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May 21 2020

How can Influencer Marketing help to increase brand awareness?


Want to generate brand awareness in a cost-effective way? Then a partnership with social media influencers is something you need to incorporate within your digital marketing strategy. When the objective at hand is to get more people familiar with your brand, it would be a mistake to think that this is simply a case of quantity over quality. Rather, to make an effective impression on the people receiving your advertisements, the issue of relevance cannot be overlooked. Relevancy is one of the key strengths of an approach which leverages influencers for brand promotions. Often their recommendations are akin to when we receive a personal endorsement of something from a friend. When you work with the appropriate influencers, you will find your brand positioned within a credible context. This means the marketing of it will feel like less of an intrusive interruption when it features in their audience’s daily media consumption.

Out of 81% of marketers who use influencer content, 51% of them said it performs better than anything created by brands themselves. What sets it apart from other marketing strategies is its scalability and adaptability, seen by the fact that it can be used by to promote companies of all sizes. Businesses large and small can work with social media influencers to execute a range of marketing activities, such as competitions and referral programmes, with the ultimate aim being to generate brand awareness.

So, what are the best ways marketers can leverage influencers to achieve this goal?

1. Engaging content

Influencers understand their followers and what the content they want to consume looks like. They carefully create an aesthetic approach that resonates with them and helps to establish a sense of trust. When they offer buying suggestions, their audiences often respect their advice and it can help to drive purchase consideration. If you select an influencer that you feel is relevant and offers an accurate representation of your brand, the best strategy is often just to permit them creative freedom to create content for brand promotion.

You can assess the quality and relevance of it before it goes live, but a careful selection beforehand will ensure you can confidently leave the portrayal of your product or service in their hands. Create guidelines for what you want them to include, but leave the rest to them. Since they know what works best with their audience, they will know what is likely to yield the best results.

2. Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are a tried and tested formula for successfully driving online engagement. They are also a great way to maximise the potential of influencers to promote products and create positive buzz, with them often helping to increase social media following and drive web traffic to specific landing pages. A well thought out strategy for a competition would see influencers foster an environment that helps to promote engaging conversations. Ideally, this would also create curiosity among followers to try the product being discussed.

To ensure your campaign gets enough traction, it is important that the prize is something that would be considered valuable to the influencer’s follower base. If it is, you can then ask them to follow a specific social media account to register or send them to a website and get them to complete a form. This can help to generate leads and build a larger online following.

3. Referral and brand ambassador programmes

According to a recent study by Twitter, there was an enormous 88% increase in the purchase intent of consumers when a product was promoted by an influencer that they trusted. There are two great ways to help manifest this relationship.

An easy and effective referral programme often takes the form of an influencer sharing a promo code that is unique to them. This is an easy way to measure ROI: influencers will share the promotional link and discount codes that are made exclusively available to their followers, with brands then being able to track conversions within the analytic data received after a campaign.

Another way of elevating an influencer marketing strategy to an even higher standard is to launch a brand ambassador programme. This provides a more long-term approach to building brand awareness, reaching people through word-of-mouth marketing. Designated brand ambassadors will promote a brand for a longer duration than a one-off campaign, thereby helping to build authenticity and integrate the product or service more naturally into content over time. For every sale that they are able to bring in, a brand could introduce a commission-based rate of pay which can motivate the influencer to drive sales and help realise marketing goals.

4. Social media takeovers

This can be an effective addition to your influencer marketing and social media strategy, dynamically shaking up the content your followers are accustomed to seeing. With this type of campaign, an influencer would simply take over one of your social media accounts for a specific amount of time and create content for your audience. Crucially, it will attract not only your followers but also theirs. This helps to increase brand awareness by reaching new audiences. If required, they can also drive traffic to your website by adding links to their posts.

In conclusion, there are many ways to enhance a social media influencer marketing strategy that is aiming to amplify online brand awareness. When the right platform, influencer and strategy converge, there is no limit to how successful your results can be. Even beyond increasing awareness, you have great opportunities to drive sales and establish your brand in new markets when leveraging influencer marketing. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today and let us work together to make your campaign a success.


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