Vegan Influencers: The Top Vegan Influencers for Veganuary 2023

Dec 08, 2022

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Vegan Influencers: The Top Vegan Influencers for Veganuary 2023


A life-long debate. 

It is no longer just a trendy term for social media likes, it has become a popular lifestyle choice for a lot of people and vegan influencers have emerged to show you just how to become one yourself.

Founded in 2014, Veganuary has become recognised nationwide and may even play a larger role in 2% of the UK’s population being vegan as of July 2022, thank we think. 

January is a time for new beginnings and maybe Veganuary is what leads you to yours.

We know veganism isn’t for everyone. That’s why, through this blog, our only aim is to inspire and educate people about this lifestyle choice and the vegan Instagram influencers behind it. 

Vegan fitness influencers

When we think of veganism, we tend to think of health and fitness. 

If you’re a fitness fanatic looking to branch out into the world of veganism, here are the top vegan fitness influencers to look out for:

Stefanie – @naturallystefanie

On Stefanie’s page you will find heaps of workouts, vegan food recipes and daily vlogs.


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A post shared by STEFANIE ??????? (@naturallystefanie)

Nimai – @nimai_delgado

Hailed one of the frontrunners of vegan fitness, Nimai’s profile aims to educate viewers on how to body build on a vegan diet. 

Natalie – @fitveganchef

Natalie is a former IFBB pro who shares her love for vegan food and travelling with her audience on Instagram.

Layla – @laylaluciano

Layla is a vegan coach, athlete and martial artist who shares her workouts with her followers.


Lifting Vegan Logic is a vegan activist and fitness enthusiast who posts many thought-provoking Instagram posts.

Vanessa – @plantbasedmuscle

Vanessa is a vegan trainer and nutrition coach. Her profile is packed with workouts and nutritious recipes.


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A post shared by Vanessa Espinoza (@plantbasedmuscle)

Black vegan influencers

These talented black vegan influencers are guaranteed to get you to stop scrolling with their delicious recipes, inspiring activism and tips and tricks.

Tabitha – @iamtabithabrown

She stole our hearts on TikTok during the lockdown and now she’s taken Instagram by storm with 4.2M followers. Tabitha shares with us her favourite vegan recipes and a whole lotta positivity!


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A post shared by Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

Torre – @torre.washington

Torre is a former IBFF pro who uses his profile to advocate for veganism. 

Tracye – @byanygreens

Tracye has been vegan for 35 years and uses her expertise on the lifestyle choice to inform others – particularly black women – on how to get started with their own journey to veganism.


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A post shared by Tracye McQuirter, MPH (@byanygreens)

Todd – @turnipvegan

Todd is your go-to-guy for yummy vegan recipes. With a particular knowledge of mushrooms and how to incorporate them into his food, Todd has an impressive 343k followers on Instagram.


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A post shared by Todd Anderson (@turnipvegan)

Rachel – @rachelama_

Rachel is one of the UK’s most adored vegan chefs. She uses her platform to promote her cookbook titled ‘One Pot Three Ways’ and share her love of vegan food.


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A post shared by Rachel Ama (@rachelama_)

Will – @willedmond

Will is a vegan chef and travel host who teaches his followers how to cook vegan meals and travel better. 

Raw vegan influencers

There’s veganism. 

And then there’s VEGANISM.

Those who fall under the latter prefer to pull their food directly from nature. This is classed as raw veganism.

Kristina – @fullyrawkristina

Kristina is the frontrunner in raw veganism on Instagram. She has been a fully raw vegan for 17 years and shares all her tips and tricks for raw vegan meal prep with her followers. Her colourful, bright and inspiring profile is bound to stop you in your tracks. 

Lissa – @rawfoodromance

Lissa has been a fully raw vegan for 8 years and shares her recipes with her 123K followers on Instagram.


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A post shared by Raw Food Romance (@rawfoodromance)

Anya & Masha – @golubkakitchen

Golubkakitchen is all about sharing a passion for cooking quirky, vegan food!

Top vegan influencers to follow

Looking to get started on your vegan journey? 

We have put together a list of the best vegan influencers out there to help get you on track!

Michelle – @michellecehn

Michelle shares with us how to balance a vegan lifestyle with a young family. She is the founder of and @Vegan.  


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A post shared by Michelle Cehn (@michellecehn)

Gaz – @gazoakley

Gaz is a vegan chef, author and founder of @nanaosrestaurant. He boasts an impressive 630K followers on Instagram, for whom he shares a multitude of tasty, vegan recipes.


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A post shared by Gaz Oakley ??????? (@gazoakley)

Katie – @chocolatecoveredkatie

If any of you are dessert lovers like us, you will be doing yourself a disservice by not visiting this profile. Katie shares her healthy, vegan dessert recipes with 509K followers. 

Ed – @earthlinged

Ed is a bestselling author, Vegan educator and public speaker. He uses his platform to educate people on veganism and how the lifestyle change should be seriously considered by all.


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A post shared by Earthling Ed (@earthlinged)

Andrea – @earthyandy

Andrea is the author of bestseller ‘Plant Over Processed’ and shares her vegan life with her family on her Instagram page. Her posts mostly consist of her homemade smoothies and desserts.


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A post shared by Andrea Hannemann (@earthyandy)

Alexis – @blackforager

Foraging for food isn’t something we typically come into contact with, daily, but Alexis teaches her followers how to do exactly this. She turns her foraged foods into delicious vegan meals.


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A post shared by Alexis Nikole ?? (@blackforager)

Elisa – @happyskinkitchen 

Elisa is a vegan recipe developer and, just by looking at her Instagram profile, you can see exactly why! She believes that healthy skin starts with what’s on your plate and posts delicious-looking food for her followers to gawk over.

Rose – @cheaplazyvegan

For those of us who don’t quite have all the time in the world to prepare fancy vegan dishes, Rose has us covered. She shares her quick, easy and healthy vegan recipes with her followers; which are perfect for those who are new to vegan cooking. 

Lauren – @hotforfood

Lauren is an LA-based, vegan chef who shares her mouthwatering recipes with 343K followers.

Liz – @itslizmiu 

Liz is a vegan food blogger from Sydney. She loves to share her vegan food adventures with her Instagram followers, as well as sharing how she develops her recipes, too!


Who are the biggest vegan influencers?





What are the best vegan YouTube channels?





What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

Vegans exclude all animal products from their diet, while vegetarians only exclude meat and fish. 

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