Top 10 TikTok Campaigns: How Brands Are Using TikTok Influencers

Feb 07, 2022

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Top 10 TikTok Campaigns: How Brands Are Using TikTok Influencers

Source: Filmora MVP Youtube Channel

Perhaps these classic examples of great TikTok campaigns can inspire you and your brand to create the best TikTok campaigns in 2022.

Elf Cosmetics

With four billion views and three million user generated videos, Elf Cosmetics’ ‘Eyes Lips Face’ challenge has been dubbed the most influential campaign on TikTok to date. The campaign involved the creation of an original song to go alongside the brand’s hashtag challenge.

@abbyroberts maleficent is shaking ?✨ #foryou #foryoupage #eyeslipsface ♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.) – iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun

A number of influencers promoted the song in their own videos, which then spurred other celebrities and users to do the same. The song ended up going viral! The successful TikTok campaign largely stems from the fact that it was deliberately designed to feel native to TikTok, and is seen as one of the best TikTok Campaigns.

Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the most innovative companies marketing online and has set the benchmark for viral videos and demonstrated best practices for running its own social accounts and video channels. Red Bull also works with influencers across a variety of platforms. 

One of its recent TikTok Campaigns is with the influencer Keeoh. He shared a video on TikTok, where he claimed he was going to perform a magic trick with Red Bull. Illusions and exciting visuals on TikTok have been an excellent outlet for brands to have an easy sell of their product.

Sony Music

Music companies are generally excellent at keeping up with the latest marketing fashions. Not to mention, TikTok is an excellent social media app for music promotion.

Sony Music ran a TikTok influencer marketing campaign promoting the Nicky Jam x Sch song,  Atrévete. The campaign ran across Spain, Argentina, and Italy. The music company then contracted twelve influencers to create a TikTok video each. These influencers reached a total of 8 million engaged users and over 1.2 million likes.


Gymshark has been involved with Instagram influencer marketing for some time and decided that it should also target younger potential customers on TikTok. At the beginning of 2019, Gymshark created its 66 Days: Change Your Life challenge.

Gymshark partnered with six influencers who had higher followings on TikTok than Instagram. The campaign hashtag, #gymshark66 gained over 45.5 million views.

TikTok fans recognize Gymshark for the educational content of many of their videos. Its TikTok strategy allows Gymshark (and associated influencers) to speak directly to its target market—fitness enthusiasts.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was one of the first brands to enter the TikTok world, all the way back in 2019. It initially produced 22 videos, using the tag #MyCalvins where stars such as Shawn Mendes, Kendall Jenner, and A$AP Rocky were briefly interviewed for Calvin Klein.

Notably, these videos have been viewed comparatively few times compared to other campaigns using fewer famous influencers—likely due to the fact there weren’t as many TikTok users then, when compared to the 1+ billion active users nowadays. 


Kool-Aid ran its first TikTok campaign in 2019 and offered $10,000 prize money as an incentive. 

The campaign began with rapper Lil Jon and mascot Kool-Aid Man. TikTok users were then encouraged to post videos of themselves enjoying the holiday season, using the tag 


Kool-Aid then brought other influencers into the campaign, including Glitterandlazers, kidrl, nickandsienna, and kingcamo_1. 

The campaign succeeded in generating interest in the contest, and resulted in a large amount of user-generated content—over 10,000 videos were created of people enjoying themselves at Christmas. 


The NBA was one of the early adopters of TikTok, but the coronavirus pandemic has meant that it has increased its focus on the platform. One of the reasons NBA content was so successful on TikTok is the variety of content it produces—which ranges from sporting challenges to behind-the-scenes pranks—as well as the number of videos, with the brand typically posting five to six times per day. 


Converse is another brand that has capitalised on TikTok’s campaign options—namely, TikTok Hashtag Challenges. As part of the challenge, Converse asked users to create user generated content related to a specific theme.

Earlier this year, Converse launched the ‘Creative All Star Series’, asking creatives to modify a pair of sneakers and share their creations using the hashtag, #ConverseAllStar. So far, the hashtag has generated 54.3M views.


Chipotle succeeded in driving visibility and brand awareness. Its campaign, #GuacDance (to coincide with National Avocado Day), drove over 250,000 video submissions, and nearly 430 million video starts during its six-day run on TikTok.


Walmart has run a few hashtag campaigns on TikTok so far, most recently, it ran the #DealDropDance campaign, where it recruited six influencers to inspire their followers to post videos of themselves articulating how Black Friday deals at Walmart make them feel.

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