8 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2023

Feb 26, 2021

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8 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2023

Social media trends are constantly evolving, so it is essential for brands and marketers to always keep updated with the ways in which social media is changing. As a brand or business owner, choosing not to move with the times and adhere to the latest social media trends could jeopardise your relationship with your audience. This is why it is so important that you are aware of the new social media trends that are taking the internet by storm. 

It is also crucial for social media influencers to be conscious of the social media trends today. Being aware of these trends will not only increase followers and engagement rates but will also help influencers to understand the best methods to engage with their audiences online. 

Are you keen to find out the social media trends in 2021? We have curated a list of 8 trends that are anticipated to have an integral part of social media in the future.

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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2022

1. Virtual Reality will become commonplace

Virtual Reality

In the past year, the world has been faced with the crisis that is the pandemic. As a result, people crave human interaction more than ever before. With government restrictions either limiting or forbidding face-to-face meetings, it is no surprise that virtual reality is becoming a social media trend to watch. Although virtual reality is typically associated with gaming, social media platforms are looking into using this system for people to connect with each other online. Facebook has created a virtual space named Facebook Horizon for its users to socially explore their own virtual community. Facebook Horizon could be the next big step for VR and could encourage other social channels to integrate VR into their own platforms. As most people are stuck indoors, we predict that virtual reality will quickly become a regular part of social media.

2. Diversity and inclusivity will be all the more important

In the past year, the world has been disrupted in a number of ways. From the global pandemic to police brutality, it seems as though the world is constantly being divided. For this reason, many brands and marketers have adapted to the ways in which society is changing. More people are having conversations about embracing diversity and are urging brands to include everyone in their campaigns. 

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many commercial brands created social campaigns to support the cause. For example, in 2020, Sainsbury’s released a Christmas advert which centred on a black family’s Christmas celebrations. Although the campaign championed equality and diversity in the UK, the advert was faced with so much backlash online for representing an ethnic minority group. Since then, more brands have been put under pressure to not remain silent about issues that are deeply rooted into society. Therefore, we are bound to see more brands rejecting racism and prejudice through their marketing campaigns. 

Other brands are becoming more inclusive of all people and are not conforming to gender stereotypes. They are incorporating real people into their own marketing campaigns. For example, Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand that is famous for creating beauty and skincare products that are not just for women. They also support and show off anyone who is a fan of their products on social media.

3. TikTok will still be on the rise


We have seen a rapid rise in the number of TikTok users in such a short period of time, so it is easy to say that the video-sharing app will keep dominating social media. More and more businesses are benefiting from TikTok and are gaining international exposure. With over 2 billion downloads, it is unlikely that TikTok will be forgotten about anytime soon.

4. Videos will still grow

A huge number of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by social media platforms that use videos as a primary feature. For example, 68% of consumers watch YouTube in order to make purchasing decisions. Other channels such as Instagram have unique video features that encourage online sales. Instagram Reels and IGTV have increased conversion rates and are continually increasing product sales on the platform. 

5. Social conversation will be crucial for brands

The brands that are the most successful are the brands that have found their voice. They observe, listen and engage in conversation which substantially increases their social media followings. A staggering 68% of social media users think that the content shared by brands is uninteresting. This means that in order to increase conversion rates and engagement rates online, brands must release thought-provoking and entertaining content for their audiences.

6. Social commerce will keep growing

Instagram - social media trends

Since the start of COVID-19, more people have had time to scroll through social media for hours on end. 57% of people are shopping more often since the pandemic, which has also encouraged more brands to market their products more frequently online. 87% of consumers claim that social media influences their buying decisions. This is not surprising as most social media platforms have features that cater to online shopping. The Buy Button and Shop tabs have been seen across different platforms, meaning that social commerce is one of the social media trends that is likely to keep growing in the foreseeable future.

7. Influencer marketing will keep growing

Social media is inundated with influencers who collaborate with various brands to spread brand awareness and promote a brand’s products or services. The fact that social media influencers are available in niche categories makes it easy for brands to find what they are looking for. Influencer marketing is also a cheaper option than integrating mainstream celebrities into a marketing campaign, which is why social media influencers are in high demand. Although influencer marketing is not a new social media trend, they are expanding the audiences of businesses through their high engagement rates, which suggests that influencer marketing will remain popular on social media.

8. Live streaming will be the norm

Live streaming - social media trends

The global pandemic saw the majority of businesses going digital. Zoom conferences and Microsoft Teams meetings replaced face-to-face interaction in the office. Live streaming concerts became the new way to enjoy music. People everywhere are now accustomed to interacting online without having to leave their homes. This practice is effective in increasing productivity for many people, so we are confident that it is here to stay beyond 2021.


What are the latest social media trends ?

The latest social media trends are focused on meeting the demands of the online consumer. This means that more brands are evolving to become more present on social media. The latest trends range from virtual reality becoming more widespread to videos being a primary feature of all social media channels. 

How to keep up with social media trends ?

Social media is filled with information, so it may be hard to keep up with new social media trends. A great way to stay on top of the newest trends is to navigate trending topics on social media. For example, scrolling through Instagram’s Explore Page will expose you to new and existing trends. 

How do I follow social media trends ? 

One of the best ways to follow social media trends is to search popular hashtags on social media. For example, #socialmedia can lead you to the latest trends on sites like Twitter.

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