Twitter Header Size Best Practices in 2023

Aug 11, 2021

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Twitter Header Size Best Practices in 2023

When creating a Twitter account for your brand, it’s important to create branded profile pictures and banners in order to make your profile as recognisable as possible. If you create Twitter assets that are the wrong ratios, you will look unprofessional. Having a Twitter header sized correctly can be a great marketing tool. As superficial as it may sound, image is everything. Particularly in the online business world. A well-polished brand image exudes professionalism and authenticity, urging visitors to your page to stick around and see what you have to offer.  Today, businesses can take advantage of a variety of platforms to amplify their online presence for the sake of increasing brand awareness, driving sales or increasing engagement. One of the top platforms for such goals is Twitter. Every element of your Twitter profile is equally important to your brand image. We’re talking profile picture, username and even header. Not knowing the exact dimensions of these elements or what Twitter header size is required, is completely normal. It’s why we’re here to help.  Today’s blog will look specifically at how to tailor your Twitter header size to ensure a polished profile upon first glance and how to use its design to achieve your business goals.

The Power of a Twitter Header

Despite its prominent placement and size – Twitter headers are often misused by many brands, losing them the opportunity to cleverly express themselves.  Think about it. Would you rather be greeted by a Twitter header showing a photograph of a team happily working on a really cool project or by a plain Twitter-blue rectangle? We know which we’d prefer.  The point here is that your Twitter banner can do more for your business than you think.  But first, you need to know how to use it correctly.

The best Twitter banner size in 2023

According to Twitter, the appropriate banner size for Twitter in 2023 is 1500×500 pixels with an aspect ratio of 3:1.  These are the starting blocks of creating a great Twitter header. While the Twitter cover size is important, you also need to have high quality images and content to use to finalise the header. It’s also important to note that part of your Twitter header will be hidden by your profile picture. However, the position of your profile picture changes depending on the device you’re using and the available screen size.  On a PC, a large portion of your Twitter header will be hidden behind your profile picture. On mobile devices, you will be able to see more of your Twitter banner. This means you need to create a banner that has enough space in the bottom left corner left alone so your profile does not detract from it. Moreover, the space at the top and bottom of the banner (about 60 pixels for each) tends to get cropped depending on the monitor size or browser being used.  So, the overall safe space for your Twitter header is 1500×360 pixels.

Twitter banner size

To create your own Twitter header, you can use an editing software such as Canva. Canva has Twitter header templates already sized correctly. You can change the elements featured by adding images and graphics that are suitable for your band.

How to Optimize your Twitter header?

Now you know the technicalities of the Twitter header, it’s time to design! Your header is the first thing that visitors will see when they click on your profile. With a visually appealing, high-quality and intentional design, you’ll be able to engage visitors and increase brand awareness. Therefore, here it is worth using the services of a Twitter marketing agency.  Here are a few points to consider when tailoring your Twitter header:

  1. Keep it relevant: As with everything you put out online, your Twitter header should be relevant to your brand. Visitors to your page should be able to take one look at your header and immediately know something about your business.
  2. Make an emotional appeal: remember the saying, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’? This is what you should bear in mind when selecting images for your Twitter header. How can you get your appeal across without saying anything?
  3. Keep it simple and clean: as you now know, you don’t have a whole lot of real estate to get your brand message across in your Twitter header, so avoid making things look overcrowded and confusing by opting for a clean and simple design.80% of Twitter uses access the platform from a mobile device, so anything cluttered will not translate well. Many brands choose to stick to just images with high-contrast colours, but those who do opt for text ensure it is easy-to-read and uses a standard font.
  4. Put the interesting stuff in the middle: Twitter headers are wide, meaning there are multiple ways a user’s eyes could wander. Keep the content you want to be seen in the centre and use the space around it to direct attention to it.

Twitter Header Examples and Best Practices


Twitter banner size - netflix

Netflix’s Twitter header is a great example of a brand that knows how to capitalise on this visual space. The stark contrast between the red and white colours makes it visually appealing and easy for mobile users to see/read and we love how each country’s Netflix account has localised its Twitter header in accordance with promotional shows in that region, just like the UK & Ireland account below.

Twitter header size - netflix


Twitter header size Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management software company who, instead of selling a product, sells a service. To get this across, it makes use of the simplicity of a Twitter header to perfectly sell its service. ‘Get it together’ tells visitors that this is the business they should go to to sort their team projects out. In the past, it has also used comedic cartoons to represent its brand. The office supplies, question and frantic employee all lead back to a simple theme: the need for productivity.

Twitter banner size - Basecamp


Etsy is a brand that understands how to let images do the talking. Their artsy display of images correlates with its DIY roots and the array of products suggests that users can find just about anything on the site. The pastel colours are also very in-keeping with the Etsy brand.

Twitter header size - Etsy


Remember what we said earlier about emotional appeal? Unicef does a great job of letting a single image speak a thousand words. The image in question tells visitors to the page that this is a non-profit organisation ‘for every child’ by making the child in the centre the sole focus of the entire banner.

UNICEF - twitter banner size

Live Nation

Live Nation - Twitter banner size

Similarly to Netflix, Live Nation uses its Twitter headers to promote the shows according to each region. A simple image and easy-to-read selected pieces of information is all a visitor needs to know about the sort of shows Live Nation puts on in that country. Live Nation France also does a great job of this below.

Live Nation - Twitter header size

How to create a great Twitter banner in 2023?

As with any creative, you should brainstorm various ideas to use as your Twitter banner. 1. Consider your target market and key messaging for Twitter. While brainstorming, consider your brand’s voice and personality to find the right imagery. If you’re a fun business you could use cartoons, but if you’re a white collar business, it’s probably best to avoid animations.  2. Focus on high quality. In order to be taken seriously you need to use high quality content; it doesn’t matter if it’s Stock imagery, it just needs to be good. Your Twitter banner is essentially a social media storefront. A poor quality storefront will deter customers.  3. Use the correct Twitter header sizes. We’ve already discussed the appropriate sizes for a Twitter header, but make sure you remember the safe area too!

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