TikTok’s Top Female Fitness Influencers To Inspire Your Next Workout

Apr 01, 2021

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TikTok’s Top Female Fitness Influencers To Inspire Your Next Workout

There is no better place than a visual platform like TikTok to share or find workout routines. The short-form video format offers up an easy way to follow routines to replicate at home or at the gym, and can provide users with a ‘crash-course’ on the key information about dieting, gaining and wellness with just a swipe. 

And Gen Z aren’t just embracing fitness; they’re turning it into a lifestyle. In this digital age where screens dictate so much of our lives, it is no surprise that short-form videos have become the go-to format for this fitness revolution. As health and wellness become key values for the younger generation, more women are stepping into the spotlight, breaking barriers and embracing a new era of empowerment and inclusivity. 

Let’s meet TikTok’s top female fitness influencers motivating us to get up and get moving.


Vicky Justiz – @vickyjustiz

Vicky Justiz started on Youtube sharing her at home workouts, and now she is one of the top female fitness influencers on TikTok. She posts her at home routines on her page as well as fitness challenges and relatable lifestyle content. 


I’ve been LOVING training my core lately… especially pilates inspired moves ? slow & controlled moves >>> explosive moves ? who’s with meeee?! ? @Women‘s Best black friday sale is comingggg on NOV 6TH AT 12PM EST ? up to 75% off!!! ? #workout #workoutoutfit #pilates

♬ MONACO – Bad Bunny

Demi Bagby – @demibagby

Demi’s TikTok page showcases her impressive stunts and intense fitness practices. Whilst these are by no means easy to replicate at home, her dedication and motivation means she is one of the best female fitness influencers to follow to inspire your next workout. 


HIGH INTENSITY FULL BODY ?? Who are you trying this with?!


Kate Frump – @katefrumpfitness

Kate shares her intense fitness regimen with her followers, from sprinting to rock climbing to regular weight lifting in the gym. Her active lifestyle is sure to inspire anyone to workout, and she is one of the most interesting female fitness influencers on the platform. 


Eventually you’ll get whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish! #climbingtiktok #bouldering #dyno #fittok #trytryagain @katefrumpfitness @katefrumpfitness @katefrumpfitness

♬ Ride It – Regard

Stefana Avara – @stefana.avara

Stefana’s vlog style day-in-the-life videos showcase a much more relatable fitness routine, including all the steps that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle, such as diet. 


Saturday 9.9.23 day vlogy #dayinmylife #diml #fitness #tampa

♬ get him back! – Olivia Rodrigo

Shiv Wilson – @wilsoncoaching

Shiv is a professional footballer, and the content on her page is a mixture of funny and relatable fitness related content, work out tips, challenges and her football journey. 


Mike my dms are open ? #wilsoncoaching #gym #gymtok #gymvlog #gymhumor #foryou #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – Shiv Wilson

Courtney Lyena – @courtneylynea

Courtney shows her real weight-loss journey making her one of the most relatable and inspiring female fitness influencers on this list. Her videos encourage her followers to have a healthy and positive attitude towards weight loss whilst providing useful tips and tricks to help them on their personal journeys. 


Consistency is what makes you lose weight I JUST WANT TO APPRECIATE MY 6 MONTH CONSISTENT WEIGHTLOSS JOURNEY #weightloss #journey #consistency #compoundeffect

♬ original sound – young.and.alive

Rebecca Louise – @rebeccalouisefitness

Rebecca Louise shares workouts that her followers can try out at home or in the gym, as well as promoting her fitness app ‘Burn’ for full length routines. 


Full Body Weighted Workout! ?? Love these exercises to sculpt and strengthen. Plus there are lots of ABS in this one which I know you will enjoy! ? 1. Bicycles 2. Arms at 90 In and Outs 3. Flutter Kicks w/ Hollow Body Arms 4. Squat with Overhead Press 5. Squat to Row Exercise: 45 seconds Rest: 15 seconds REPEAT 3 TIMES Join me for daily workouts on my @burn App ? Get ready for follow-along workouts for all fitness levels, delivered to your phone EVERY DAY! ?? #fyp #rebeccalouise #fitness #fullbodyworkout #outdoorworkout #workoutroutine

♬ Standout – Kid Dean

Emily Chen – @emilykchen

Emily is a qualified yoga instructor and promises not to ‘gatekeep’ her yoga tips and routines from her TikTok followers. She is one of the most helpful female fitness influencers to follow if you want to get into yoga, with her offering tips and tricks for recreating certain poses as well as sharing routines for people to replicate at home. 


Part 1 Yoga teachers dont gate keep ? #yoga #yogaflow

♬ original sound – ????????

Jessamyn – @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is also a yoga instructor, but she shares extremely relatable and humorous videos about her fitness journey and body confidence. Her unfiltered approach to sharing her yoga and wellness journey means that she is an inspirational female fitness influencer to follow and encourage you to start working out no matter your fitness level or physical ability. 


I’m always annoyed by how better I feel after practicing yoga ?? Where my fellow Darias at?! #yoga #youryogachallenge #yogachallenge

♬ original sound – Jessamyn Stanley


@nativewomaruns shares her fitness journey and encourages her followers to start running for their health. She also shares her achievements like running in the New York marathon and discusses the importance of representation in the fitness space on her page. 


#nativewomenrunnning #representationmatters #nativewoman #navajo #navajorunner #newyorkcitymarathon #Running #nativeamericanheritagemonth #runner

♬ what was I made for? – Instrumental – Wheeler

Massy Arias – @massy.arias

Massy shares her equipment based gym routines predominantly on her page, but also has some floor based workouts that her followers can replicate at home without equipment. This versatility means that she is one of the top female fitness influencers on the app. 


Upper body workouts aren’t my favorite but this one was EPIC! Make sure you save it and share it with your besties. I’m prepping for our September Glute challenge. I Decided to combine two of my favorite programs in one for a total program that will transform our bodies and keep us training motivated the entire way. The workout: perform each movement of each circuit back to back with little rest in between. Finish all sets of a circuit prior to moving to next. Circuit 1: Weighted pull ups (till failure) Barbell bicep curls 4×12 Single arm chatty iso hold 4x20s each Circuit 2: Weighted inverted row 4×10 Seated incline bicep curl 4×10 Weighted hanging knee tuck 4×10 Circuit 3: Hallow body push ups 4×10 Weighted plate crunches 4×20 Prone swimmers 4×10 Train with me at home or in the weightroom with my comprehensive programs—LINK IN BIO #fitness #workout #gymtok #fitok #corefitness #abs #exercise #strength

♬ original sound – Massy.Arias

Rose Njoku – @rosenjoku

Rose shares her routines with her followers, offering beginner and more advanced workouts for them to copy. She also shares her gains with her followers as motivation to keep working towards their fitness goals. 


@AYBL tone up your arms?

♬ Butterfly Ku – Ice Spice

Erin Azar –

A self proclaimed ‘struggle runner’, Erin proves that you don’t have to have experience to start running. Having shared her 30 day running challenge on Youtube, now she shares her regular runs and marathon training with her followers on TikTok, encouraging others to start their journey no matter their fitness level.

We didn’t choose the relay life. The relay life chose us ? It was a blast running through the beautiful streets of Bethlehem for the Bethlehem Running Festival and I think this was meant to happen ? We’ll be back next year on purpose! #runlife #friends #runwithus

♬ original sound – Mrs. Space Cadet

Analis Cruz – @analiscruzx

Analis encourages her followers to ‘get strong’ with her, sharing her weight training and gym routine on her page. She also shares her meals and lifestyle, meaning she is one of the most well rounded female fitness influencers on TikTok to follow and inspire your fitness journey. 


The toe taps help me focus? deets on IG

♬ Tacata – Tiagz

Kiki – @kikifitness

Kiki shares her gym routines on her TikTok page as well as relatable videos that are native to TikTok about working out to engage her followers and lighten up her page. 


which one can you relate to? ? #gymtok

♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

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