Important TikTok Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2023

Feb 11, 2022

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Important TikTok Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2023

TikTok stats are an important part of the platform that many users seem to overlook, especially when it comes to marketing strategies. Here are some stats that are important to know, from finding out how and where people are using TikTok, what to expect from brands and which ad formats perform best.

General TikTok stats 

Most downloaded app

As of August 2020, TikTok has been downloaded 2 billion times and was also the most downloaded app of 2020 according to court filings published by the company.

7th most-used platform 

TikTok is also the 7th most-used social network beating Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest in the running. As of January 2021 it had 689 million global active users despite TikTok not being available in China and being banned in India in June 2020.

Bytedance is worth over $100 billion

TikTok’s owner Bytedance is the world’s most valuable startup with an estimated valuation of $100 billion. TikTok’s parent company managed to usurp Uber’s position as the world’s most valuable start-up when it was valued at $75 billion.

No market prefers TikTok as its favourite app

A survey was conducted in 2020 by GlobalWebIndex and found that out of 47 countries polled, TikTok did not place as the favourite service. Instead, WhatsApp was chosen as the preferred app in 22 countries, closely followed by Facebook which was the preferred app in 18 countries. However, in China, 15% of respondents chose Douyin as their preferred app; however, this was overtaken by WeChat which was chosen by 49%.

YouTube’s Shorts get 3.5 billion views a day

Even though we are looking at TikTok stats, it is important to take into account competing apps that have been ‘inspired’ by TikTok. Though TikTok is not an objective threat to TikTok, it did increase in popularity due to the new Shorts feature on the platform. Another competing feature that TikTok should keep an eye on is the Instagram Reels feature as well as Snapchat’s TikTok-esque feed called ‘Spotlight’.

TikTok user stats 

Now that we have some general TikTok stats out of the way, here are some TikTok user stats.

TikTok has nearly 100 million active users in the United States

According to reports as of June 2020, 91.9 million Americans use TikTok every month and about 50 million are active on the app everyday. Its user base has rapidly grown since its debut in 2018 increasing by a whopping 800% between January 2018 and June 2020.

In the U.S, the vast majority of TikTok users are below 30-years old

According to research published by the Pew Research Center, 48% of TikTok users are between 18-29 years old. This figure dropped to 20% in the 30-49 year old age group and even lower amongst 50-64 year olds who take up 14% of the TikTok user base.

25% of Gen Zers in the US said they’d be more likely to use TikTok amid a ban

In a public favour poll by Morning Consult, it was revealed the 1 in 4 Gen Zers are more inclined to use TikTok after learning about the potential ban. Only 9% of Gen Zers said they’d be less likely to use the app.

Here are some stats for TikTok Usage

Android users spend an average of 13.3 hours on the app a month.

Research from AppAnnie found that those with Android devices spend an average of 13.3 hours streaming on the app per month. This put TikTok in fourth place amongst social media apps, falling behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in terms of total time spent on the app.

The majority of people use TikTok to find funny/entertaining content

Most people use TikTok as a place ‘to find funny/entertaining content’ according to a survey conducted in 2020 by GlobalWebIndex. The second most popular behaviour was posting/sharing content and keeping up with news ranked as the third most popular behaviour. This has made it clear that TikTok’s key selling point is its entertainment value as posting content was the top use for Instagram and Snapchat.

176 different songs surpass 1 billion video views in 2020

It is clear that music is the driving force of TikTok. Songs get played more on the app more than any other streaming service including Spotify. For example, Drake’s TikTok viral song ‘Tootsie Slide’ amassed one billion views in just three days. With the top song on spotify logging a total 1.6 billion streams. Old songs also get brought back to life as soon as they become a TikTok viral sensation or find a fitting challenge to be a part of. For example, the 1997 hit by Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’, returned to Billboard charts and tripled in sales after a TikTok video using the song went viral.

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