Here’s What Your Competitors Do To Organically Increase Instagram Engagement

Apr 12, 2021

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Here’s What Your Competitors Do To Organically Increase Instagram Engagement

In today’s ever-changing social media scene, Instagram engagement is a big deal for folks and businesses alike. It’s not just about racking up likes and followers; it’s about having a lively community that’s really into what you’re sharing. A solid Instagram engagement rate tells you how well your posts are connecting with your audience and piquing their interest – it usually considers the likes and comments a post gets in relation to your total followers. 

In this digital era of virtual hangouts, it’s a great way to see how effective your Instagram game is for achieving your personal or professional goals. Instagram engagement is a key indicator for building relationships, sparking conversations, and making waves in this visually-driven world. 


Using funny & relatable memes

Memes rule on social media! They’re like inside jokes about everyday life that everyone loves to share. Social media platforms love these relatable gems – post them, and watch the likes, comments, and shares roll in. Recycling trendy memes help to keep you relevant and stay on the same wavelength as your followers.

Netflix, a top B2C brand, is famous for its funny, relatable memes. These memes showcase their shows, using humor and current trends to connect with viewers and solidify their brand identity.

Instagram engagement: Netflix

Interacting with audiences using Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram’s question sticker is a fun way to connect with your followers. It’s like an open invitation for them to ask you anything. Try hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session with it, and every interaction with that sticker is a thumbs-up for your Instagram engagement!

Making saveable & shareable content

To boost Instagram engagement, create shareable content like infographics and quotes, which are likely to be saved and shared. Surprisingly, sharing tweets on Instagram can also increase engagement. Some accounts thrive on repurposed tweets, requiring creativity and relatable quotes. Canva templates can help with quote design.

Buzzfeed does this by producing listicles and quizzes that blend entertainment with information. They enhance content shareability through eye-catching visuals and humor.

Instagram engagement: Buzzfeed

Using Carousel posts to share valuable insights

Carousel posts are a great way to keep fans easily engaged. You can share multiple images, videos and graphics – perfect for things like infographics. Plus, there are more chances to engage, since each pic is an engagement opportunity! 

Retail brands, such as Burrow and Few Moda, use carousels on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share multiple products in one ad. They can be used to show new collections & best-sellers, as well as include a CTA on each slide.

Including Call to Actions (CTA) in captions

As mentioned earlier, asking questions is a genuine way to increase Instagram engagement – it’s a Call To Action (CTA). Relevant questions should align with your content and offer something new. For example, ask for restaurant recommendations related to your content or direct them to your bio link for more info.

Showing your personality

Whether it’s for your business or your personal brand, Instagram is all about engagement. Sharing personal stuff helps create a community because people prefer faces over sunsets. So don’t be shy – let them see the real you! Just practice on your stories, and remember, engaging with your audience is the name of the game!

Gary Vaynerchuk is a prime example of a strong personal brand & personality – He embodies authenticity and self-determination in content creation on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A co-founder of VaynerMedia, his strong personal brand exudes confidence, just like trusted brand-name products. Your personal brand should be equally recognizable.

Gary VaynerchuckPost-scheduling on Instagram

Staying consistent is a big deal on social media, especially for upping your Instagram engagement. So, plan your posts ahead. Tools like Buffer can do the heavy lifting, scheduling your content for those chosen times and dates.

Holding competitions and giveaways

Hosting a giveaway is a super-effective way to boost Instagram engagement and connect with your community on a deeper level. It can lead to more shares, saves, tags, and likes, attracting new followers. Use handy tools for easy organization, but always keep it authentic and aligned with your brand.

Dove’s “Gorgeous Selfie Contest” is a stellar example. Users entered by posting a selfie with a Dove soap bar, tagging Dove. The prize, a spa day for two, aligned with their audience. This strategy excelled, driving user-generated content and raising brand awareness.

Instagram engagement: Dove

Instagram Reel Collaborations

Using Reels, you can supercharge Instagram engagement with collaborations. It’s about sharing content with another Instagram creator, appearing on both profiles, and boosting views, likes, and comments. 

To create more collaboration opportunities, use an Instagram video editor with pre-defined templates. Choose collaboration partners wisely based on follower count, engagement rate, and content.

The ASOS Insiders influencer program, a key factor in ASOS’ $3.2 billion success, enlists fashion and beauty experts to showcase the brand’s products. Insiders post photos of themselves featuring ASOS items, including the product code in the caption.

Using relevant hashtags

Using hashtags smartly can expand your reach and boost Instagram engagement. They’re a fundamental part of your social media strategy. Relevant hashtags increase visibility, so research your competitors and what resonates with your audience to see what clicks with your followers.

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