London Influencers: Food and Drink Edition

Jan 05, 2023

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London Influencers: Food and Drink Edition

To most, it can feel like social media influencers are taking over the world. To others, like us, they are welcomed and their opinion is highly valued.

When it comes to food and drink content, influencers are highly sought after and even more so if they are based in London. Let’s be honest, we’re all suckers for a scrumptious tiktok recipe every now and then. If this doesn’t float your boat, perhaps a list of the best places in London to grab a cocktail…or seven…is more your thing. 

Whatever your preference, this blog post will cover noteworthy London influencers in the food and drink industry who are bound to get your mouths watering with their delicious content. 

London Food Influencers

Top UK food influencers on Instagram

Ed – @onehungryasian

Ed is an experienced food finder and taste tester. His palette caters only the best of flavours in and around London and his content is sure to have you Googling directions to tons of restaurants to claim your slice of the pie. Everything is covered on his Instagram account, from desserts to wagyu beef and breakfast spots to sushi restaurants. 


Looking for the trendiest food and drink spots in London? Look no further. The London Food Babes is run by three friends eating and drinking their way through London. Their love for food is so strong that they also run the accounts @amsterdamfoodbabes and @newyorkfoodbabes

KS T – @ks_ate_here

Of all food-related Instagram accounts, this is the one to leave you salivating over food you wish you were sat in front of instead of KS. No cuisine is off limits and it is all beautifully presented. 


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A post shared by KS T (@ks_ate_here)


The London foodee highlights the best halal food spots and recipes you can find in the big city. Their account focuses a lot on halal-friendly fast food places, with small breaks for personal ‘How To:’ recipes. 


If you are a breakfast enthusiast, we think we’ve found your perfect match! The Munch Brunch kids go around eggs-ploring London trying to find the best breakfast spots so that you don’t have to. We might just start getting up earlier for breakfast now!

Ekta – @spicyprawnxx

Ekta likes to balance fitness with showstopping food finds. Her account is a safe haven for fitness fanatics who simply cannot live without tasty food. As well as this, Ekta is definitely one of the London food influencers you should be listening to when it comes to food recommendations. 

TikTok’s top food influencers from London

Martyn – @lagomchef

Our first chef needs no introduction. He rose to post-pandemic fame on TikTok for his zero-waste efforts and entertaining online cooking lessons. While his TikTok page is where he demonstrates his culinary skills, his Instagram page is where you can find recipes for any food waste you’re hesitant to throw away. Delicious food and doing your bit for the planet, what’s not to love?

@lagomchef How to prepare a butternut squash. So many ways you can prepare the thing but it is all about being safe as it’s quite a crazy awakened ingredient. The bigger ones are more tough to go through but the same principle applies. Good luck and look out for the filthy mac n cheese recipe coming soon ? #fyp #foryoupage #viral #knifeskills #butternutsquash #cooking ♬ original sound – Lagomchef


Now, we know that salads can be incredibly boring; especially when we’re pitting them against all of these other incredible food accounts. However, there is nothing remotely boring about The Salad Lab. Pick any flavours and toppings you want and The Salad Lab can turn them into a show stopping salad bowl; proving that salads is more than just eating leaves.

@thesaladlab Roasted Vegetable Salad with Polenta Croutons #salad #saladsoftiktok #thesaladlab #roastedvegetables #polentacroutons #kalesalad #mealprep #wintersalad #wintersaladrecipe @McEvoy Ranch ♬ Inspiring Emotional Piano – Metrow Ar

Emily – @emilymariko

Emily is the TikToker who is single handedly responsible for making the entire internet mix day-old salmon fillets with rice and avocado as a quick and easy meal. Fast forward one year and Emily now shares with her followers meal recipes she makes when she isn’t eating her famous salmon rice bowl. 

@emilymariko♬ original sound – Emily Mariko

Hyunwoo – @hwoo.lee

Hailed as a magician in the kitchen, Hyunwoo takes classic recipes and puts his own twist on them. Focusing mostly on Korean food, his page is a food-lover’s dream. Even non-food lovers will find themselves wanting a taste of his cooking. 

@hwoo.lee chekyn wing, chykyn wing, chekenne wing, cheken wing ??#chickenwing #kfc #korean #koreanfriedchicken #yuzu #asmrfood ♬ original sound – h woo


Who’d’ve thought up a better combination than food and comedy? Willy did. His TikTok account takes the stress out of cooking and offers light-hearted follow-along recipes. 

@whatwilly Teriyak-ish beef shroom rice NICE #FYP #FORYOU #RICE ♬ original sound – whatwilly

Mia – @freshlysmooth

There are aesthetically pleasing food posts and then there’s freshlysmooth’s food posts. Mia creates the most mesmerising healthy smoothie bowls full of both colour and nutrition. If you are looking for a little break from all the cooked foods and hefty plates of beige food, then check her out!

@freshlysmooth BLUE lagoon SMOOTHIE BOWL ? the simplest banana whip thick smoothie #AdjustClips ♬ Con La Brisa – Foudeqush & Ludwig Göransson

UK food bloggers

Snita –

Snita has been sharing her travel and foodie experiences with her subscribers for over a decade. Since then, her blog has certainly evolved with the times and now focuses on exactly what she loves; slow travel, slow food and local perspectives. 

Chris –

Cheesenbiscuits offers the best insight into London’s greatest gastropubs and fine dining restaurants, specialising in various European cuisines. For those of you looking for a high-end foodie experience, Chris’ blog is just what you need.

Dom –

Dom is a cook, food writer and creative events producer based in Lincolnshire and London. He shares his hearty online recipes with his readers and inspires them to take to their own kitchens to try them out or put their own spin on them. 

Ciara –

Ciara is a London-based food blogger who inspires other parents/carers to persevere with their children who may also be fussy eaters. Her blog offers a multitude of recipes from breakfasts to snacks and lunch box ideas to dinners. 

Katrin –

Since 2015, Katrin has published hundreds of sugar free keto recipes on her website and in her e-cookbooks. If you are someone who suffers from inflammation, but is too big of a food lover to cut back on the foods you love, then try Katrin’s recipes! 

Nicola –

East London Girl was started in 2016 and documents London food finds and travelling adventures. Nicola has split her blog into different areas of London (North, East, South & West) to make it easier for her readers to navigate their way around her restaurant and bar recommendations. 

UK Drink Influencers

Bartenders—Drink Influencers from UK


Harp is a mixology consultant and presenter by day and a cocktail innovator and creator by night. As well as eye catching images, he includes his drink recipes in all of his captions. 


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A post shared by Harp Mann : #MixMann (@mix.mann)

Rich – @the_cocktailguy

Rich is the brains behind the lavish cocktails you can find at Lost Property Office in Waterloo. As well as this he shares his favourite cocktail recipes for every season and even shows us the distilling process for all drinks made for Lost Property Office.


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A post shared by RICH WOODS ✞ (@the_cocktailguy)

Matt – @theamateurmixologist

Let us be the first to tell you that there is nothing remotely amateur about the way Matt makes and presents his cocktails on Instagram. With arguably the most aesthetic profile in the game, Matt offers tidbits of cocktail-making information and sparks people’s creative minds with his own unique twist on cocktail classics. 

Cameron – @cameronattfield

Cameron was crowned the WorldClass bartender of the year. Alongside his cocktail creations, Cameron dedicates posts to the weird and wonderful ingredients he enjoys experimenting with on his cocktail-creating journey.

Agostino – @agodragos

Director of mixology at The Connaught in London, Agostino shares the behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to work the bar of one of London’s best hotels. 


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A post shared by Agostino Perrone (@agodragos)

James – @jjhawkins94

As the head bartender at one of London’s most well-renowned bar and restaurant, Sexy Fish, James uses his platform to share his cocktail creations with his followers and inspires people to visit him in person. 


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A post shared by James Hawkins (@jjhawkins94)

TikTok drink influencers from the UK

Benji – @baristabenji2.0

Benji is best known for his latte art on TikTok. He teaches his followers how to get started with the art and what the best materials to use are. 

@baristabenji2.0This song is wild ?? Education and entertainment all in one ?♬ Originalton – Bassfahrer

Holly – @coffee.girl00

Sticking to the latte art theme, Holly is a barista who shares her ideas and inspirations with her followers. 

@coffee.girl00 Ah jheeze #fyp #rickandmorty #latteart #drawing #milk #coffee #london #2022 #swag #viralvideo #foryou #baristalife ♬ WHATS POPPIN – Jack Harlow


How do I find London influencers?

A great first step is to search for hashtags on social media platforms such as #UKblogger and #londoninfluencer. Those using this hashtag are typically London influencers looking to share their profiles with a wider audience.

How much do influencers make in London?

The average salary for a UK-based social media influencer is £32,680. 

Who is the biggest food influencer in London?

Apart from you celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, @the_lazyfoodie boasts an impressive 134k followers and shares her love for food on Instagram. 

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