YouTube Hashtags for Fashion Creators

Nov 30, 2022

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YouTube Hashtags for Fashion Creators

We know hashtags are typically associated with the likes of Twitter and Instagram, but have you ever thought about how YouTube hashtags can contribute to boosting your profile’s visibility and reach?

Hashtags are to social media what keywords are to Google. They help categorise content so that users can find what they are looking for more easily. 

YouTube hashtags do exactly this, too. 

By clicking on a hashtag, users can then see all YouTube videos under that hashtag. For creators, leveraging hashtags relevant to your niche is a great way to reach your desired audience.

If you’re a fashion creator looking to boost your YouTube page’s visibility and gain subscribers, or you simply want to know more about YouTube hashtags, then keep reading.

Why should you use YouTube hashtags?

With 51 million active accounts on YouTube, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of creators. Implementing YouTube hashtags into your title/description box is an opportunistic way to, if not completely stand out, at least categorise your videos so that they are viewed by those actively looking for that hashtag. 

As well as this:

  1. Hashtags help YouTube understand what your video is about – these give YouTube more information about your video, which can then determine which search results you appear in.
  2. Hashtags help more users find your content – if your video is appearing in search results, your view counts are likely to increase; and hopefully your subscriber count will follow.
  3. Hashtags can help you categorise your videos – they can help you categorise your content by theme or topic; which you can then create playlists for.

Best YouTube hashtags for fashion creators

Where to find them

Looking for the best hashtags for YouTube fashion videos?

We’ve got you covered.

Remember: hashtags aren’t to be used just for decoration. Each one must be carefully chosen and have meaning, otherwise your title/description box runs the risk of becoming “spammy”. YouTube hashtags are there to improve the discoverability of your videos and to attract new viewers and subscribers, so keep this in mind when searching for them!

1) Get inspiration from trending/popular videos:

Videos that are trending within your niche can guide your YouTube hashtag strategy. 

Simply going to YouTube’s trending page will not be enough in this instance, as it will be full of videos that are not related to your niche at all. Instead, choose from one of the suggested topics at the top of your homepage.

Get inspiration from trending popular videos

After a while, these topics become customised based on your interests and viewing history. YouTube will provide you with the most popular videos within each of these topics. Go through them and make note of the hashtags being used to see if your content could benefit from them in any way.

2)  Get inspiration from your competitors:

Your top competitors should be your biggest source of inspiration for YouTube hashtags. These fashion creators are most likely leaders within your niche and, therefore, will have a plethora of YouTube videos from which to take your hashtags. 

Go to the Videos section of your competitor’s YouTube channel. Click the ‘Popular’ button that appears above the video selection. These are the videos that have received the most views and there is a high chance that the hashtags attached to them could have contributed to its popularity.

Get inspiration from your competitors

3) Make use of YouTube’s Auto-Suggest feature:

If you type the hashtag symbol into the search bar, a list of the current most frequently searched for hashtags on the platform will appear. See if anything stands out that you can use in one of your videos.

How to add hashtags to a YouTube video

There are two ways to incorporate YouTube hashtags to your videos.

In the title:

Or in

How to add hashtags to a YouTube video

Or in the description box:

Or in the description box

Top YouTube hashtags

Here are some of the most popular hashtags on YouTube for beauty and fashion creators:













There are also a number of more generic YouTube hashtags that you can add to your videos to boost viewership and attract more subscribers (if they suit your content, of course):




















Follow the rules

YouTube has a clearly-laid-out set of guidelines for video uploads to the platform, so it only makes sense that they devise a similar set for YouTube hashtags.

If your hashtags violate any of the platform’s policies they will not be displayed under your video’s title and could even be removed.

  1. Don’t add spaces between words unless you want to create an entirely new hashtag – ie, home decor should be written as #homedecor, even though it is two separate words.
  2. Avoid overusing hashtags – this will turn viewers away from your video and YouTube will ignore all hashtags in your video if you use over 60 of them.
  3. Avoid using hashtags that aren’t directly related to the video – YouTube could remove your entire video if you attach misleading or unrelated hashtags.
  4. YouTube prohibits the inclusion of hashtags that promote hatred or violence against an individual or group – these also include racist or sexist language or other slurs.
  5. YouTube prohibits hashtags intended to harass, threaten, humiliate, intimidate or expose.
  6. Avoid including ordinary descriptive hashtags or hashtags that contain repetitive sentences.


Which hashtags are best for fashion creators on YouTube?

The best fashion-related hashtags on YouTube include:






Do hashtags work on YouTube?

If used correctly, hashtags are a great way to connect creators to their audience and boost their discoverability.

How do I choose the best YouTube hashtags?

  1. Look to competitors for inspiration
  2. Look to trending/popular videos within your niche for inspiration
  3. Keep up-to-date with the most frequently searched hashtags on the platform

Why do I need YouTube hashtags?

  1. They help YouTube understand what your video is about
  2. They help more users find your content
  3. They help categorise your videos

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