Micro vs Macro Influencers

Apr 14, 2021

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Micro vs Macro Influencers

Influencer marketing is thriving seeing as brands seek to collaborate with influencers in order to increase the visibility of their products and services. Social media is inundated with a variety of influencers, so it can be difficult to differentiate them. From micro-influencers to celebrity influencers, it can be overwhelming to decide which influencers work best for your business. There are several factors which determine the right influencer for your marketing campaign, so it is crucial that you understand the difference between the influencers that interest you.

Micro influencers vs macro influencers: what’s the difference?

Micro-influencers and macro-influencers are in high demand for different brands for a number of reasons, but what’s the difference?

What are micro influencers? 

Micro-influencers are most likely to be recognised for their dedication to producing content that belongs to a niche topic. They are experts in fields ranging from food, travel, beauty and lifestyle, and have a genuine interest in their chosen topics. Micro-influencers have anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media. 

What are macro influencers? 

Macro-influencers are popular social media influencers who have risen to fame solely through the internet. They are known for having knowledge on the fields that interest them, which is why they typically have between 100,000 and 1 million followers online. They are also known for being creative individuals, which explains why they are often pioneers for the niches that they belong to.

What are the benefits of micro influencers? 

They are authentic 

Micro-influencers are a popular choice for brands to collaborate with as their content is deemed more authentic and transparent than other types of influencers, which is favourable to most brands. Their smaller followings mean that they are able to communicate more with their audiences which makes them more relatable. 

They are affordable 

Another reason why micro-influencers are in such high demand for brands is that they are a cheaper option than the likes of mega-influencers and celebrity influencers. This makes micro-influencers ideal for businesses that have smaller budgets. 

They have high engagement rates 

Micro-influencers typically earn higher engagement rates than other types of influencers. This is because the majority of micro-influencers have close relationships with their audience and tend to be friends with their followers. This makes micro-influencers desirable for brands as they are guaranteed to increase conversions. 

What are the benefits of macro influencers? 

They have large followings 

Macro-influencers are ideal for brands seeking to promote brand awareness seeing as these types of influencers have a large reach to a broad audience of diverse followers. Brands that choose to work with macro-influencers are likely to increase the visibility of their products and services. 

They are professionals 

Due to the fact that macro-influencers have a strong online presence, they are accustomed to being approached by a number of brands for partnerships and sponsorships. This means that they are used to interacting with different businesses. Macro-influencers also tend to be managed by talent managers or agencies, which means that they are easier to work with as they already have set terms and conditions when working with brands. 

They are less risky 

Macro-influencers are highly unlikely to have fake followers, which means that they pose less of a risk to brands. Macro-influencers are usually internet personalities, so they are unlikely to use fake followers to build their followings.

Which one should you go for?

When deciding between a micro-influencer and a macro-influencer, you should always keep in mind the goals for your business and your marketing campaign. Generally, many brands opt to work with micro-influencers given that they are trustworthy, authentic and garner high engagement rates.

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