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Aug 11 2021

The Perfect Twitter Header Size And Best Practices


When creating a Twitter account for your brand, it’s important to create branded profile pictures and banners in order to make your profile as recognisable as possible. If you create Twitter assets that are the wrong ratios, you will look unprofessional. Having a Twitter header sized correctly can be a great marketing tool. At a first glance of your profile, viewers can be informed of promotions or upcoming/current campaigns and events.

The best Twitter header size

According to Twitter, the appropriate header size for Twitter is 1500×500 pixels with an aspect ratio of 3:1. 

These are the starting blocks of creating a great Twitter header. While the Twitter cover size is important, you also need to have high quality images and content to use to finalise the header. It’s also important to note that part of your Twitter header will be hidden by your profile picture. However, the position of your profile picture changes depending on the device you’re using and the available screen size. 

On a PC, a large portion of your Twitter header will be hidden behind your profile picture. On mobile devices, you will be able to see more of your Twitter banner. This means you need to create a banner that has enough space in the bottom left corner left alone so your profile does not detract from it. Moreover, the space at the top and bottom of the banner (about 60 pixels for each) tends to get cropped depending on the monitor size or browser being used. 

So, the overall safe space for your Twitter header is 1500×360 pixels. This can be visualised in a Twitter header size template created by Snappa.

Twitter header size template created by Snappa.

To create your own Twitter header, you can use an editing software such as Canva. Canva has Twitter header templates already sized correctly. You can change the elements featured by adding images and graphics that are suitable for your band.

Twitter Header Best Practices

Twitter is a powerful social media marketing network for brands and influencers. Many businesses use Twitter as a marketing tool, while others use it to provide customer services. As a location customers will visit to find out more about your business, it’s important to have an impactful and high-quality Twitter header. 

By using a visually appealing Twitter banner you can increase brand awareness and put some live into your marketing campaigns.

For example, PlayStation is using its header to promote its Playstation Indies selection of games.

Twitter Header Size Playstation Eg

And Heineken is using its banner to promote its post-lockdown campaign “We’ll Meet Again” which promotes responsible socialisation.

Twitter Header Size - Heiniken Eg

Netflix uses its banners to promote upcoming films or TV shows.

Twitter Header Size Netflix Eg

The main thing all these headers have in common is that they are very high quality images. 

Whatever you want your Twitter header to contain, it needs to be relevant to your brand. Your audience should be able to see your banner and immediately place it to your brand. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a busy picture can detract from a marketing message. Keep your images simple and hyper-relevant to your campaign or brand. Your Twitter banner is a chance to concisely convey your messaging while creating interest. 

Since Twitter banners run the risk of being cropped, make sure to put your most important information in the centre. This way it is guaranteed to be seen and not hidden by your profile picture on any device.

How to create a great Twitter banner

As with any creative, you should brainstorm various ideas to use as your Twitter banner. Consider your target market and key messaging for Twitter. While brainstorming, consider your brand’s voice and personality to find the right imagery. If you’re a fun business you could use cartoons, but if you’re a white collar business, it’s probably best to avoid animations. 

Focus on high quality. In order to be taken seriously you need to use high quality content; it doesn’t matter if it’s Stock imagery, it just needs to be good. Your Twitter banner is essentially a social media storefront. A poor quality storefront will deter customers. 

Use the correct Twitter header sizes. We’ve already discussed the appropriate sizes for a Twitter header, but make sure you remember the safe area too!

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