The Best Gaming and Non-Endemic Campaigns of All Time

Apr 04, 2022

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The Best Gaming and Non-Endemic Campaigns of All Time

A great gaming campaign will stick with players and gaming fans for years. Some of the best gaming campaigns engage the gaming community on a personal level, making them laugh, pulling their heart strings and always keeping things interesting. 

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite gaming and non-endemic gaming campaigns of all time. 

Best Gaming Campaigns of All Time 

PS5 London Underground Takeover

As part of the UK launch for the PS5 console, Sony rebranded a number of London Underground stations. Sony replaced the roundel London Underground signs at Oxford Circus with the classic PlayStation face buttons. Inside, the station walls of the Bakerloo, Victoria and Central Line platforms were changed to include the cross, square and triangle motifs, alongside the classing London Underground circle. 

PS5 London Underground Takeover

Four other stations were also temporarily rebranded with PlayStation names. Mile End became Miles End (referencing Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Lancaster Gate became Ratchet and Clankaster Gate, Seven Sisters became Gran Turismo 7 Sisters, and West Ham was renamed Horizon Forbidden West Ham. 


Call of Duty: Warzone

To kick off Season 3, COD Warzone released a star-studded live action trailer. The trailer showed huge names including Jack Harlow, Saweetie, Jack Grealish, AJ Tracey, just to name a few. Centred around the phrase “Squad Up the World,” the scenes of the stars playing the game, alternating with them within the game itself (and with the help of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck in the background) showed how immersive and interactive the game is. 

Xbox Series X Global Takeover 

Microsoft launched its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with a series of live and virtual global activations. In the UK, a live stream was hosted on Twitch to countdown to the launch of the consoles. The stream featured a monolith-installation which displayed a countdown, graphics that were inspired by classic games, and user-generated content. 

In Canada, a 40-foot console floating in Toronto Harbour showcased local artists’ dream interpretations. Similarly in the US, a similarly sized monolith featured local artists’ dream-work imagery in Washington State.

The Best Non-Endemic Gaming Campaigns of All Time

Pringles: Meet Frank

In a bid to become the number one gaming snack in Europe, Pringles created the character Frank. To make a big impact in an authentic way, the zombie Frank burst out of the game West of Dead, enticed by the pop of a can of Pringles. Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment, Frank played some games, met popular streamers and engaged with Twitch communities. 

The campaign premiered in the UK in collaboration with Leahviathan who popped a can of Pringles in a Twitch live stream to attract the zombie to her room. 

Gen.G: Team Bumble

Esports organisation Gen.G created Team Bumble—an all-female professional Fortnite team. The team was launched in collaboration with matchmaking/networking app Bumble. Gen.G released a four-part video series called Play Like a Girl, and invited influencers to play with and get to know the members of Team Bumble. 

Gen.G Team Bumble

The campaign normalised women’s presence in the pro-gaming world—something that is important within the esports space. The more esports fans and gamers that realise women have a place within gaming helps the industry become less toxic. 

Greenpeace: Los Santos +3ºC

In hopes to raise awareness about the impending climate disaster, Greenpeace hijacked Los Santos—one of the most well-known cities in GTA. Greenpeace altered Los Santos to show the real-world effects climate change could have. Players could explore the altered Los Santos +3ºC map on the Kings Roleplay server. 

In the experience, explorers witnessed the submergence of the Santa Monica Pier, displacements of residents and the disappearance of the California coast. Characters had to wear face masks while completing various missions, including delivering drinking water and rescuing climate refugees. The campaign included links to donation pages where GTA fans could also sign a Greenpeace petition pressuring governments to declare a climate emergency. 

Heinz: Heinz Hidden Spots

To help Call of Duty: Warzone players enjoy a mid-game meal, Heinz mapped out safe spaces within the Warzone Caldera map that players could hide out in while they were eating. 

Heinz partnered with Activision on the campaign and promoted it with a 30-second spot that showed a gamer eating a burger while playing Warzone, only to be killed in the game. 

Heinz teamed up with YouTube ad Twitch streamers who also shared prime locations to snack safely in-game. The campaign eventually expanded beyond Warzone to include other games including Fortnite, PUBG and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

What’s next for Esports?

Gaming is set to continue integrating into popular culture, meaning global investors, brands, media outlets and consumers are keenly paying attention to the rise of esports. The shift of gaming and esports’ popularity has been driven by championing mainstream celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Drake and DJ Marshmello. 

The growth of esports has cultivated so quickly largely due to the social media component of livestreaming and gaming. Video-gaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube gaming allow fans to build direct connections to teams and players, while other social platforms help nourish these connections. 

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