The Best Shoppable Content for Valentine’s Day

Nov 15, 2022

Social Media Platforms

The Best Shoppable Content for Valentine’s Day

Shopping has taken on many different forms over the years, from buying in-store to buying online, and in some cases ordering through a mail-order catalog. 

The latest option in the mix? Social commerce.

73% of businesses are currently selling online, but how exactly are they doing this? By turning social posts into shoppable content

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to hop on the shoppable content bandwagon and get driving those sales. Here’s how.

What is shoppable content?

Shoppable content is a digital asset, such as a social media post – image, video or ad – that users can click through to make a purchase. This means that there’s just one click between finding a product and going on to buy it. 

Take a look at the following diagram: 

What is shoppable content

Shortening the sales funnel ensures that customers are converted right when they’re inspired to make a purchase. 

What does shoppable content look like?

While this can vary from platform to platform, each one does all it can to make the purchasing process as simple as possible; increasing conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at what shoppable content on Instagram looks like.

What does shoppable content look like

The links that appear on the post take the user directly through to the product’s designated web page on the brand’s website. From here, the user can add the product to their cart and check out. 

On the other hand, shoppable content platforms such as TikTok allow users to purchase directly from the shoppable content post itself.

Shoppable Content

The ‘Buy now’ button is this brand’s call-to-action (CTA) and the word “now” creates a sense of urgency, prompting the user to follow through with their decision. 

How can you use shoppable content this Valentine’s Day?

TikTok shop

The TikTok shop is rapidly climbing the social media ladder, with multiple brands eager to get their products locked and loaded onto it for the pleasure of equally-eager customers. 

According to Insider Intelligence, 7 out of 10 TikTok shoppers are inclined to buy when  stumbling on an interesting product. If your TikTok shop is up and running, you stand a better chance of converting those interested into paying customers. 

The key to TikTok shop-ing is:

  1. Consistency: regularly update your shop with new products.
  2. Offer coupons for discounts: this offers an incentive for customers to follow through with their purchase as they feel they are getting a good deal.
  3. Keep it high-quality: no one likes a messy store front, so treat your online one with the same expectations. This means high-quality photos. 
  4. Promote, promote, promote: it may seem obvious, but ensure that you are telling EVERYONE about your TikTok shop. Create a few TikTok videos on where to find your store and how to shop on it.

With it being Valentine’s Day, you will most likely have a lot of people visiting your page who know nothing about shopping on TikTok. To make as easy an experience as possible for them, ensure that you are linking back to your TikTok shop in every piece of shoppable content that you post. 

TikTok shop shoppable content

TikTok shopping ads

With 67% of users agreeing that TikTok ads successfully capture their attention, creating shoppable content to then turn into a TikTok shopping ad could be the key to your success this Valentine’s Day.

These ads will take on the following forms:

  1. Video shopping ads: place shoppable videos across the For You page for people to check out your products.
  2. Catalog listing ads: advertise your product catalog on the For You page for users more likely to purchase through TikTok. No video assets needed. Only testing in the US for now.
  3. Live shopping ads: drive engagement from the For You page to your LIVE moments and show your products to shoppers who are more likely to buy. Only available to those where TikTok shop is available. 

TikTok live shopping

As a result of the pandemic, live commerce purchases around the world rose by 76% and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. 

TikTok live shopping is an ecommerce experience that offers brands an opportunity to showcase their products in real time through live stream events. The shoppable content comes in the form of in-app purchase options that appear throughout the livestream as pop-ups. 

Here are just a few perks of running a TikTok live shopping experience:

  1. Wider audience reach
  2. Increased views and following
  3. Real-time audience connection
  4. Greater purchase potential
  5. Vibrant ecommerce platform 

Live shopping is a great way to guide those who are unsure of what to buy for their partners/friends, towards specific products. 

TikTok live shopping shoppable content

TikTok strongly believes in the power of live shopping, so much so that it has opened a TikTok Academy, whereby partners of the platform are taught the best ways to sell products via live streaming. As well as covering the basics – from setting up a live stream to ensuring things run smoothly – TikTok delves into the details, such as recommended lighting setups, what hosts should wear and the optimal time to go live. Shoppable content is no joke over here. 

Here are the top live streaming hosts in:

Beauty: Gabbie Morrison, Carla Stevenne, Amelia Olivia 

Fashion: Natalie & Dylana Lim Suarez, Katy Lee 

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