How Entertainment Subscription Platforms Use Social Media to Promote Their Services

Mar 24, 2021

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How Entertainment Subscription Platforms Use Social Media to Promote Their Services

The world came to somewhat of a standstill in 2020 with many households being housebound for various lockdowns. While following the stay-at-home orders, streaming services became a household staple to help pass the time. 

In 2020, we saw multiple companies attempting to capitalise on the digital media shift by launching and growing their streaming services. Disney+ became the fastest growing online subscription entertainment service, amassing over 90 million subscribers in just over a year. 

Consumers are streaming videos online and on mobile more than ever before. With the number of subscription entertainment services increasing year on year, how do existing services use social media to promote their services?

How Amazon Prime Video Uses Social Media

Amazon Prime Video has social media accounts on all platforms. It has a solid following across all accounts, but it’s main platform is TikTok. Amazon Prime Video uses Twitter and Instagram to post engaging and shareable content, often sharing content between the two platforms. It uses these platforms to cater to all programs and films, widening the appeal and community engagement. 

Amazon Prime Video updates its TikTok multiple times a week and also utilises influencer marketing regularly. It both sponsors creators and reposts content onto its own page.

@perri.kielyMy ##Coming2America transformation, show us yours! Out now on @primevideouk ##ad♬ I’m A King – Bobby Sessions & Megan Thee Stallion

Amazon Prime Video recently launched its own TikTok hashtag and sound to promote it’s new film Coming 2 America. The hashtag #Coming2America has over 13 billion views and challenges TikTok users to create their own videos showing how they transform into a king or queen. The challenge was kicked off by popular (and sponsored) TikTok creators before it was picked up by regular users. Creators used a song from the soundtrack “I’m a King”, and over 3,000 videos have been created using it.

@lukettrotmanWho else is loving the ##Coming2America challenge! The film is out now on @primevideouk ##ad♬ I’m A King – Bobby Sessions & Megan Thee Stallion

The challenge has also been translated into different languages that use different hashtags—the Italian hashtag has gained over 4 billion views. Creating challenges generates organic content from users, furthering the reach of the service, but also builds excitement around the film release. Seeing multiple influencers and users discussing upcoming films will encourage users to subscribe to Amazon Prime Videos’ services.

How Disney+ Uses Social Media

Disney+ has its own dedicated accounts on Instagram and Twitter, but not on TikTok. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated TikTok account, the Disney+ service is still promoted through the Disney main account and through influencer marketing. It uses influencer marketing to promote new films or TV programmes available on the streaming platform.


@yoleendadongThe cutest little guy! ##TukTuk ##TukTukTuesday ##DisneyRaya ##ad♬ original sound – LeendaDong

On Instagram and Twitter Disney+ has its own accounts. On there, it shares clips of newly released popular TV shows and films. It mostly shares the same content across both platforms, although it posts more news and community moments on Twitter.

Disney+ recently launched a new streaming section on its platform called Star. To promote this, Disney+ created various Snapchat filters that users could play with to find out what new in-demand shows would be available. Creating entertaining and engaging filters means Snapchat users are more likely to share snaps with their friends, which furthers the awareness of new additions to the Disney+ streaming service. The more people aware of programs and films available, the more people will be enticed to subscribe.

How Netflix Uses Social Media

Netflix is the most popular streaming service available and uses social media to strengthen its community. Across all its social media accounts, on each platform, the majority of content is created with the purpose of engaging its followers. Netflix actively responds to most replies or comments it receives from its subscribers and followers.

Netflix updates its Instagram account multiple times a day and shares content about popular cast members, bloopers and it’s own meme content for films and shows. It keeps up excitement around existing and upcoming releases by sharing a variety of content around different shows. 

Netflix uses Twitter to announce updates or reveal cast members, new films and shows streaming on the platform and to respond to comments from its followers. 

Netflix uses TikTok to share comedic bloopers, clips and create a hype around upcoming releases. It sponsors content creators to promote upcoming shows or films and uses all types of content creators, from vloggers to makeup artists. This increases the awareness and encourages popularity of particular shows.

@makeuppbyruthiestranger things demagorgon inspired ? ##fyp ##foryou ##strangerthings ##sponsored @netflix♬ original sound – Netflix

Netflix has promoted its services by developing its community. With regular community engagement, users are more likely to stay loyal to Netflix and use their streaming services over others. It creates funny, shareable content that users enjoy reacting to because they will receive a response. This raises the popularity of Netflix online.

Key Takeouts

Having discussed how popular entertainment streaming platforms use social media to promote their services, how can they fully maximise the impact social media has?

1. Actively engage with their communities

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform available and it is understandable considering the effort they make to reinforce their community. They create a personal experience and connection with their audiences, encouraging them to stay loyal.

2. Create challenges for audiences on TikTok

TikTok is undoubtedly the place to be for viral content. Within a few weeks, Amazon Prime Video managed to amass over 17 billion views for its Coming 2 America challenge, when combining the different language hashtags. Challenges create excitement and often result in user generated content. This spreads the excitement and news of a film release. If this film or show is exclusive to a platform, it will encourage subscribers.

3. Create easily shareable content

Despite Disney+ only being available in the UK for a year, it has gained a huge amount of subscribers in that time. While the majority may have been Disney fans, it has focused on creating easily shareable content to promote its services. By creating Snapchat filters, it has made it very easy for Snapchat users to promote their services for them. Users can easily try on and play with a filter, discovering what’s new on Disney+, before sharing it with friends.

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