Popular Twitter Hashtags in 2023

Jun 22, 2021

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Popular Twitter Hashtags in 2023

What is Twitter? Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system that allows users to send and receive short posts called tweets. Twitter is very well known for its ability to provide relevant and trending topics to users. These topics can be broadly popular including political events or celebrity gossip, or tailored to the user, reflecting interests, industries and brands. Over the years, Twitter has continued to refine its trending algorithm by adding context to the way trends are displayed on desktop and mobile. 

Twitter is a popular social media platform for brands. Having a strong understanding of the benefits of Twitter, Twitter impressions and key metrics, the best types of Twitter influencers  and the top trending hashtags on Twitter will help brands refine their Twitter strategies. 

We’ve analysed how hashtags trend on Twitter, the most used Twitter hashtags, how to personalise popular Twitter hashtags and ways you can leverage them for your social media marketing campaign.

How do hashtags trend on Twitter?

Trending hashtags on Twitter are determined by Twitter’s algorithm. The trending hashtags are tailored to each user by considering location, interests and who they interact with on the platform. Twitter offers users to see topics that are curated for them specifically, generally trending or for specialised topics. These topics can change depending on cultural situations, for example COVID-19 or the US presidential elections. Entertainment, news and sport are consistently available to view trending topics on. 

Twitter’s trending algorithm also prioritises fresh content and news. It will show users topics that most people are talking about in the moment rather than older trends.

popular twitter hashtags

You can view trending hashtags on Twitter through the mobile app or on desktop. On desktop, click the # Explore tab on the left side of the screen. This will present you with the personalised hashtags “For You”, and with the other tabs for specific interests. 

On the mobile app, click the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen. This will present you with the same trending options as on desktop.

How to leverage Twitter trends

Twitter trends can do more for brands than helping them join a conversation. Understanding trending topics means brands can build better Twitter campaigns and connect with their audience.

Understand user sentiment around popular topics

Trending tweets can help brands understand their audience’s sentiment on said topics. Twitter trends let brands see who’s talking about what and what they’re saying in real-time. 

If a brand is launching a new product, Twitter is a great place to see who is talking about it, how many people are talking about it and whether it’s positive or negative. A quick search into tweets will reveal to brands how their audiences really feel about the launch.

Use hashtags to join relevant conversations

While various topics trend regularly on Twitter, it’s important that brands only contribute to relevant conversations that align with their values and voice. That’s not to say brands can’t contribute to broader conversations, they just need to ensure they stay on-brand. Twitter users have become more savvy with how the platform works so seeing brands jump into unrelated trends is unappealing.

Use Twitter Promoted Trends

Promoted trends are a paid option that businesses can use to appear on the “Trending” list. These trends are usually paired with other Promoted Tweets that appear in users’ timelines. Promoted tweets work for launches and new campaigns as brands can promote to a specific audience.

popular twitter hashtags

One of the benefits of using Promoted Tweets is that Twitter has an exclusivity policy that only allows one client per day per country to run a Promoted Trend; so you won’t compete with any other advertisers in your area on Twitter for 24 hours.

What are the best performing hashtags?

In a research study by Hubspot, they revealed the best performing hashtags on Twitter. What are they?

  1. crypto
  2. influencermarketing
  3. womenshistorymonth
  4. blackhistorymonth
  5. cryptocurrency
  6. bitcoin
  7. internationalwomensday
  8. cryptocurrencies
  9. java
  10. blockchain
  11. iwd2019
  12. competition
  13. pressforprogress
  14. influencer
  15. olympics
  16. influencers
  17. datascience
  18. fintech
  19. womenintech
  20. metoo


What is the most popular Twitter hashtag?

The most liked hashtag and best hashtag on Twitter is #ico, which refers to an initial coin offering, which is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an initial public offering. 

What is #1 trending on Twitter?

The #1 trending hashtag on Twitter changes daily. Trending topics on Twitter are determined by Twitter’s algorithm, and are tailored to the individual user. Twitter analyses the people you interact with, your interests and your location. Depending on which view you select, you can see what’s popular on a broader scale or within specific interest groups. 

How do you find trending hashtags on Twitter?

You can view trending hashtags on Twitter through the mobile app or on desktop. 

On desktop, click the # Explore tab on the left side of the screen. This will present you with the personalised hashtags “For You”, and with the other tabs for specific interests. 

On the mobile app, click the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen. This will present you with the same trending options as on desktop. 

What hashtag is trending on Tiktok?

Trending hashtags change frequently as popular topics change. The Twitter algorithm bases hashtags on user location, interests and interactions. It also offers trending hashtags within specific categories such as COVID-19, Sport, Entertainment, News and For You. All hashtags are curated by country. 

What are some popular hashtags?

The most used hashtags can be categorised into a few topics. 

Many popular hashtags are related to social media contests and include #contest or #giveaways. 

Others are for calendar holidays such as #happyeaster, #happybirthday, #internationalwomensday, #starwars day and #merrychristmas. 

Other popular hashtags are for evergreen content that’s less topical but has strong-performing content such as #photography, #funny and #pets.

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