The Top Instagram Fashion Influencers in the UK

Nov 02, 2020

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The Top Instagram Fashion Influencers in the UK

In the exciting world of Instagram, UK fashion influencers have taken centre stage, captivating users with its irresistible visual appeal and trendsetting possibilities. Through their collaborations with fashion brands, UK fashion influencers have found a way to seamlessly integrate product placements into their content, making it engaging and authentic.

What’s fantastic about Instagram is the array of content types available, from engaging Stories and captivating Carousels to the trendy and dynamic Reels. The rise of Instagram Reels has further fuelled the influence of UK fashion influencers. Reels have proven to be a fantastic medium for try-on hauls, providing a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their audience on a personal level.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the realm of UK fashion influencers on Instagram, exploring their immense popularity and uncovering how fashion brands cleverly collaborate with them to bring their stunning creations to the forefront. Get ready for a fashion-filled journey through the world of Instagram!

The Appeal of Instagram for UK Fashion Influencers and Brand Collaborations:

Brands can maximise the impact of their influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram by utilising different content formats. Stories offer a fleeting yet immersive experience, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses, real-time updates, and unboxings.

Carousels offer versatility, allowing UK fashion influencers to showcase multiple images or videos in a single post, perfect for product features, styling tips, or tutorials.

Reels, with their short and snappy format, create engaging and entertaining content, such as fashion hauls or styling challenges.

By leveraging these formats, brands can boost brand awareness, drive engagement, and potentially increase conversion rates. It’s a powerful way to tap into these UK fashion influencers’ creativity and connect with the target audience in memorable and captivating ways.

Latest Trends of UK fashion influencers: 

In the exciting world of UK fashion influencers, some trends are taking the spotlight and capturing everyone’s attention. One of the top trends is sustainable fashion, where people are embracing eco-friendly choices and supporting brands that prioritise the environment and social responsibility. Retro styles are also making a comeback, drawing inspiration from the funky vibes of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Think flared jeans, oversized blazers, and colourful prints! And let’s not forget the timeless appeal of minimalism, with clean lines, monochromatic outfits, and effortlessly chic silhouettes. These trends are all about expressing your unique style while being conscious of the world around us. So go ahead, have fun with fashion and stay on-trend!

Top 20 UK Male Fashion Influencers:

Rowan Row – 2M Followers

He displays a modern and edgy look with a penchant for urban streetwear and minimalist aesthetics

Carl Cunard – 1.1M Followers

Mr. Suave, a sophisticated UK fashion icon known for his impeccable tailoring and timeless style.

Ali Gordon – 755K Followers

A brilliant fashion-forward trend setter who effortlessly combines high-end fashion with a rugged, adventurous edge.

Eyal Booker – 730K Followers 

A stylish fashionista with a flair for eclectic fashion, seamlessly blending contemporary trends with vintage elements.

Daniel Simmons – 686K Followers

A trendsetting style guru renowned for his bold and experimental approach to fashion, pushing boundaries with his unique style.

Oliver Proudlock – 676K Followers

A fashion figure and entrepreneur with a distinctive sense of British sartorial elegance, infusing contemporary and vintage elements.

Ross Worswick – 357K Followers

A sporty and casual style curator, specialising in athletic wear and effortlessly cool street style.

Joel Gallucks – 349K Followers

A fashion enthusiast with an eye for avant-garde designs and unconventional outfit combinations, unafraid to take risks.

Efe Efeturi – 160K Followers 

A dapper and refined style aficionado, showcasing impeccable tailoring, luxurious fabrics, and a sophisticated sense of style.

Arone Cross – 160K Followers

A fashion-forward style curator with a penchant for bold prints, vibrant colours, and statement accessories, creating eye-catching looks.

Sam Marvin – 124K Followers 

A trailblazing influencer who fearlessly embraces an eclectic and daring fashion sense, constantly pushing boundaries with vibrant hues, distinctive patterns, and unconventional shapes.

Dapper classic – 111K Followers 

A classic gentleman, epitomising timeless elegance through his impeccable tailoring and refined fashion choices.

Matthew Spade – 105K Followers

A modern fashion visionary with an effortlessly cool street style, combining urban aesthetics with a contemporary twist

Carl Thompson – 98K Followers 

A stylish influencer with a passion for classic menswear, embodying refined elegance and attention to detail.

FENTON – 91K Followers

A fashion-forward statue and content creator, known for his avant-garde style and boundary-pushing fashion choices.

Charlie – 87K Followers 

A minimalist model with a focus on clean lines, neutral tones, and understated elegance, creating effortlessly chic looks.

Sul – 48K Followers

A streetwear enthusiast with an urban edge, incorporating bold patterns, statement sneakers, and an effortlessly cool vibe into his outfits.

Solomon Ian-Sangala – 42K Followers 

A trendsetting innovator with a versatile style, effortlessly transitioning from casual streetwear to sharp and polished ensembles.

Gurj Sohanpal – 24K Followers 

A stylish influencer blending contemporary fashion with cultural influences, celebrating diversity through his eclectic outfits.

Sam Marvin – 124K Followers 

A trailblazing influencer who fearlessly embraces an eclectic and daring fashion sense, constantly pushing boundaries with vibrant hues, distinctive patterns, and unconventional shapes.


Instagram has become a playground for UK fashion influencers, allowing them to express their unique styles and connect with a wide audience.

The top UK male fashion influencers mentioned in this article exemplify the creativity, influence, and dedication that define the fashion influencer industry. As Instagram continues to evolve and shape the fashion landscape, we can expect these influencers to continue inspiring fashion enthusiasts and collaborating with renowned brands, further propelling the fashion industry into new realms of creativity and expression.



Who are the top Instagram fashion influencers?

The top Instagram fashion influencers can vary based on different factors such as follower count, engagement, and overall influence. However, some notable names in the industry include Rowan Row , Carl Cunard, and Ali Gordon , who have amassed a significant following and have a strong influence on fashion trends.

Who is the biggest UK fashion influencer?

The biggest UK fashion influencers can be subjective and may vary depending on the criteria used to measure their influence. However, influencers like Eyal Booker, known for their unique style and extensive reach, have established themselves as prominent figures in the UK fashion influencer landscape.

How do I find fashion influencers on Instagram?

To find UK fashion influencers on Instagram, you can utilise hashtags related to fashion, browse fashion-related accounts, and explore the “Explore” section of the app. Additionally, you can make use of influencer marketing platforms and directories that provide comprehensive lists and search functionalities to discover influencers based on location, niche, and engagement metrics.

Who is the biggest male UK fashion influencer?

The title of the biggest male UK fashion influencer is subjective and can vary over time. However, influencers like Daniel Simmons, known for their impeccable fashion sense and large following, have established themselves as significant figures in the male fashion influencer sphere.

How many fashion influencers are there in the UK?

The exact number of fashion influencers in the UK is difficult to determine as it continues to evolve with the growth of social media platforms. However, the fashion influencer community in the UK is vibrant and encompasses a diverse range of styles and niches, catering to different fashion interests and preferences.


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