30 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2023

Feb 03, 2022

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30 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2023

Thanks to Gen Z’s new attitude to wellness and health, the fitness industry is booming. With a  current industry market value of $87 billion, this number is expected to grow to $434.74 billion by 2038. 

It is a fact that Gen Z and Millennials hold the highest percentage of gym memberships throughout the country. However, we also know that home workouts were made popular by the lockdowns in 2020-2021. Everyone has a choice when it comes to the way they wish to workout, so here are the top 30 fitness influencers to help you make your decision and get your blood pumping. 

The Top Male Fitness Influencers

1. Chris Bumstead 

This three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion is more than just his signature moustache; he is also an entrepreneur, YouTube sensation and all-round health fanatic. As the owner of, Chris is able to share workout plans with his members and just about everything else with his 3M subscribers over on his YouTube channel. 

If you aren’t quite sure about how to begin your bodybuilding journey, give Chris a follow!

2. David Laid 

Fitness model and social media influencer David began his bodybuilding journey as a result of being mocked for his physique in school. He has since gone on to train with the likes of Chris Busmtead and has released his own athleticwear collection in collaboration with Gymshark.


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A post shared by David Laid (@davidlaid)

3. Simeon Panda

If you are an avid follower of all things fitness, then we’re certain you’ve bumped into Simeon along your way. The British bodybuilder, personal trainer and sports model shares everything with his 8.2M Instagram followers; from recipe ideas to workout videos to daily life with his family. His career has landed him some great successes, from earning the Musclemania Pro status by winning the European Championships to being named one of the top influencers for fitness by Forbes. 


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A post shared by Simeon Panda (@simeonpanda)

4. Blessing Awodibu 

Blessing is a 2x Arnold Champion bodybuilder and Instagram mogul, making him one of the top black fitness influencers on the internet. His humorous workout videos, paired with his dedication to bodybuilding make him instantly recognisable within the fitness community.

5. Joey Swoll 

Joey’s gym-positive attitude has made him a viral sensation multiple times over, so don’t be shocked if you see his face appear on your feed very soon. Aside from this, Joey is a muscle-building fitness fanatic who spends late nights in the gym, prepares delicious meals and focuses on his goals. 


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A post shared by Joey Swoll (@joeyswoll)

6. Jeff Cavaliere 

After leaving behind his job as the head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets, Jeff began his own fitness brand AthleanX to help others unleash their inner athlete. His dedication to his brand has earned him 2M Instagram followers and 13M YouTube subscribers. 

7. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

If you don’t know him by name, you might recognise him as the 2018 winner of World’s Strongest Man. On his Instagram page and YouTube channel, you can often find him collaborating with other fitness influencers to complete challenges, as well as some pretty impressive PR lifts. 

8. Joe Wicks

Better known as TheBodyCoach, Joe kept the nation up and moving as it went through one its toughest ordeals in 2020. He creates fitness content for people of all abilities and ages and is on a mission to make the world healthier, fitter and happier. 

9. Sean Casey

Along with his Irish charm, Sean is one of the fitness influencers you need to follow if you find fitness and nutrition overwhelming. His simple step-by-step recipes are easy to follow, delicious and fuss-free. Alongside his recipe videos, Sean bring s his humorous personality to fitness challenges and other educational videos. 

@scaseyfitness Best low calorie snack! #airfryer #airfryersnacks #airfryerideas ♬ Keep Going – Swørn

10. Thomas Maw 

Thomas is an athlete and transformation coach who documents his client collabs on his YouTube channel. Not only is he fit to change people’s physiques, but he is also able to assign dietary plans and nutrition advice. 

11. The Lean Machines

Best friends Leon and John are personal trainers who use their online platforms to promote health and fitness. Both being fathers they inspire other dads to still make time to prioritise their health despite the busy family schedule. 

12. Nyle Nayga

Nyle, AKA K-pop Goku, is an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique athlete and personal trainer. He uses his social media accounts to deliver entertaining workout videos, nutrition advice and exercise techniques. 


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A post shared by IFBB Pro K-Pop Goku (@nylenayga)

13. The Stoltman Brothers

Tom and Luke Stoltman are known as the world’s strongest brothers. Tom is a two-time World’s Strongest Man champion and Luke is a Europe’s Strongest Man champion, earning them a pretty impressive set of accolades. Through their channel, they show competition footage, challenges and day-in-the-life videos.

14. Dan Rosenburg

Dan is a freestyle callisthenics athlete whose Instagram page is enough to frighten the life out of you, as you watch him dangle and leap from high bars. He is the 3x Israeli champion and dedicates every waking moment to perfecting his craft.

15. Brandon Hendrickson 

Brandon earned his Pro card in 2013 and has since gone on to win 1st place in Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique for the years 2018, 2020 and 2021, as well as a multitude of other awards. Through his Instagram account, he certainly presents a work hard, play hard mentality and is praised by many because of this. 

Top female fitness influencers

1. Anita Herbert

Anita is a fitness competitor from Hungary who loves to uplift others in the fitness community. She has secured first place in several physique competitions and runs through her go-to workouts and recipes to achieve these results on her Instagram page.

2. Emma McQuaid 

To prove that we’re inclusive of all fitness influencers over here, we have a frontrunner in the world of CrossFit, Emma. As a 4x CF Games winning athlete she is proof that strength is not reserved for masculinity. Emma is certainly someone to add to your following list!


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A post shared by Emma McQuaid (@mcquaid175)

3. Stephanie Sanzo

Stephanie is an Aussie fitness celebrity and personal trainer. Her journey began after having her children and wanting to shed some of her pregnancy weight. Since then she has labelled herself as a gym fanatic. She shares her go-to workout routines with her 3M followers on Instagram and is now regarded as one of the fittest mums on the planet. 

4. Whitney Simmons 

For those of you already familiar with the fitness industry, Whitney’s name is one you should already be well acquainted with. The fun-loving athlete posts her workouts and recipes for her 3.5M followers to take inspiration from. Her YouTube channel has 2.15M subscribers and is where you can find more in-depth recipe and exercise videos. 

5. Lucy Davis

Describing herself as ‘your no BS fitness gal’, Lucy is a former competitive swimmer turned weightlifter and, now, co-founder of the My Coach app, which offers customers individualised training and nutrition plans. She is also a fitness representative for the likes of Gymshark, MyProtein and Nocco. 


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A post shared by LUCY DAVIS | FITNESS (@lucydavis_fit)

6. Courtney Black 

Courtney is one of Instagram’s most beloved fitness influencers. Alongside posting her workouts, recipes and generally motivational content, she is a personal trainer who trains people through the Courtney Black app and the founder of Sofina Active and Le Skin. 

7. Emma Storey-Gordon

Emma is a mentor, health and fitness coach and educator on the science behind exercising and eating. She has helped thousands of women put an end to yo-yo dieting inspires others to prioritise their health through factual, yet entertaining, social media posts and her podcast.

8. The Harte sisters

Talia and Giulia Harte are not only sisters with a passion for fitness, but also ex-GB skiers. On their TikTok channel you can expect to find their entertaining attempts at a range of fitness challenges and over on their Instagram page, you can find recipe ideas, HIIT content and at-home/gym workout routines. 

@thehartesisters NEW CHALLENGE – @Women‘s Best ♬ BIG TIME RUSH REMIX – Sleazy Stereo

9. Lottie Murphy

As a holistic health coach, lifestyle blogger and Pilates expert, Lottie promotes a balanced way of living. Her YouTube channel has 331k subscribers and covers Pilates workouts, recipe ideas, lifestyle vlogs and other content. Lottie has also worked with many brands and hosted retreats all over the world in partnership with them. 

10. Saman Munir

As a certified trainer, fitness instructor and mother of 2, Saman is making waves in the fitness industry. Her career accomplishments include being an instructor on the Evolve You app, an Under Armour trainer and a Women’s Best team mate. 

11. Emoni Arnaud

Emoni is a certified personal trainer based in LA. She shares her client transformations and workout tips and tricks with her 10k Instagram followers. Emoni is also an Oner Active affiliate.


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A post shared by Emoni Arnaud ??‍? (@emonicheyanne)

12. Tori Farrow

Our list of fitness influencers would not be complete without Tori. With 253k Instagram followers, Tori uses her platform as an online fitness coach to help women cut through the BS to achieve life changing results. She performs her workouts with ferocity and power and is an Oner Active athlete.

13. Madison De Jesus-Walker

Madison is another Oner Active athlete who has made it onto our list. With her 429k Instagram followers, Madison shares workout routines, tips for making training more fun and motivational content. 

14. Emma Cary

Emma is an 18-year-old crossfit athlete who shares her workouts and competition prep with her 45k Instagram followers. Her dedication to crossfit is very inspirational!


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A post shared by Emma Cary (@emmacaryy)

15. Malin Malle

Malin is a calisthenics athlete and coach. In 2022 she became the no.1 world champion in freestyle heavyweight calisthenics. She creates inspirational content for her social media channels. 


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A post shared by MALIN MALLE (@malinmallejansson)


Who are the popular ‘gym girl’ Instagram influencers?

  1. Whitney Simmons
  2. Anita Herbert
  3. Krissy Cela
  4. Sommer Ray
  5. Kaylia Itsines

How much do Instagram fitness influencers make?

To earn money as a fitness influencer, you must have built a large community, as you are then able to charge more for brand deals. For example, Chloe Ting has 20 million followers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and, as the most followed influencer, typically earns around $20k per post. 

Who are the most popular female fitness influencers?

  1. Michelle Lewin
  2. Jen Selter
  3. Kayla Itsines
  4. Lauren Drain
  5. Massy Arias
  6. Emily Skye
  7. Rachel Brathen
  8. Alexa Jean Hunt
  9. Tone It Up
  10. Nikki Blackketter

What are the best fitness hashtags?











How do you become a fitness influencer on Instagram?

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Choose a platform 
  3. Establish your brand
  4. Learn technical skills (ie, editing, graphics etc)
  5. Identify your content pillars (fitness education, personal fitness journey, free workouts etc)
  6. Build your initial following

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