Top 9 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Mar 17, 2021

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Top 9 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

TikTok is currently the world’s fastest-growing social media platform. The video-sharing app boasts a variety of content ranging from dance challenges to makeup tutorials. There are no limitations to the types of videos that users can produce, so there are endless opportunities for brands and TikTok influencers alike to get creative with their TikTok video ideas. 

Are you looking for new ideas for TikTok videos? We have curated a comprehensive list of the best TikTok ideas that will boost your engagement rates and follower count.

9 TikTok video ideas in 2021

1. Join hashtag challenges

@lizzo??? it’s actually really good y’all @natures_food♬ Romantic Piano – Piano

Hashtags are commonly used on TikTok as they are recognised for generating the success of millions of videos on the app. Several TikTok users have gained popularity on the platform simply because they used popular hashtags.

A hashtag challenge typically consists of videos that belong to a certain trend that is going viral on TikTok. For this reason, joining a trending hashtag challenge is likely to substantially increase your visibility on TikTok. Make sure that you add your own flair to these challenges to ensure that your videos stand out. 

A current hashtag challenge on TikTok is #naturescereal which has 373.8M views. The challenge shows TikTok users making an alternative bowl of cereal comprised of fruit and coconut water. #naturescereal is so popular that celebrities such as Lizzo have participated in the challenge.

2. Voice overs

@sofiawylieI vlogged my day and it went like… ##quarantine ##voiceover ##happyathome♬ I Just Want to Be the One You Love – Boxout

TikTok’s unique feature of voice overs is extremely popular among the TikTok community. Users around the world showcase their creativity with this feature by creating funny commentaries and sound effects. Voice overs also give more context to original video formats, so this feature is ideal for funny TikTok ideas.

3. Create an educational video

@spanishforeverydayIt is time……. ? ##eshoradecomer ##learnontiktok ##foodie ##foodies ##spanishclass ##spanishlessons ##spanishlesson ##spanisheasy ##spanish♬ original sound – Spanish for Everyday

TikTok is not just for dance trends and hashtag challenges. Many people flock to TikTok to learn more about the topics that interest them. For example, many doctors and plastic surgeons have gained popularity on the app after sharing their expertise in their respective fields. They often give advice to their followers and they also regularly reply to queries and questions in the comments section of their videos. TikTok is also popular among teachers who share their knowledge on different subjects with their supporters. For example, many polyglots give language learning tips to their followers and use a variety of visual effects such as captions to assist with their followers’ learning.

4. Collaborate with influencers 

@newtCheck out @dailyharvest new Almond Mylk! It tastes the best and is so easy to use ##dailyharvest ##milktok ##ad♬ original sound – newt

TikTok influencers have mastered how to increase their followers and the number of views their videos receive. They achieve this by producing content that is both authentic and innovative. Due to the fact that TikTok is inundated with millions of videos, it can be overwhelming to come up with your own viral TikTok ideas. This is why several brands opt to partner with influencers, where their individuality is guaranteed to attract larger audiences.

5. Create a step-by-step tutorial

@mcriaaaOne of my favorite looks!! Great for all hair lengths!! ##tutorials ##hairstyles ##haircare ##girlythings ##latina ##hairtutorials ##parati♬ Up – Cardi B

Tutorial videos are prevalent on the app which makes it a great TikTok video idea. Whether you specialise in hair, beauty, cooking, or fitness, any niche category can benefit from tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are simple yet effective as they are filled with key information about a topic within 60 seconds. For example, cooking tutorials typically include captions which instruct users on how to cook a certain dish. These videos also include a list of ingredients needed to complete a recipe.

6. Address current events

@alex.stempThe choice is yours so ##VOTE and ##have ##a ##voice (the strangers are @millaehline @specialkk415 ) video footage by @kaylaqwest♬ This Is America x Biden – iQIYI

Many people use TikTok as a way to ignite conversations about different events that take place in the world. Within the past year, society has been faced with racial and political issues that are dominating conversations on TikTok. During the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement, many brands and influencers changed their profile pictures to the Black Lives Matter logo in support of the movement. By creating and joining conversations about current events, you are more likely to encourage your followers to share their own opinions with you in your comments section.

7. Behind-the-scenes videos

@daikor_Make a bubble candle with me ? ##smallbusinesscheck ##candlemaking ##candlebusiness ##interiordesign ##candlemakingbusiness ##etsyseller ##candletok♬ Obnimi – Callmearco Remix – mattia

If you are a business owner, you should consider making behind-the-scenes videos in order to share more information about your product or service with your audience. For example, a small business that makes and sells jewellery can demonstrate to their followers the process of making a necklace. These types of videos can help you to receive constructive feedback from your followers and other brands within your niche.

8. A day in the life videos

@japandrianoday in the life ?? ##tokyo ##japan ##anime ##weeb ##4upage ##animetiktok ##aot ##demonslayer ##pov ##vibes ##aesthetic ##shibuya♬ original sound – ?‍♀️

A day in the life video revolves around a typical day in someone’s life. This is a great TikTok video idea for brands who are looking to gain exposure on the app. For example, creating a short video about your work schedule gives your followers a deeper insight into the hard work that goes into your craft. Your audience is also able to understand more about your product or service. 

TikTok influencers also use day in the life videos to showcase their personalities and their hobbies which allows them to connect with their fans on a deeper level. A day in the life videos are also frequently used by travel influencers who are able to show their followers what life is like in various cities across the world.

9. Make dance videos

@analisseworldA little tour moment ?? @katttrod (dc: @imani_blake5 ) ?♬ original sound – Devin Santiago

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to make dance videos on TikTok. Dance videos are among the most popular TikTok video ideas as they are usually incorporated into different challenges. If you decide to make a dance video, you should add your own unique style to highlight that you are confident and having fun.


How can artists use TikTok?

Art is a popular niche category on TikTok. Many artists use TikTok to show off their talents. Some of the most popular artists on TikTok use voice overs to share their thought processes during each art piece that they create. 

What types of videos are popular on TikTok?

Dance videos are possibly the most popular videos on TikTok. This is because many songs that go viral on the app are accompanied by simple yet fun choreography. 

How do you make a TikTok video creative?

The best way to add creativity to a TikTok video is to be yourself. Thinking about what you are passionate about can help you to formulate a TikTok video idea that is unlike any other. 

What makes a good TikTok video?

A good TikTok video is simple and straightforward. When making your TikTok videos, it is crucial that you get to the point straight away in order to captivate your audience. Even though TikTok videos have a maximum time capacity of 60 seconds, most people’s attention spans only last a matter of seconds.

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