The Ecommerce Podcasts You Need To Know

Jan 20, 2023

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The Ecommerce Podcasts You Need To Know

In the digital age, the key to online success is authenticity. Oftentimes, influencers and brands can express this through storytelling. Relaying relatable stories of success or struggle to their followers is what makes them human and therefore a figure of importance to many. 

As technology evolves, new platforms have become available for people to share these stories on and podcasts have taken this realm by storm. The convenience of listening to a podcast contributes to this. We are able to get information while continuing with our daily lives, whether that’s cooking, commuting, exercising etc. 

As of January 2023, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide and this number is expected to rise to 504.9 million by the end of 2024. For these listeners, they increase their chances of finding a like-minded community by being offered a choice of over 5 million different podcasts. There quite literally is something for everyone.

In recent years, ecommerce brands have begun leveraging the power of podcasting with many geared towards offering free advice to startups. If this sounds like something you want to get on board with, we will be running through the top ecommerce podcasts you need to know to get you started. 

What is a podcast?

Think radio. But on demand.

The length of a podcast varies from just a few minutes to a few hours with each one being released episodically, like a TV show. 

Podcasts cover any and every topic. Whatever your hobbies and interests are, there is probably a podcast out there for it. If not, why not start your own? Podcasts can be fun, gripping, scary, fact, fiction, but above everything they tell those all important stories. 

We live in an age where knowledge is power and what better way to absorb this knowledge than subconsciously while going about your daily life. Absorbing knowledge through podcasts is also held to the same standard as reading a book or newspaper, so we see no downside. 

Types of podcast

The beauty of podcasting is that no two podcasts are the same. They are just as varied as the people who host them. Because of this, it means that they vary in their purposes too. Those that offer insights and knowledge tend to be more structured, whereas those created more for entertainment purposes are very casual in their tone and posting schedule. Here are the most popular podcast types:


A lot of podcasts serve as audio-only interviews, whereby a host will often interview an expert from the industry that the podcast theme is based on. To attract a broader audience, a podcast interviewer will aim to interview a diverse range of people, while still loosely sticking to the theme the podcast was intended to serve.

Conversational format

This is similar to the interview style, but instead of a structured format, the host casually chats to the interviewee to create a more organic feel. These podcasts are very informal and tend not to focus on giving hard-hitting information, more suggestions. 

Educational podcasts

These podcasts are intended to inform. They are often hosted by multiple people and are carefully structured to ensure important information is relayed to the listener. These podcasts also focus on being released in episodes, with each episode touching on one topic, so that listeners can learn at their own pace.

Top ecommerce podcasts

Shopify Masters:

Shopify Masters

What better way to get into ecommerce than by learning from one of the best ecommerce platforms out there?

Standout episodes:

  1. The One Data Insight that Doubled this Brand’s Sales
  2. How this Menswear Company Worked Past Major Breaking Points to Scale
  3. How to Grow your DTC Business on a Budget.

Ecommerce Playbook:

Ecommerce Playbook

This podcast is for beginners looking for straightforward, tactical advice to get started with their own ecommerce business. 

Standout episodes:

  1. How Much Should I Spend on Ads?
  2. 21 AntiFragile Ecommerce Tactics 
  3. Know your Numbers (No, your Real Numbers)

DTC Podcast:

DTC Podcast

If you are launching a direct-to-consumer business, then this podcast is for you. 

Standout episodes:

  1. Marketing Fyre Festival, The Viral Campaign of the Decade
  2. Kevin Wong, Lunar: Breaking into Big Box Retailers with Hard Seltzer CPG
  3. Shaun Brandt, Oddit: Conversion as a Service, Optimise DTC like a PM

The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast:

The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast

Host Kerrie A. Fitzgerald runs a workshop-style podcast that touches on all aspects of running a successful ecommerce brand.

Standout episodes:

  1. Why Free Facebook Groups May be Hurting your Ecommerce Business
  2. How to Create a Cult-Like Following for your Ecommerce Brand
  3. Key Elements for a Strong Ecommerce Brand with Duo Collective

Female Start Up Club:

Female Start Up Club

Created with female entrepreneurs in mind, the Female Start Up club balances educational content with inspirational content.

Standout episodes:

  1. 3 Lessons that Turned this Failing Fashion Entrepreneur into an 8-Figure Founder
  2. 7 Women Pioneers Changing the Future of Feminine Health
  3. My 7 Worst Business Mistakes that Cost me Thousands of Dollars

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