Top Famous Female YouTubers to Follow

Apr 26, 2021

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Top Famous Female YouTubers to Follow

In the ever-evolving world of online content creation, YouTube continues to dominate the fashion scene. Providing the perfect platform for trendsetters and creativity, YouTube is a hub filled to the brim with fashion hauls, GRWMs and try on videos.

As the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, it is easy to see why YouTube has become a hub of creativity, providing an ideal environment for influencers to connect with their audience and share their favourite brands.

The nature of the platform lends itself well to popular video formats such as try on hauls, GRWMs and unboxing videos and provides the perfect opportunity for brands to engage with influencers.

As the largest video streaming platform in the world, YouTube is highly saturated with influencers, each with their own unique content niches. In order to cut through the noise these influencers have excellent knowledge of the best time to post on YouTube and how to use YouTube hashtags. The famous female YouTubers dominating the YouTube statistics are experts at this.

So who are the famous female YouTubers setting the fashion trends? Read on to meet the 20 of the ultimate trendsetters in the fashion industry.

The top 20 famous female YouTubers dominating the fashion industry

Alisha Marie

With a subscriber count of 8 million and over 500 million combined views on her channel, it is no surprise that Alisha Marie is high on the list of famous female YouTubers. Co-founder of Parallel Apparel, a clothing brand specialising in basics, Alisha’s YouTube channel is a wacky combination of vlogs, clickbait-style content and fashion videos.

Tess Christine

Founder of clothing brand Backyard Roses, Tess Christine is a famous female YouTuber who started way back. Since 2011, she has garnered immense popularity on her channel, boasting a whopping 2.3 million subscribers. Her channel contains a variety of GRWMs, How-To Style videos and outfit ideas for every occasion.

Patricia Bright

With over 4 million subscribers from Instagram and YouTube alone it is no surprise Patricia is one of the most famous British YouTubers. Patricia’s channel has continued to blossom and is jam-packed full of Try on Hauls, fashion tips and style inspo.

Emily Canham

Online sensation Emily Canham has taken YouTube by storm, with her channel garnering 1.31 million subscribers and over 140 million combined views. Her down-to-earth approach to fashion has engaged thousands of viewers through a mixture of try on hauls and fashion inspo combined with lifestyle vlog content, earning her a spot in the top famous female YouTubers.

Kelsey Simone

Founder of hand-made slow fashion brand Simone, Kelsey Simone’s YouTube channel has continued to flourish. With an impressive 1.6 million subscribers, her channel showcases her aesthetic lifestyle while educating her followers on the latest fashion trends through seasonal fashion inspo, trend alert videos and regular GRWMs.


Looking for DIY fashion inspo, upcycling content or thrifting hauls? April’s channel has got you covered. With 2.25 million subscribers, April’s unique and creative content captures viewers’ attention with an impressive total of over 179 million combined views.

Summer Mckeen

Summer’s channel is a relatable mix of lifestyle vlogs, GRWMs and fashion focused videos. Her chatty engaging manner makes her content super engaging and successful with her audience, garnering 2.14M subscribers.

Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade is one of the top famous female YouTubers, renowned for her daily vlogs giving her audience a glimpse into her day to day life. Olivia’s channel provides a variety in content type as in addition to her vlogs, she also posts numerous fashion focused videos providing her audience with everything from fashion must haves to try on hauls.

Samantha Maria 

With consistent uploads, and vlogs that let her personality shine through, Samantha keeps us all watching. Her YouTube channel, at 1.76 million subscribers, keeps her audiences updated on both her lifestyle and the hottest fashion trends so you will never miss a thing!

Koleen Diaz

From outfits of the week to try on videos and clothing hauls, Koleen Diaz has the latest fashion tips and tricks. Her channel has 1.56 million subscribers and has garnered an impressive 61 million total views.

Freddy My Love

Since beginning her online career in 2014, Freddy has become one of the most famous female YouTubers. Through her popular channel, Freddy shared her passion for fashion through clothing hauls, fashion must-haves and current trends.

Lydia Elise Millen

Providing life and style inspiration from the English countryside. Lydia Elise Millen shares her recent purchases, what she has been wearing alongside lifestyle vlogs. With 981K subscribers, she knows how to keep her audience hooked.

Fashion By Ally

Ally’s YouTube channel has it all. From seasonal lookbooks, to hauls and styling tips you will need to look no further for the latest trends! Her account has reached an impressive 965K subscribers and over 96 million views.

Miss Alex

At number 14 on our list of the famous female YouTubers is Miss Alex. She specialises in petite fashion advice and has become somewhat of a guru in this area, reaching 878K subscribers and sharing her fashion tips and try on hauls.

Victoria Magrath

Founder of popular fashion and beauty platform In The Frow, Victoria has taken YouTube in her stride achieving a large subscriber base of 881K. Her channel specialises in fashion content such as unboxings and hauls as well as vlogs.

Kritika Khurana

With an impressive subscriber count of 803K subscribers, Kritika’s YouTube channel is the place to be for all things fashion! Her wardrobe clearouts and try on hauls perform particularly well.


Content creator duo Cassie and Ricci use YouTube as a platform to showcase their passion. They share lookbooks and fashion advice and have achieved 585K subscribers.

Naomi Boyer

Naomi aims to make her audience’s lives easier as she explores all things fashion and beauty. She includes lookbooks, style inspo and tips and tricks which keep her audience captivated.

Amy Serrano

Fashion guru Amy Serrano puts her audience on to the biggest fashion trends with regular trend reports as well as GRWMs and hauls. Her channel has achieved a loyal following of 369K subscribers.

Tasha Green

Up and coming YouTuber Tasha Green has been growing in popularity and has earned a well deserved spot on our list of famous female YouTubers. She regularly posts her relatable vlogs paired with GRWMs, and currently has 145K subscribers.


Who is the most popular British female YouTuber?

Zoe Sugg with 4.93 million subscribers.

Who is the most loved female YouTuber?

Mexican content creator Yuyan, with 24.8M subscribers.

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