Top Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags in 2022

Jun 23, 2021

Social Media Marketing News

Top Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags in 2022

Using hashtags on social media can make your social media content easier for audiences to find. By using the right hashtags, you can increase your reach, audience engagement, boost brand awareness and play into platform algorithms. 

Instagram Reels is still a relatively new addition to the platform. Introduced as Instagram’s competition for TikTok, Reels allows users to create short-form video content. Reels captions still use hashtags and adding hashtags for Reels is a necessary step to improve your Reels content on Instagram. Using the best hashtags for Insta Reels will get your content more views, likes, comments, shares and followers.

The benefits of hashtags on Instagram

While there isn’t a specific strategy brands should stick to for Instagram hashtags, they should focus on the most popular Instagram hashtags for their audiences and find the best time to post on Instagram to receive the most engagement. By using hashtags to show you know the latest Instagram trends, you are proving your cultural relevance to target audiences.

instagram reels hashtags

Hashtags increase brand awareness and affinity

Many businesses use branded hashtags to promote their brand or campaigns. These can be great for driving traffic to your content and increasing engagement. Using branded hashtags as a space to host fun challenges can drastically increase user generated content.

Hashtags increase engagement

Hashtags let you put your content directly in front of the people looking for it. Hashtags allow you to join relevant conversations; Instagram users searching for hashtags will see the content you have posted. As you increase your reach, engagement generally follows.

Hashtags promote brand values

Hashtags give brands the opportunity to show their values and support for social issues. This shows your followers you are more than a corporate brand, something particularly important to younger audiences. If consumers see you support the same issues as them, they are likely to favour your brand.

Hashtags can hyper-target audiences

Hashtags allow brands to target specific audiences on Instagram, meaning your content is seen by the right people. Users search for and follow hashtags they are interested in; using those hashtags means your content is seen by those interested in your content.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram’s answer to the TikTok popularity. Instagram Reels are short-form, digestible videos that users can make using music or other sounds. They can be shared to creators’ Stories, the Explore feed and on the Reels tab. Instagram influencers use Reels hashtags to increase their chances of being seen by the right audiences. 

This feature is great for Instagram creators that don’t want to rebuild their following on TikTok. In addition, Reels are more accessible to users as TikTok is banned in certain countries.

Why you should use Instagram Reels hashtags

We have already covered the benefits of using hashtags on Instagram, and these also apply to Reels hashtags. However, the benefits may be more impactful when used on the new Instagram feature. 

Hashtags for Insta Reels can help brands group content together. These could include using more generic hashtags or niche and brand-specific hashtags. Using specific hashtags can increase interest and engagement for your content, as well as making it easy for users to find specific product or campaign hashtags. 

On Reels, hashtags can also be used to increase relevant followers. However, as with any platform, it’s not useful to increase your audience with those who don’t truly resonate with your brand, products or services. Using specific hashtags on Reels will make your content discoverable by those who will be interested in your content.

The best hashtags for Reels

We’ve covered why you should be using hashtags on your Reels content, but what are the current most popular Instagram Reels hashtags?

  1. #reels
  2. #reelsinstagram
  3. #reelsvideo
  4. #reelsindia
  5. #holareels
  6. #reelsbrasil
  7. #reelsteady
  8. #instagramreels
  9. #reelsinsta
  10. #instareels
  11. #reelsofinstagram
  12. #k
  13. #music
  14. #bhfyp
  15. #disney
  16. #tiktokindia
  17. #videoftheday
  18. #instareel
  19. #foryoupage
  20. #fyp


Should you put hashtags on IG reels?

Yes! Using hashtags on Reels content can significantly increase your reach, views, likes, comments, shares and follows. Using hashtags makes your content easier for other Instagram users to find. 

Which Instagram hashtags get the most likes?

The below hashtags have received the most likes on the platform. 

  1. #likes
  2. #like
  3. #follow
  4. #likeforlikes
  5. #love
  6. #instagood
  7. #instagram
  8. #followforfollowback
  9. #followme
  10. #photooftheday
  11. #bhfyp
  12. #instalike
  13. #photography
  14. #l
  15. #instadaily
  16. #me
  17. #picoftheday
  18. #beautiful
  19. #myself
  20. #likeforfollow

What are the best Instagram hashtags?

The most used Instagram hashtags of all time are listed below. While these are very popular, they are also generic. To see the best impact from hashtags, you should use ones specific to your industry and niche. 

  1. #love
  2. #fashion
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #beautiful
  5. #photography
  6. #picoftheday
  7. #happy
  8. #follow
  9. #nature
  10. #tbt

What is the best time to post Reels on Instagram?

According to a study by Sprout Social, the best time to post on Instagram is between 11AM on Wednesday and 11AM on Friday. Users use Instagram to combat mid-week blues and hence are more likely to see your content.

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