Follow These Lifestyle Micro Influencers On Instagram To Inspire Your Start To 2024

Aug 29, 2022

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Follow These Lifestyle Micro Influencers On Instagram To Inspire Your Start To 2024

Recently, there’s been a huge spike in popularity among micro influencers.

Micro influencers on Instagram have piqued marketers’ interests thanks to their high engagement rates, niche content and tight-knit engaged audience. In particular, micro lifestyle influencers are now more popular than ever, which may be attributed to Gen Z’s desire to take care of themselves more than the older generations.

Brands prefer to partner with these smaller influencers in order to reach specific audiences and because, overall, they’re more cost effective.

Whether you’re a brand looking to partner with micro influencers on Instagram, or a follower looking for inspiration, this list of micro influencers on Instagram has got you covered.

To kickstart the new year off on a good note, read on to find out who the best lifestyle micro influencers you should take inspiration from on Instagram are as we head into 2024!

The Top 20 Lifestyle Micro Influencers on Instagram

Emily Diane Philpott @emilydianephilpott


Emily Philpott has established herself as one of the most well-known micro influencers on Instagram through her stylish fashion content and personal vlogs. She has just over 100K followers and an average engagement rate of 2.68%. In particular, her morning routine vlogs showcase the healthy habits she lives by such as taking her vitamins every day, promoting the importance of wellness and taking care of yourself. 

Charlotte Collins @charlotteleahcollins


Charlotte Collins is one of the top micro influencers you should follow on Instagram. With 54K followers and an engagement rate of 4.48%, Charlotte is a versatile and dynamic lifestyle influencer with a vast knowledge about the fashion and media industry thanks to her many years of experience in these areas. Her lifestyle content depicts her different day-to-day life and the importance of treating yourself to getting your hair done or a nice meal out.

Jessica Diner @jessicadiner

micro influencers on Instagram: Jessica

Micro influencers on Instagram like Jessica are definitely ones to follow. Jessica helps women cut through the clutter to efficiently discover and purchase the right beauty products for them. This influencer is your go-to for anything beauty and wellness – make sure to follow her to put those 2024 new year resolutions to action!

Anna Brem-Wilson @annabremwilson


Fashion and lifestyle influencer Anna has 50K followers and should be on your follow list. Her feed is beautifully-curated with her own chic aesthetic, with her content covering all things mum-life, fashion and interiors. Her content truly shows that being a mum can look luxe and fashionable too!

Wesley Taylor @wesleytaylor


Wesley Taylor is a Chicago-based lifestyle influencer and is one of the best micro influencers on Instagram to follow. He’s a self-described plant dad, record collector, and occasional foodie. Wes’s Instagram feed features cozy vibes of his everyday life at home and while he’s out and about. His content shows a different take on the normal fast-paced lifestyle content that saturates our Instagram feeds, showing that taking one day at a time and enjoying the little moments- like listening to old records and unwinding with a cocktail at home- is just as important!

Lauren Carey @girlgoneabroad

micro influencers on Instagram: girlgoneabroad

Lauren Carey is an American influencer living in Amsterdam who showcases travel and lifestyle content on her Instagram page. Lauren has a knack for what makes a great scenic photo as her Instagram feed is full of stunning architecture and nature shots. From day-in-the-life content at a local city, to solo-traveling and staying in luxurious hotels, micro influencers on Instagram like Lauren are sure to motivate you to book those flights and travel more in 2024! 

Mary Sarge @themarysarge


Mary Sarge is a Nashville-based home cook and mother of three. Her content shares different ways to make each day magical with over 20K followers on Instagram. Mary’s feed includes book reviews, home renovations and decorating ideas, cooking tutorials, and more. With her range of tutorials and book content, she is definitely one to follow on Instagram if you are looking to brush up on your cooking skills and pick up more books in the new year!

Nicholas Pakradooni @cholpak


Nicholas Pakradooni shares his laid-back life as an artist with over 17K followers on Instagram. Micro influencers on Instagram like Nicholas are important to follow as they show that influencers lead ordinary lives just like us! On Nicholas’s feed, you’ll be immersed in his life of travel, fashion, and art. His vlogs showcase snippets of his life along with his husband in their Los Angeles apartment- from their morning routines to renovating their kitchen.

Kim Watson @kikhaly

micro influencers on Instagram: Kim

Content creator Kim Watson describes herself as a “visual thinker” and has a following of over 34K on Instagram. Kim shares her life with her two kids filled with travel, fashion, and life’s simple pleasures. Her vlogs are sure to put a smile on your face and encourage you to appreciate the little things in life.

Myra Creely @myracreely


Nashville-based mom Myra Creely focuses her lifestyle Instagram account on motherhood, affordable fashion and non-toxic beauty with her 14K followers. Much of Myra’s feed shares a snapshot of her life with her young son at home and on the go. She’s one to follow if you are interested in going green for 2024 and shopping sustainably.

Sean Garrette @seangarrette


Sean Garrette is an esthetician based in New York and founder of his own skincare line, Sean Garrette Skin. He shares all of his skincare and beauty wisdom on Instagram with over 94K followers. As a beauty blogger, much of Sean’s Instagram feed consists of product reviews across the beauty spectrum, skincare tips, decor, and fashion. Following micro influencers on Instagram like Sean will enhance your skincare regime so you can look and feel good in your skin for 2024!

Joel Moore-Hagan @moorehisstyle


Joel Moore-Hagan is a growing micro influencer, with 81K followers on Instagram. A lifestyle fashion influencer, he aims to blur the lines between menswear and womenswear, reminding his audience that fashion is an artform. Following Joel will be sure to inject your feed with fashion inspiration and help you find your personal style.

Howey Ejegi @howeydon

micro influencers on Instagram: Howey

Howey is a rising name in the men’s fashion world. He was born in Nigeria, raised in London, and resides in Scotland with his son. Howey has 40K followers on Instagram and has partnered with a variety of notable fashion brands. With his unique style, he is one to follow for your daily dose of fashion and wholesome father-son content.

Katherine Menna @katherinemenna


Katherine is a model, fitness instructor, and influencer who is a rising star on Instagram. Along with 11K followers and a growing audience, Katherine aims to educate women how to achieve clear skin from the inside out. Her evening skincare routine and journey to healing her skin will be sure to give you inspiration on ways you can implement mindfulness into your everyday life and start taking better care of yourself and your skin.

Amanda Blakley @amandablakley


Amanda is a fashionable family-friendly travel and lifestyle influencer, who shares her daily life whilst traveling with her two sons with her 20K followers. Her aesthetic lifestyle videos and travel tips and tricks will ensure you are prepared for any holidays in the new year!

Chelsea Martin @passporttofriday

micro influencers on Instagram: passporttofriday

Chelsea is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who documents her daily travels and unique finds. Always on the go, Chelsea is the perfect micro influencer to follow on Instagram for your daily dose of travel inspiration.

Alisha Lemay @alishalemay


Alisha is a lifestyle influencer and is known for her modelling, fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. Alisha also shares a lot about being vegan and her love to travel through her day in the life videos, which could inspire you to go vegan for the new year.

Amelia Olivia @amelia0livia

micro influencers on Instagram: Amelia

Beauty content creator Amelia Olivia continues to build a loyal following through her videos, which range from Get Ready With Me’s to Tips and Tricks style videos. All of this, coupled with Amelia’s naturally-bright and bubbly personality, has placed her as a firm favourite among her followers, earning her a spot on this list of micro influencers on Instagram you should follow.


How do you find micro influencers on Instagram?

You can find micro influencers on Instagram by using CreatorIQ or a quick Google search.

What is a macro influencer on Instagram?

A macro influencer is an influencer who has between 250K-1M followers.

What do micro influencers do?

Micro influencers are typically known to have niche audiences, however their content can range from beauty, travel, lifestyle, fitness and more.

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