TikTok Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Brands

Jan 19, 2021

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TikTok Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Brands

As the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok is rapidly on the rise. The pandemic has forced millions of people across the world into lockdowns, which has unsurprisingly contributed to millennials and the Gen Z population becoming addicted to the social network. With content ranging from dance, food and travel, TikTok is an app that is crucial to keeping younger generations entertained. The app’s main function is to upload videos, which all have a maximum time capacity of one minute. Its users are able to experiment with its features such as visual effects, as well as participate in different trending challenges and hashtags. As a result, people everywhere are flocking to TikTok to showcase their creativity. 

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? TikTok’s For You page is meticulously tailored to each individual, where users are able to like, comment, share and save videos that suit their personal tastes. With users spending a daily average of 52 minutes on the network, TikTok is clearly doing something right. Its lifestyle influencers also have a powerful command on the app. Many have amassed huge followings from their original content which gains millions of views. 

It is safe to say that social media acts as a replacement for traditional marketing methods. Marketing products on websites is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, the most established brands are utilising TikTok marketing campaigns in an effort to expand their audiences. As a relatively new social network, several brands are not sure where to begin in terms of implementing influencer marketing services on the app. The most successful brands are using TikTok influencers to their advantage, as they have a strong presence on the app and are likely to influence their youthful fan base. Their collaborations demonstrate that thinking outside of the box and using innovation is key to reaching wide audiences on TikTok.

Are you seeking new ways to diverge from traditional marketing methods? We have created a comprehensive list of tips for you to start your TikTok marketing campaign.

5 TikTok Marketing Tips for You

1. Use hashtags within your niche


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A TikTok video is not complete without hashtags. It is common for users to include several hashtags in just one video in order to gain lots of views. For TikTok marketing campaigns, it is essential to use hashtags which are specific to the genre or category of the marketed product. Users are then able to know what your content is about before watching your videos. For example, a brand that sells candles should include #candlebusiness and #candlemaking in all of their videos, which would make a difference in terms of brand exposure as well as who is viewing their content. 

Making the most of trending hashtags is also central to TikTok influencer marketing. This has allowed a wider scope for brands to increase their followers as well as user engagement. These hashtags are found on the app’s Discover page and are used by top influencers to promote brand awareness. Many videos that use these hashtags often go viral. #TheStarman is a trending hashtag with a total of 157.6M views, where influencers are showing off their talents by recreating David Bowie’s most iconic looks.

2. Use TikTok effects

TikTok effects

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Utilising visual effects and filters that is unique to the app is a popular way to attract viewers to your TikTok marketing campaign. From time warping to face zooming, there is an effect that can easily be incorporated into your influencer marketing strategies. 

The most sought-after effects can also be found on TikTok’s Discover page, which are divided into Trending, New, Interactive, Green Screen, Beauty and Animal categories. Here you will find an array of videos where influencers have used their creativity to master these visual effects. It would be beneficial to use these videos as inspiration for your own content, which would make it much more likely to entice audiences.

3. Step-by-step instructional videos

Step-by-step instructional videos

Image sourced from YouTube

Creating step-by-step videos is a great way to engage with users even after the purchasing of your products. Including TikTok’s distinctive features to your videos such as text, voiceovers and trending sounds generates a user-friendly service. This not only encourages users to buy your products, but also motivates them to share your posts with their own followers on the network. Integrating instructional videos into your TikTok marketing campaign is a popular method used by several brands, which is especially prevalent within cooking, hair and beauty videos as well as products that require assembly. 

4. Partnering with relevant influencers

Partnering with relevant influencers

Image sourced from WION

Collaborating with TikTok influencers is a no-brainer for most brands. TikTok’s most followed influencers have millions of followers and use their platform to get a brand’s message across to their following. 

A great way to find suitable influencers is to search for those whose content aligns with your product or service. Chipotle’s ad campaign #boorito, received 3.9B views on the network, after partnering with TikTok stars such as Zach King and Brittany Broski. The campaign centred on light-hearted and comedic videos to promote their burritos for Halloween. By working with influencers, brands are opening doors for themselves as they reach audiences who might have never known about their services without these TikTok celebrities.

5. Engage with and follow other accounts

Engage with and follow other accounts

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One way to bring attention to your TikTok profile is to support other users. You can make a start by following, liking and commenting on other accounts within your niche. This will certainly aid you in belonging to a TikTok community, where other brands will be encouraged to follow you back and engage with your posts. The more users who are aware of your brand, the more followers and viewer activity you will receive.

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