How Gaming Brands Can Fully Utilise TikTok

Feb 18, 2021

Industry Trends

How Gaming Brands Can Fully Utilise TikTok

Recently, we have seen immense growth for the gaming industry and TikTok alike. With the gaming industry estimated to be worth $162.32 billion, and TikTok having 1 billion monthly active users, the opportunities combining gaming and TikTok present could be huge.  

TikTok has already proven to be a massive influence for gaming, as seen with the sudden popularity of Among Us. The game trended on TikTok during the summer of 2020 with the hashtag #amongus, which has now gained nearly 46 billion views and the game has 264 million downloads worldwide. In September alone, the game was downloaded 41 million times. The popularity evolved from TikTok to Twitch and YouTube where popular gaming influencers would play together. 

Given the obvious influence TikTok has, how can gaming brands harness this for themselves?

TikTok for Gaming: An Overview

There are already a fair few gaming accounts on TikTok, so we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular to see what they’re doing.

NRG Esports 

Most of NRG Esports content is comedic clips that have been cut from their various live streams from other social media platforms. The influencers used on their channel are members of the Esports team, with occasional appearances from friends. They have experienced some success on TikTok by reacting to and creating trending meme content (such as the Buss It Challenge), although this type of content is not regular.

Typically, NRG Esports posts comedic gaming clips at least once a day, which features a variety of games, including Fortnite, Warzone and Valorant. Though it has yet to create a branded hashtag challenge, all content is posted to the #NRG hashtag, which in itself has achieved over 414 million views.

The Score Esports 

TheScore Esports’ TikTok channel primarily posts RPG clips alongside popular memes. As a gaming news channel, they are able to focus on a wide range of games, gamers and influencers, rather than one game or team. TheScore achieved a comedic viral TikTok that featured a grandmother attempting to play a driving game, but ultimately failing. 

Due to being a news channel, TheScore are able to be reactive to memes and trends across TikTok, and other social media platforms. They repost clips from popular live streams that were recently hosted, but combine it with memes to create original content. The channel also pulls together a weekly highlight TikTok of the best streamed moments from that week.

TheScore posts content at least once everyday. Though they do not use any specific hashtags, they have made their content global by being available in different languages—though, the captions are always in English.


While most gaming accounts create some form of original content, @gaming exclusively reposts trending clips within the gaming community. It covers all types of gaming (from Minecraft building to GTA glitches) and highlights from live streams.

Due to only sharing reposted content, there is no real structure or consistent format to the types of videos posted. However, this allows @gaming to be a front-runner at sharing trending tips and tricks, memes or funny moment highlights. In addition to this, there is always new trending content available, so the channel will not run out of content to share. This means they produce a much higher amount of content than other gaming channels, with around 3-7 each day.


Razer sells gaming hardware and accessories and uses its TikTok to bring these products to life. With a focus on product-led content rather than gameplay, Razer posts unboxings, product close-ups, reactive comedy content and reshares clips of gamers using their products.

Razer doesn’t post as frequently as other gaming channels, but they do participate in popular trends and challenges within the gaming community, for example the “Choose Your Character” trend. The majority of content posted is pre-scheduled product closeups, unboxings or comedy sketches featuring their products. All content is posted to the #Razer hashtag, which has gained nearly 430 million views. Razer actively encourages users to share their own Razer content under this hashtag.

Contrary to the other channels, Razer is mainly run by the community leader, Noah. He regularly shares TikToks about his experience at Razer and how his love for Razer products started when he was a teenager. This adds a personal and relatable touch to the channel, and gives TikTok users something to connect to. 

TikTok for Gaming: Our Recommendations

1. Provide content with added value

To turn viewers of your TikToks into followers, you need to provide them with content that has added value. This means you should focus on diversifying your content in terms of style, POVs of gaming and potentially even the games you post. This gives TikTok users a variety of options of entertainment, which will reach a wider audience. This type of content could include tips and tricks, trends, and general gaming news or updates. 

2. Be adaptive

One of the most appealing features of TikTok is that it is so fast paced, with new trends and sounds going viral everyday. Gaming brands need to be able to respond to these popular trends, sounds or filters in a timely manner. By being able to amend and edit your content to fit these, you are not only increasing your entertainment appeal but your chances of going viral on the app. 

3. Be consistent 

In order to keep your followers, you need to continually provide them with good content. To show them you are the best gaming account to follow, to have regular and consistent communication with your audience. Posting once a day keeps your followers (and potential followers) interested, and again increases your odds at going viral. 

4. Give the account a face

Putting a face to a gaming account makes the content you produce significantly more relatable than an account that just posts gameplay. This can be a member of your social media team or from an esports team; it just has to be a real face. In doing this, you not only make your content relatable, but also add a new source for content creation.

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