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Mar 09 2023

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 is Coming

Metaverse Fashion Week is back for its second annual showcase! Taking place March 28th to 31st, Decentraland will welcome back brands from its initial show, as well as a bunch of new participants. 

This year’s Metaverse Fashion Week focuses on the potential of interoperability between open metaverses, and how brands can push the boundaries of digital fashion. Led by Decentraland and UNXD (a curated NFT marketplace), and in collaboration with the Spatial and OVER metaverses, MVFW23 will be a hub for fashion lovers across the globe to get together and witness the newest advancements in digital fashion. 

According to Decentraland, “the MVFW23 theme ‘Future Heritage’ connects the next gen of creators and traditional fashion designers, showing the potential of fashion to bridge realities and worlds.” The event hopes to showcase the connection between innovation and tradition, and expose how fashion’s future lies within the digital realm. 

MVFW23 will take place across multiple metaverses, but the majority of installations and storefronts will be hosted within Decentraland’s Luxury District.  

So, what are some of the exciting experiences we can expect from MVFW23?

Dear Vivienne: A Tribute to the Punk Queen of Fashion

The Digital Design Community will be paying tribute to the late fashion icon Vivienne Westwood. The art collective Vuelta is creating an experience that’s part memorial, part gaming. The installation has been created with the intention of encouraging people to learn about the designer’s life, work, and activism.

Dear Vivienne

The Clarks Arcade 

British shoe brand Clarks—yes, Clarks—will be showcasing the Clarks Arcade. The experience will be part funfair, part rooftop nightclub, and will offer nostalgic activities, including vintage fairground rides, dance battles, and even Clarks-themed video games. The arcade will be held within the Threedium virtual shopping mall in Decentraland. 

Adidas’ community-focused experience

Adidas is joining the MVFW event for the first time with a community-focused runway show, bringing Decentraland and ITM holders (owners of its Into the Metaverse NFTs) together. The brand will be showcasing its “adidas virtual gear,” its first ever collection in digital fashion. Virtual Gear NFT holders will receive an exclusive 3D twin of their piece for their Decentraland avatar to wear inside the virtual world. 

Adidas’ community-focused experience

Miami Fashion Week runway 

Resortwear-focused Miami Fashion Week will be hosting an activation (including events and panels) and runway on the rooftop of its new L’Atelier in Decentraland. MFW is recognised by the CFDA, which means MVFW is another step closer to being recognised by the mainstream fashion world. 

Miami Fashion Week runway 

Tommy Hilfiger experience

Tommy Hilfiger’s MVFW 2023 experience will include daily product drops, AI-generated fashion, unique collaborations, and a community competition, where he winner will be hand-picked by Tommy Hilfiger himself. 

Tommy Hilfiger experience

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