niches on social channels like Instagram. Known for its high-quality photos and aesthetic visuals, Instagram has created endless opportunities for fashion brands and fashion influencers alike to showcase their latest styles and fits. Instagram is not only providing fashion influencers with a massive platform to increase their followings, but it is also having a huge impact on the fashion industry itself.  

It can be challenging to find the best fashion bloggers on Instagram seeing as the platform is saturated with fashion influencers. We have created a list of the top Instagram fashion influencers who are household names within the fashion industry.

Top fashion influencers in 2022

1. @stefneyv


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A post shared by STEFNEYV ?? (@stefneyv)

Instagram followers: 517K 

The Australian-based fashionista is one of the top fashion influencers today. Her Instagram profile primarily consists of streetwear fashion inspiration. She effortlessly pulls off monochromatic fits and typically pairs matching Nike sneakers with each look. She has promoted brands such as Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing on her Instagram page.

2. @juliaadang


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A post shared by Julia Dang (@juliaadang)

Instagram followers: 189K

Based in Sweden, Julia Dang is a Vietnamese fashion blogger who is known for mixing different patterns and textures. She is no stranger to combining different contemporary styles, and can be seen sporting a bucket hat with a suit. She also has a large following on YouTube where she creates different lookbooks and nail art tutorials. Julia is also the co-founder of DANG STHLM, a sustainable and ethical clothing brand.

3. @sofiamcoelho


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A post shared by SOFIA COELHO (@sofiamcoelho)

Instagram followers: 614K

Sofia Coelho is arguably one of the best fashion influencers on Instagram. The Portuguese fashion blogger is a freelance stylist and is best known for her aesthetically pleasing visuals. Her style can be described as minimalistic chic. Sofia often experiments with neutral tones and always incorporates accessories into each look.

4. @sandralambeck


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A post shared by SANDRA LAMBECK (@sandralambeck)

Instagram followers: 629K

Sandra Lambeck is one of the fashion bloggers on Instagram with a huge following. From hair styling to nails, the German fashion influencer is an expert at creating effortless streetwear looks. Her Instagram content focuses on her everyday outfits, where she also frequently collaborates with and promotes brands such as Boohoo.

5. @eyesrodgers


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A post shared by Eyes Rodgers (@eyesrodgers)

Instagram followers: 173K 

Eyes Rodgers is one of the top fashion bloggers on Instagram who is known for her creative fashion style. Her style incorporates elements of Y2K fashion, a current popular trend which embraces fashion from the early 2000s. On her Instagram page, Eyes can often be seen wearing colourful two-piece sets as well as a range of different hairstyles and accessories. Eyes is also a fashion model and has worked with brands such as ASOS and H&M.

6. @chaileeson

Instagram followers: 1.1M 

Chailee Son is a Korean fashion influencer who is known for her top-tier fashion sense. She is an expert in making simple outfits look trendy and stylish. Chailee takes inspiration from different style aesthetics, ranging from streetwear to preppy. She has even founded her own clothing company, Chailee.

7. @lukasabbat


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A post shared by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat)

Instagram followers: 2.6M 

Luka Sabbat is one of the most famous men’s fashion influencers on social media. He is best known for being an Instagram model with a huge teen following. He has collaborated with several fashion brands such as Hugo Boss. He is also well known among the Gen Z population as an actor in Grown-ish. His edgy fashion style highlights his cool persona, where he can be seen experimenting with masculine and feminine looks.

8. @celmatique


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A post shared by celeste (@celmatique)

Instagram followers: 108K

Celeste Vignois AKA Celmatique is one of the top fashion influencers today. Based in Amsterdam, the fashion blogger’s Instagram profile is filled with colour. Her outfits are never dull as she wears pastel and neon colours from head to toe. She is also known for her quirky nail designs which has inspired her followers and other fashion influencers to experiment with nail art.

9. @wuzg00d


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A post shared by ?Wuzg00d? (@wuzg00d)

Instagram followers: 432K 

Alani Figueroa aka Wuzg00d is a Puerto Rican fashion influencer who is taking the fashion industry by storm. She is best known for sporting colourful and daring outfits and hairstyles. Nothing is too over the top for her, as she is also known for having long, unique nails. Her vibrant style matches her confident personality, which has led her to become one of the best fashion influencers on Instagram.

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