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In the heart of New York, where the pulse of digital innovation beats the loudest, finding the right partner to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing is crucial. We’re Socially Powerful, a beacon of creativity and effectiveness in the realm of influencer marketing agencies in New York.

Our approach isn’t just about making connections; it’s about making the right connections that translate into meaningful, impactful campaigns. With Socially Powerful by your side, the possibilities of amplifying your brand’s voice and reaching your target audience through authentic and compelling influencer collaborations are endless.

Discover why partnering with us, a leading influencer marketing agency in NY, can transform your brand’s digital presence and create lasting impressions in the minds of your audience. With Socially Powerful by your side, the possibilities of amplifying your brand’s voice and reaching your target audience through authentic and compelling influencer collaborations are endless.

Global influencer marketing

In influencer marketing, social platforms are filled with distractions, and capturing attention is essential. With our influencer marketing firm we cut through the noise and create meaningful connections with your target audience with end-to-end tailored influencer marketing programmes unique to your goals and brand DNA.

We’re Socially Powerful, a global influencer marketing firm with offices in the UK, US, Europe, China and Dubai. Scroll down to learn how we work, read one of our case studies or find an answer to your question at the FAQ.

As a pioneering influencer marketing company in New York- we’ve been there from the start of the influencer marketing industry; we have helped the world’s biggest brands and startups foster genuine connections with audiences in every territory imaginable. We’re platform agnostic, building global influencer strategies and campaigns in Los Angeles, MiamiSan DiegoChicago and many other cities around the world.


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Influencer Agency

We're not just an agency; we're your strategic ally in the world of influencer marketing. With leveraging our proprietary technology, Aria, we tailor influencer strategies to meet your specific goals, launching campaigns that promise and deliver tangible results.

Our approach is collaborative, ensuring that your brand's narrative is authentically represented and resonates with your target audience through strategic influencer partnerships.


Influencer Marketing Strategies

Our strategies are not one-size-fits-all. We create customized influencer marketing strategies that align with your brand's unique identity, objectives, and target audience.

By understanding your market position and leveraging our insights into the New York digital landscape, we devise plans that maximize engagement, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions.


Content Strategy

Content is king, and our influencer marketing campaigns are built on a foundation of strong, compelling content that speaks directly to your audience.

From ideation to execution, we ensure that the content produced is not only engaging but also aligns with your brand's messaging and values, fostering genuine connections between influencers and their followers.


Paid Social

Our expertise extends into paid social, where we navigate the complexities of paid advertising on social platforms to enhance your campaign's reach and impact.

By targeting specific demographics and optimizing ad spend, we ensure that your message gets seen by those most likely to engage with your brand.


Influencer Campaign Measurement

Data drives our decision-making process. We employ advanced metrics and analytics to track the performance of our influencer marketing campaigns, providing you with clear, actionable insights into their effectiveness.

This data-driven approach allows for continuous optimization and ensures that your campaigns deliver the highest possible ROI in New York.


Influencer Marketing Technology

Our technology, Aria, is at the forefront of influencer marketing innovation. It enables us to streamline the influencer matchmaking process, ensuring a perfect fit between your brand and our network of influencers.

This technology also allows for seamless campaign management and measurement, providing a comprehensive view of campaign performance.


Influencer Marketing AI

We leverage artificial intelligence to enhance every aspect of our influencer marketing campaigns, from influencer identification and content optimization to performance analysis. This use of AI ensures that our strategies are not only effective but also efficient and forward-thinking.


Influencer Matchmaking

Finding the right influencer is both an art and a science. Our influencer matchmaking process involves a thorough analysis of an influencer's audience, engagement rates, content quality, and alignment with your brand values.

This meticulous approach ensures that we partner your brand with influencers who can authentically advocate for your products and services.

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Socially Powerful is situated in the heart of New York's financial district at 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY, US 10005. Our prime location places us at the crossroads of culture and commerce, enabling us to pulse with the dynamic rhythm of the city.

This strategic positioning not only keeps us connected to the latest trends and movements but also makes us easily accessible to our clients in and around New York.

Socially Powerful stands out as the premier choice for influencer marketing in New York for several compelling reasons. Our unique blend of global insights and local expertise allows us to craft influencer campaigns that resonate deeply with New Yorkers while also appealing to a wider audience.

Our proprietary technology, Aria, along with our commitment to data-driven strategies, ensures that we not only predict trends but also create them, delivering measurable results that exceed our clients' expectations.

Moreover, our comprehensive suite of services, from influencer matchmaking to campaign measurement, ensures that every aspect of your influencer marketing strategy is covered under one roof. This, coupled with our creative approach and commitment to authenticity, makes us the best influencer marketing agency for New York brands looking to make a significant impact on social media.

Yes, Socially Powerful boasts an extensive network of influencers across New York and beyond. Our relationships span a wide range of niches, from fashion and beauty to technology and gaming, ensuring that we can find the perfect match for your brand, regardless of your industry. Our influencer network is meticulously curated to include individuals who not only have significant reach but also exhibit high engagement rates and embody authenticity.

Our local presence in New York, combined with our global reach, positions us uniquely to leverage influencers not just for their online influence but also for their ability to connect with communities on a grassroots level. This localized approach ensures that your brand benefits from genuine advocacy, driving engagement and building lasting relationships with your target audience.

Our dedication to fostering authentic connections, our strategic location, and our comprehensive influencer network make Socially Powerful the ideal partner for any brand looking to leverage influencer marketing in New York.

Navigating the influencer marketing landscape, especially in a fast-paced and competitive market like New York, requires expertise, creativity, and precision. Socially Powerful, as a premier influencer marketing agency in New York, offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure your brand not only participates in but leads the conversation on social media.

At Socially Powerful, we do more than just connect brands with influencers; we create impactful, enduring relationships that drive growth and success. Our comprehensive services, tailored specifically for the New York market, ensure that your brand leverages influencer marketing to its fullest potential.

In New York City, influencer marketing has emerged as a premier promotional strategy, fueled by the growing engagement of consumers with online content. Influencers, who are content creators with significant followings, are central to this marketing method.

However, the process of managing or hiring these influencers can be complex. This is where influencer marketing agencies step in. These specialized agencies bridge the gap between brands and influencers, facilitating effective collaborations that promote products or services with authenticity and impact.

At its core, an influencer marketing agency is a specialized firm that bridges the gap between brands and influencers. Socially Powerful takes this definition several steps further by not just acting as a middleman but as a strategic partner that meticulously crafts and executes influencer marketing campaigns tailored to your brand's specific goals and objectives.

Our agency harnesses the power of social media influencers to elevate your brand's presence, drive engagement, and boost sales through authentic and relatable content. Unlike traditional marketing, influencer marketing leverages the trust and rapport influencers have with their followers to advocate for your brand in a way that feels personal and genuine. This approach can dramatically enhance your brand's visibility and credibility.

Socially Powerful specializes in identifying the right influencers whose values and audience align with your brand, ensuring that every collaboration is not only meaningful but also resonates with your intended demographic. Our expertise in influencer marketing in New York and beyond ensures that we deliver not just campaigns, but results that speak volumes.

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