Vera Casagrande – “Influencer Marketing, it’s much more than “just being active on social media”

Oct 04, 2018

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Vera Casagrande – “Influencer Marketing, it’s much more than “just being active on social media”

Today we had some time to catch up with Influencer, Vera Casagrande, a fashion and travel influencer based in New York. We talked about all things Influencer Marketing and got her view on how the industry will evolve over the coming months and years! Enjoy!

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started to build a following?

I’ve devoted my last 10 years to the fashion industry as a commercial model and actress. My ever-evolving fashion and film career extends from working with iconic brands such as Nicole Miller and Zac Posen to appearing in HBO’s Vinyl. My following came totally from the non-blogger route- I built it sharing daily snapshots, outfit ideas, beauty favs and NYC city life.

Is this something you do full-time?

This is definitely my full-time work, however, it’s much more than “just being active on social media”. It’s a lifestyle profession that fits into my myriad of different jobs (Modeling / Acting / Consulting on Social Media + Content Creation)

They all kind of work in unison. I really love the variety of people I get to work with, the types of work I get to do and how I fit into the equation.

What sort of content do you create and what content works best with your audience?

I love sharing things that I find useful/ beautiful/ impressive. As an all around girly-girl that typically falls under Lifestyle, Fashion (Beauty)  and Travel!

What would you define Influencer Marketing as?

“Influencers” are individuals that have an active online presence or serve as key industry leaders. Influencer Marketing from a Brand’s perspective should be harnessing the power of these brand evangelists. These are the people that are online zealously advocating their audiences why they should give their time to a product or brand. Influencer Marketing is a key component to helping customers discover, use or purchase products.

How do you think Influencer Marketing will evolve over the next 12 months?

I think it’s a moving target, however,  it’s fun to see the industry growing! I think it will evolve by new brands jumping on board and hopefully seeing less resistance to Influencer Marketing being only “just a phase”.

How has the Influencer world evolved since you began?

I didn’t come from blogging and I still don’t have a traditional “blog” online. The evolution of the industry has opened up to people like me who are using Instagram only to show their work. Brands or people can now look at my portfolio/ website/ feed/captions and credentials to see what I’m all about and if they feel that I’m a good fit to partner with.

How do you feel brands are working with Influencers?

Some Brands are on it. I’ve seen brands blow up putting all of their marketing dollars into online campaigns and working with niche influencers to grow brand awareness and really seeing success. I have also seen brands that “don’t get it” and really miss the mark with younger demographics.

Have you seen any brands that you feel are doing great work with Influencers?

@Daniel Wellington


Enough said.

Do you use any software to help create content?

I love Adobe Lightroom on my phone to edit photos. UNUM for organization and curation!

How do you balance your online life with offline?

I’m not a “phone addict” and I put away the phone away to really “tune in” to dinner or conversations when I’m with people. It’s more about consciousness than balance.

Which influencers inspire you and look up to?

I’m really impressed by @tezzamb – she has great style.

If you could work with any brand, who would that be?

I’m pretty excited about my (@welovecoco) CHANEL beauty box arrival. High Fashion Brands are always dreamy because they put so much into the little details. Let’s say a Chloe for good measure. 🙂

Tell us something about you that people might not know?

I’m fluent in Finnish! So Random. I was born in Helsinki and we immigrated to the States when I was young. You wouldn’t guess as my writing online is all in English and that my last name is…. er…. not Finnish.

What’s your favourite social platform and why?

Instagram! It’s so versatile to tell your brand story – via videos, posts, stories or I’ve seen people use the entire feed as pieces of one photo. It’s really whatever you want to make it. I think that’s great for creative people.

Where do you want to take your career as an Influencer?

To the moon! 😉

I believe in this very young industry and I’m hoping to stay apart of it for the future.

I’m hoping that my feeds and portfolio will allow me to continue connecting with incredible brands and this amazing social media community!

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